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  1. It does remind me of that 3D Saturn controller. Overall it was fine, not the best, but fine. I would've liked bumpers to go with the triggers or 2 more buttons on the face. The best thing was the VMU. I made a Buckethead animation for it, and I might still have it on the old HDD.
  2. A buddy linked me this on the fb messenger. It's a neat read and it also discussed the dump site. IIRC, wasn't it one the members here that repaired an Asteroids cart? Article here.
  3. Replaced my HTC 10's battery. Not as much hard, as it is tedious by all the cables needing unplugged. The big part is getting the screen off without breaking the lcd. I ended up scratching the lcd as the cards I used to cut the adhesive went between the lcd and glass. Also somehow goofed the contact button LEDs. Got the replacement board with those buggers, and I'll be ordering the new screen tomorrow. The battery is holding up, so I can consider that a victory.
  4. Not sure if they are rare, but going by how often I don't see these in the wild, I have; -3D dot game Heroes(PS3) -Tecmo's Deception(PS) -Trapt(Deception series, PS2) -Shadow Madness(PS) -Half Life Dreamcast strategy guide. -Killer Instinct logo promo pin.
  5. Great! I picked up the 2 Electric Co. games for my kiddo when she got old enough. Glad to hear that it's getting revamped!
  6. You play a guard that has to defend the gate from waves Naruto runners. Have power ups and what not. Maybe a 2P mode where one controls a guard and runners?
  7. The only Funko that interests me is the Knight Rider one, but I don't feel the need to get it. 😛
  8. Pretty neat!! Think my brother and I will be hitting Nightstalker and SNAFU often. I'm pretty stoked for this more than the next gen consoles! Welp, off to go freeze myself...
  9. Last controllers I used on my phone were the Dual Shock 3 and 4. Not as convenient as the Moga or similar controllers, but there's probably a 3D print option out there.😛
  10. Somewhere on the retropie subreddit there's a thread about a Pi 4 Lakka build running 64 games. Here's one of the threads; https://www.reddit.com/r/RetroPie/comments/cknyj5/raspberry_pi_4_n64_4player_multiplayer_games_at/
  11. I second this! I've fired up the fan game, but never dove into it. @Tommy Tallarico, this would be great to see made. Love a coop, and vs mode, too. Do your magic, mister!
  12. I'd go with the classic wood grain model. So, with the new Intelli, will we be seeing a new generation of Activision patches?
  13. Yeah, you can transfer your Mario Golf character from the GBC to the 64. Originally Perfect Dark was going to use the camera to transfer faces on characters. The Columbine shootings was a reason they removed it. I can't remember if I read it here or elsewhere, but I thought some of the coding for the feature was still in the game.
  14. And it's gone; http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/04/remarkable_commodore_64_port_of_super_mario_bros_attracts_nintendos_watchful_eye At least it was a completed project this time.
  15. I guess you could say, they weren't, Claritin clear?(°_°) ( °_°)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
  16. I went and got Mighty Fighter 2 back on my HTC 10. Have to get it outside of the play store.
  17. Man, I need to start recapping more caps on mine. I seem to have come down with a severe case of the procrastinations.
  18. Resoldering my 2600's power jack was a good fix. I also fixed a couple broken wires for a SNES controller.
  19. W X for Weapon X in the mid 90's, that shortened to X later on, then anymore its my initials; SRV.
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