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  1. Two operating systems, great compatibility, and looks like a SNES pad. Anbernic RG353P full review - 60fps
  2. Is this a game about a Club DJ who becomes a police officer? TechnoCop on this week's Battle of the Ports
  3. I'm getting in to these cheap smart phones. Here's another which wasn't too bad for gaming plus has nice features such as a Sony camera and NFC. Umidigi F3
  4. Toaplan time again on this week's Battle of the Ports.
  5. Wanna see my city's p*nis? Or how about the cool cinema lobby? Those and more in the new Retro Core Life in Japan.
  6. It sure isn't their best hardware. I mean, they go to the effort of using a Samsung OLED but everything else is just average. New video today. We are going all modern, well kind of. This week on Battle of the ports is Rayman 2.
  7. Check out the Anbernic RG503 with the Samsung OLED screen!
  8. Prince of Persia is one I would love to cover on Battle of the Ports. My favorite version is the SFC / SNES release. New video up today. Mostly about the phone but I also cover some gaming in the video.
  9. One of the biggest none EA sport games of the time gets the round up this week.
  10. Coming up later today is this week's Battle of the Ports but I wonder if you have seen this great little tablet I bought? https://youtu.be/D5rrd6IXjUc
  11. This week a battle of the ports that originates on the Game Boy!
  12. Yes, that is right. I meant to say X3 was the last X Rockman release on the SFC. New video out today. Can we finally have some good mobile N64 emulation?
  13. This week I'm covering a game I'm always asked to take a look at. It's Megaman X3. There's more ports than you probably knew about.
  14. A little late this week but finally released. this week on Battle of the Ports we take a look at a puzzle gamed from the masters of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive. This is Tecmo's Solomon's Key.
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