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  1. Interesting choice. I guess they thought the original versions was a little tough? Rayman was massive or at least in Europe he was. It was the best selling PlayStation game in the UK outselling the likes of GTA and Tomb Raider 1 and 2. These days everyone knows Rayman but not many people talk about the original game any more. Let's take a look at all the available versions. I say available because as always the digital only versions are long gone. That's the DSi and Smartphone versions. Good old digital only releases. Sure it the way forward to making stuff obsolete. Versions such as the PlayStation classics or virtual console type services don't count because they're not ports, just emulated versions of another port.
  2. It may differ if picking game B? I thought maybe game A was an easier version which is why the ladder is all the way down allowing you to climb back up it.
  3. To skip to the new gaming set up head to 14:13 in the video.
  4. I'm not sure. According to Wikipedia it's an official port. I know the TRS and Amiga versions are not official but the Apple ][, .......
  5. Did you know that the original Donkey Kong was meant to be a Popeye game? Yes, it's true but Nintendo couldn't get the license until later. Also, a new Made in China video
  6. This video was filmed on August 10th 2019 in Hakata City, Fukuoka prefecture. Hakata City is one of Japan's larger cities but unlike Tokyo people here smile a lot more (^o^). Hidden away around the city are many historical buildings which are well preserved. Let's see if we can find some that are literally a stones throw away from the main train station.
  7. That is true. It's also cheaper. A little late this week but I think it's worth it as we take a look at Earthworm Jim on this week's Battle of the Ports.
  8. So the other day I had to spend a few days away from home. I was staying in a typical Japanese short stay hotel, sometimes known as business hotels. These are relatively inexpensive and very clean but just how big are they?
  9. Jim Power was a game released under many names as a new game but in reality it was always the same game with a few changes here and there. Let's take a look at Jim Power across a variety of systems from an 8bit UK home computer port to a Japanese exclusive console release.
  10. Way back when these things fist came out I reviewed one. It was okay but nothing amazing. Now we have the all new updated version for 2019 with 2 player support. Is it any better than the original? Let's watch on.
  11. A good game this week on Battle of the Ports as we take a look at Konami's Jackal. Also, you may have missed the last Life in Japan video
  12. We finally reach the end of the Chuck Rock series with BC Racers. A series that started of with a mediocre platformer then improved and what could arguably said ended in a poor racer. But which platform has the best version of this racer? Let's watch on.
  13. Here we go with a review of the LDK. In this video I show you just what you can expect from the stock firmware and how good the emulation actually is. Many different emulators shown from NES to obscure stuff such as the NEC PC-98 and yes, PlayStation as well.
  14. Wanna take a look around a Japanese electronic store&s games department then head on up to the Taito Station arcade? You bet you do.
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