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  1. Happy Fat Tuesday!

  2. There's always something about an autotuned cat: 


  3. Hey, if you need another track for the final, I can make one.
  4. The original Rayxanber by Data West:

    I'll let you know that I tried to make something similar in Flash MX, but quit due to a lack of planning, insufficient programming knowledge, and substandard drawing skills. Maybe I could revive it as a homebrew.

  5. You're getting better, just keep at it. I'd suggest that you study up on lines of action.
  6. Just how did you do the parallax scrolling, and what kind of game is this going to be?
  7. Convertible Nunchuks:


  8. While I was unable to provide a screenshot, I managed to beat the "Race to 10,000 points" mode.
  9. If Silas Warner was still alive, I think he'd be proud of what you've done.
  10. @mksmith I would like to thank you for the video, and am looking forward to more. By the way, nice Arkanoid wallpaper!
  11. I've been on R-Type fix for the past few days.



    1. save2600


      One of the greatest shooters of all time! All versions.  :love:

    2. SlidellMan


      Blast off and strike the evil Bydo Empire!

  12. With R-Type Final 2 going from an April Fool's joke to a real thing, I would like to say that R-Type 3: The Third Lightning is still the best game in IREM's seminal series.

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