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  1. Submission: BLEEP2019 Platform: TI Extended Basic Written by: Luca Brentaro Instructions: Use joystick to rescue the astronauts and avoid the asteroids! I hope you have fun! (classic99 disk image) BLEEP2019.zip
  2. Thanks! I think I will start to use XB256. In this moment I'm trying to develop another classic arcade tribute in standard XB... when I will finish it I think I will begin to use XB256. Thanks for the suggestion. Bye Luca
  3. Thanks! I thought to add the "shake the border" feature but the game would be too easy because it isn't quick as the arcade version so I added the time bar to make it more difficult. About the first level difficulty I think that the player have to be just a little bit skilled to close it... this is the fun To slow it I have to make the sound slower and I don't think the beautiful "Popcorn" deserves it Thank you a lot for your opinion! You are a myth
  4. Hi guys, I completed this tribute to PENGO for our beloved TI-99/4A. Thanks to Ciro of the http://www.ti99iuc.it/ for the hard testing Download the game: http://www.bleepbit.com/2019/05/12/pengo-tribute-for-ti-99-4a/ I hope you have fun! Luca
  5. Hi guys, this is my first compiled game. It's a simple tribute to the great movie Tron. To use it copy the unziped file in your DSK1 folder (if you are using Classic99). Choose the Extended Basic and write RUN "DSK1.TRON" I hope you have fun! Luca TRON.zip
  6. You're a champion! The levels that increase the difficulty are 4 but the game has no limit.
  7. it has to run on a TI 99 standard so no Arrow keys! Ciro told me the same... I'm lazy
  8. Hello guys, here my last try to create a pure TI Basic game: ESCAPE! Run, shot the skulls, collect the seeds avoid the bars from the ceiling, fight versus the time! It's a simple game and I hope it's not boring, now I will start definitively to develop games in XBasic and compile them! Hope you have fun! escape.zip
  9. Very nice game, with 8bit taste as I like! I'm also working to a simple game in a Castle! See the attachment, I hope to finish it in the Christmas period! Luca
  10. Thanks a lot to everyone! I think to spend little time to create a simple game in extended basic .... Stay tuned! ; )
  11. >Sounds good enuff to me! So anyone got a flashrom image? http://www.bleepbit.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/TI909.zip
  12. Thank you to everybody! @djugel Ti909 is far to be an emulator of TR909, but it's just a timid (but enthusiastic) tribute to TR-909 and a pretext to use the noises of the TI99
  13. Hello guys, just for fun I created this porting for our loved home computer in TI Basic. http://www.bleepbit.com/2016/08/16/poke99-porting-per-ti99-4a/ The page is in Italian... but the game is very easy: use the keys E,D,S,X to move the guy, avoid the walls and collect the little Poke99s. Every 5 balls you have to recharge in the poke-stop. Every 16 Poke99s collected you will change level. Enjoy! Luca
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