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  1. A day late but it's still here for the weekend. Another Battle of the Ports Remastered as voted for by the viewers.
  2. Here's another Red Art Games release. I'm actually really liking this one. The Bard's Tale Remastered and Resnalked
  3. It's time to play with the balls of steel.
  4. Can the Pandora Box be modded by the average Joe?
  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wanna be, the Battletoads are here! Does the game suck or is it all they say it is? How about the ports? Can the Amiga produce a good port of a NES game? Watch on to find out. Please note that the Game Boy and Master System games are not included since they are different games. Same goes for the arcade game. The Xbox One Rare collection version isn't featured because that's just emulation running on the Xbox One.
  6. Expectations need to be realistic with this one as it is cheap. But how is it? Well, ask yourself this. How much would you pay for a very good new GameBoy? How about adding GBC to that and maybe some Mega Drive, Neo Geo Pocket and a little arcade action? Think of it that way and the current price doesn't seem that bad.
  7. Full review of a system that actually lets you play in 4:3! https://youtu.be/KBQ5efG6daU
  8. Today we're taking a look at FullBlast. Now, this game was a digital only release but now thanks to Red Art Games it's available as a physical release for PS4. Grab your copy and other games over at Red Art Games for only 14.99 Euros - https://www.redartgames.com/ This game is limited to only 1500 copies. Once they've gone, they've gone for good.
  9. It's the 90's and there is time for Klax! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFZQVXyat2E
  10. Today I'm taking a look at Riddled Corpses EX. Now, this game was a digital only release but now thanks to Red Art Games it's available as a physical release for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Red Art Games - https://www.redartgames.com/
  11. Here's a look at everything I bought over the month of February. If you'd like your gaming pick ups to be features on the next show then please send them on over to mes1975jp (AT) gmail.com Don't forget to let me know what you want to be credited as.
  12. Dear or Alive, you're coming with me
  13. Ever wanted to see in a Japanese Super Market?
  14. A mini arcade that actually works rather well.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fmuTDDqB0A
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