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  1. It's been twenty-five years, and Donkey Kong Country 2 is still phenomenal!

    1. TwentySixHundred


      Possibly one my favorite games of all time. My go-to feel happy game when having a cold or flu and all cooped in bed at home.

    2. SlidellMan


      TwentySixHundred, DKC2 is on my list of Top VG sequels.

      Donkey Kong Country 3 thoughts:

      When I first played DKC3 when I was 11, I was quite surprised that some of the stage motifs didn't use remixes of the first game's respective songs. As I played it more and more later on, I came to like and appreciate it. The GBA version, however, did have one remix, Aquatic Ambiance 2005. The rest of its music, while good, is mostly unfitting. As for the game as a whole: Almost, if not just, as good as DKC2.

  2. There needs to be more survival horror games set in Louisiana, and not just RE7.

  3. I'm currently writing in a Twin laser power-up for the shooting demo. power_up_obtained if power_upFlag=1 then if joy0fire && joyposup=1 then twinlaserY=twinlaserY-10 : playsfx sfx_plainlaser if joy0fire && joyposdown=1 then twinlaserY=twinlaserY-10 : playsfx sfx_plainlaser if joy0fire && joyposleft=1 then twinlaserY=twinlaserY-10 : playsfx sfx_plainlaser if joy0fire && joyposright=1 then twinlaserY=twinlaserY-10 : playsfx sfx_plainlaser if !joy0fire then twinlaserX=playerX+2:twinlaserY=playerY-8 No build, just the source files this time. Vertical Shooter 10-23-2020.zip Update: Here's the latest ROMs and list file. New_VerticalShooter_Test_sprani.78b.a78 New_VerticalShooter_Test_sprani.78b.bin New_VerticalShooter_Test_sprani.78b.list.txt
  4. Using Wide sprites to optimize for speed, that's pretty clever.
  5. I admit to not liking Gainax/Studio Trigger's output for the most part. Outside of Gunbuster, Nadia, FLCL, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, and Black Dynamite; their shows bore me.

    1. The Usotsuki

      The Usotsuki

      I think the only Gainax shows I've even seen were Ebichu and Panty & Stocking.

    2. GoldLeader


      I'm still a huge fan of FLCL,  but only the original First season.  I've tried to watch all the sequels and still have around 7 episodes on my DVR to catch up on.  Not bad, but they never captured the magic of the Original...Lightning in a bottle so to speak. ... and IMO Neon Genesis Evangelion was pretty good, Oops!  The theme song (and this sped up remix I have) just popped into my head!   Good thing I like that song heh...

    3. SlidellMan


      While I dislike NGE, I will admit to liking the designs of the plugsuits, Eva units, and many of the angel designs. That, and it did help get Hideaki Anno out of that funk that resulted from working on Nadia.

  6. Thought I would get back on the programming track. If anyone wants to edit that sprite I made, here's the source files. Vertical Shooter 10-21-2020.zip New_VerticalShooter_Test_sprani.78b.a78 New_VerticalShooter_Test_sprani.78b.bin New_VerticalShooter_Test_sprani.78b.list.txt 7800_heofonfir_lucelia_player_select_160B.spe heofonfir_160b_player_palette.palette
  7. It's been a while since I did a proper Drumfunk/Intelligent Jungle/Atmospheric D&B: https://www.bandlab.com/fighting_zenith/mountainside-wip-940efe2a?revId=2693f524-3813-eb11-96f5-501ac5b31de6

    I thank Stranjah for the tutorial: 


  8. You have an excellent engine so far, and your sound driver is really solid. Just keep at it.
  9. The amount of Italian restaurants that make decent Carbonara in my area is obscenely low. (Ditto for Cacio e Pepe.)

    1. SlidellMan


      Luckily,  I know a few people who know how to make Carbonara proper.



  10. Here's my latest sprite for one of the player characters.
  11. I love Tasting History, and am thinking of making some of the things he's made.

    Your thoughts?

    1. SlidellMan


      Here's some more for those who like that channel:


      I have to applaud Max for his dilligence.

  12. A work in progress version of a 160B player select graphic. I decided to go with that because it would be easier to work with instead of trying to layer sprites for the player select.
  13. Redout seems like a worthy successor to F-Zero X, AX, and GX.

  14. Now with proper text display. New_VerticalShooter_Test_sprani.78b.a78 New_VerticalShooter_Test_sprani.78b.bin Vertical Shooter 10-14-2020.zip
  15. Here's the latest build. As said before, you guys are free to look into the code in-depth to find anything I did wrong. New_VerticalShooter_Test_sprani.78b.a78 New_VerticalShooter_Test_sprani.78b.bin New_VerticalShooter_Test_sprani.78b.list.txt Vertical Shooter 10-6-2020.zip
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