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  1. I read where it can be playable on modded 360s. I got it on the pc and it's pretty neat. Took me a minute to get reacquainted with the aim in place system. I think it supports split screen and if I read right, system link. I haven't looked into whether those have been tested yet.
  2. They should of done up the SMB G&W to pack in instead of Ball... I also would pick up a G&W Anniversary that had them all in one dual screen G&W. I did end up getting one for me and one for my brother for Christmas.
  3. Recently picked up the Wizards and Warriors and Ironsword Acclaim LCDs. They are neat for what they are. 😋 The first one needs a new piece of polarized film, as it's warped, but it's still playable. I'll have to snap more pics when I get some unpacking done. Here's a shot of Iron sword.
  4. Arrived! Too bad we are packing up to move or they be in already. Got a scrap controller I tried one in and the action feels great! I can't wait to drop them in and get to playing.
  5. I seen where you can use a Raspberry Pi as a broad band adapter. Save you a couple hundred or so bucks. Something I'll try on my 3B whenever I get a 4. I'll have to pop open my box of games and list my games. Here we go; Phantasy Star Online v1 and V2 Sword of the Berserk Jet Grind Radio CrazyTaxi Soul Calibur Power Stone Street Fighter 3 Double Impact & 3rd Strike Rush 2049 Sega Smash Pack Half Life/Blue Shift(CD-R) I should have got it, but I passed on a copy of Street Fighter Alpha 3 years ago. I had the PS version, so I didn't think I needed it.😬 One wish would be to add bumpers up top with the triggers on the controllers. That was another reason I passed on SFA 3. Kind of felt like I was SNES'ing it with the top buttons. I also played Quake 3 Arena a lot. There was a way you could crossplay with the PC peeps. I think it was a good system overall, kind of innovative, imo, when it came to the online play.
  6. I'm not sure what to do, but have you looked on Krikzz's forum yet?
  7. It does remind me of that 3D Saturn controller. Overall it was fine, not the best, but fine. I would've liked bumpers to go with the triggers or 2 more buttons on the face. The best thing was the VMU. I made a Buckethead animation for it, and I might still have it on the old HDD.
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