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  1. Well, it has taken an age since the last hardware focussed Retro Core show but here it is. Keep an eye open for the outtakes at the end.
  2. Coming a little earlier this week since I missed last week. Battle of the Ports, Terra Cresta. A classic from Nichibutsu. What do you mean you've never heard of Nichibutsu? Maybe you know them by Nihonbusan? No? Sadly they made a lot of crap but also many great classics.
  3. Dee Dee Planet, a Dreamcast game from Sega that was to be released back in August 2001 has finally been found. Big thanks to the secret dev who provided the game and to pcwzrd13 for the release. This video is a pure gameplay video captured direct from a real Dreamcast via HDMI at 60fps.
  4. One of the better Pac Man spin offs on this week's Battle of the Ports.
  5. How to know a repro Mega Drive / Genesis game
  6. A game I played back in the early 90's which was very cool back then is featured on this week's Battle of the Ports.
  7. It may not be the most powerful but it sure is cool
  8. Yep, no matter what they call it, the game still sucks.
  9. Battle of the Ports is back this week wit a really crappy game that was rated quite highly by the Amiga press. Is it really that bad? Let's take a look.
  10. My most recent buys included this odd looking MD game.
  11. You knew it was coming (^o^) Castlevania Battle of the Ports.
  12. The other day the missus and I took a trip up to Hagi. What's Hagi? Well, it's a very historical place plus has a load of national heritage. So we decided to drive up there and check it out. When in to houses that were built around 1890 and a school too. Although, that still looks quite modern. Curry, beer and some amazing looking fish based course are all to see. Oh, and some culture.
  13. With the release of Dreamcast Castlevania Resurrection recently, I thought it would be nice to feature a Castlevania game on this week's Battle of the Ports.
  14. It turns out that there's extra functionality when using a second controller in the Dreamcast Castlevania Resurrection release.
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