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  1. I do know about that game but there is no rom dump so I couldn't show it. --------------------- The Saga is finally over - Paprium live playthrough thoughts plus cleaning a disgusting Mega Drive.
  2. Another viewer requested show. This is Battle of the Ports - Xenophobe.
  3. Let me just be clear that I think the actual game is fine but the fact it doesn't work on three different consoles and that I waited years upon years for it only to find this out leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth.
  4. I use a Raspberry Pi 4B myself inside a mini Saturn case as an arcade vertical shooter system. New Battle of the Ports - A Master System game which an arcade game was based upon?
  5. Anbernic is back with yet another very good handheld console.
  6. It's been around for a while now but finally I've tried it out.
  7. Today on Battle of the ports is Sega's first ever 32bit arcade game. A game I loved back in the day and still fond of even now.
  8. A bit of a mix this time with Hardware Review mixed with Life in Japan.
  9. A week or so back I reviewed the PowKiddy X20 which was a fairly good system. Today we have the PowKiddy X21. Bigger screen, bigger unit but does it have bigger power?
  10. A Japanese arcade that only saw one Japanese release on this week's Battle of the Ports.
  11. Raizing's very first game on this week's Battle of the Ports
  12. The Satinator, ODE for the Saturn is now available to the public. Full Review and unboxing.
  13. The game that has been on more Sega compilations than any other, yes, it's time for Battle of the Ports, Flicky.
  14. This is probably going to annoy the Sony fanboys but how about using the Elite 1 or 2 or series S /X controller on the PS4, PS5, Switch or PC? https://youtu.be/29n62LdTLRo
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