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  1. That's fantastic! Thanks for the update, Eduardo. I still have my unopened Penguin Adventure and Gradius at the ready for when the SGM arrives. :-)
  2. Just curious, has anyone heard from or received anything from AA, yet?
  3. First in a series of posts highlighting my collection of 1980's video game magazines
  4. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 105 games. I believe the number of '80s originally released games is just shy of 130. So, I am missing some, but they are all third party (XONOX. Activision, Sierra, etc.)
  5. Thanks! I also posted pictures of the individual box covers in a couple of other threads here.
  6. A couple of folks over at the ColecoVision Lunatics group asked me to share these here, so, here goes... My complete (in box with instructions and overlays) collection of ColecoVision games. All purchased new by me back in the early to mid-eighties. I'll post individual box covers in another thread.
  7. I bought my copy of the U.S. version upon original release in the '80s and it came with the "fold-out restaurant menu" instruction sheet. IIRC, this was around the time Coleco had begun drifting away from their 'classic look' package design and went to full cover size images on their box fronts (Illusions, Dam Busters, etc.) Since Coleco was now a computer company, I believe the intent was to position their games to look more like computer software when it sat alongside other titles on a store shelf. By this time, cartridges were beginning to wind down. At least that's my fuzzy recollection...
  8. I understand the necessity for this, Eduardo, and I think it is a very prudent and proactive way to go on the part of OpCode. I also know it is difficult to predict, but do you expect the package change to significantly impact the timetable for shipping out pre-orders? I still have unplayed copies of Penguin Adventure and Gradius on my shelf from the last go round that I am patiently waiting to play.
  9. Received the email and just pre-orderd. I've been waiting a long time for this. Bring it on!
  10. Allright!! I can't tell you how happy I am to hear this news, Ed! Speaking as someone who bought both games, but was too late to the party to snag a coveted SGM, I am more than anxious to actually play these bad boys! BTW, the game boxes are totally stellar...far exceeding my wildest expectations! I remember how impressed I was by the packaging when I received your very first "homebrew" Space Invaders Collection (#18 according to the little white sticker on the plastic baggie it came in) way back when, but THIS raises the bar to an all new, stratospherically high level. Bravo!!
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