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  1. Sometimes I still fire mine up for Tron and Tekken 6. A few months ago I had it at a friend's and we played some good 'ol Black Ops.
  2. Yep! Over the weekend I brought my boss PSO main back online. Only seen 2 other players in the lobby on one of the ships though. 😝 I got the Hyperkin HD DC cable, and had to pop it in and out of the Dreamcast a few times before it would finally send the signal. Then I could not get my Pi 3B+ to cooperate with the USB modem. My old standard 3 came through! I'll have to see if I have Quake 3 and give that a whirl sometime.
  3. https://en.sega-dreamcast-info-games-preservation.com/castlevania-resurrection-release
  4. @Rev They arrived! Well worth the wait! Now I just need to get the game room set up.
  5. Looks like the eBay auction got up to $21,200 then was taken down. CV:R Article
  6. I got this on my Pi, too. It's been a while, so I don't remember if it has all the cutscenes and what not.
  7. Remember seeing screenshots years ago and a forum(long gone) user claimed to have an image of it, but they never followed through. Link
  8. I have a Super Chinese Everdrive. It works, but did not play the DSP1 games when I soldered the chips and put the software for them on it. I used to have a Jack DIY GBC/GB clone and it up and crapped out on me. It's a hit and miss for these clones, imo.
  9. I read where it can be playable on modded 360s. I got it on the pc and it's pretty neat. Took me a minute to get reacquainted with the aim in place system. I think it supports split screen and if I read right, system link. I haven't looked into whether those have been tested yet.
  10. They should of done up the SMB G&W to pack in instead of Ball... I also would pick up a G&W Anniversary that had them all in one dual screen G&W. I did end up getting one for me and one for my brother for Christmas.
  11. Recently picked up the Wizards and Warriors and Ironsword Acclaim LCDs. They are neat for what they are. 😋 The first one needs a new piece of polarized film, as it's warped, but it's still playable. I'll have to snap more pics when I get some unpacking done. Here's a shot of Iron sword.
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