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  1. I knew that Nintendo and Hal were going to make another fully 3D Kirby game:

    As much as I love the 2D games; this was a much-needed breath of fresh air.

  2. Here's a few recipes from Middle Eats:


  3. I wonder if anyone besides myself is heading to Cruisin' the Coast this year?


  4. I have to admit, that is one cool program that you have made. Maybe you could make a VST instrument out of your POKEY simulation?
  5. I might as well post this here, seeing that the FX Pak Pro and Super Everdrive owe a bit of their existences to this part of history.
  6. I'm really glad that people are making quality clones of the SID and POKEY chips.
  7. In regards to the deaths of Curt Vendel, Nukey Shay, and Drac is Back: I am terribly sorry.

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    2. doctorclu


      Saw that, what about Drac is Back?

    3. GoldLeader
    4. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Was not aware of Drac is back, oh no! 

  8. Need help with Math? TecMath has you covered:


    1. digdugnate


      I passed this channel on to my teenagers.  They're always looking for stuff like this to supplement their math learning.  Thanks!

  9. Here's a documentary of the first of two Sailor Moon fighting games rising to eSports popularity:
  10. For those who want to learn lighting, value, and color: learning-color-theory.jpg

    Trust me, it helps.

  11. Super Mario World was one reason why, others included The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse and Road Runner's Death Valley Rally.
  12. It's a great year for Cotton, seeing that all but three entries are now in English. (Märchen Adventure: Cotton 100%, Cotton Boomerang, and that PS2 Pachinko game.) The Dreamcast is still awesome to this day. (Ditto for the underrated GameCube.)
  13. Lewis, I have made the corrections to get the Title screen working. Now to get the gameplay mechanics and graphics to work properly. platformer_demo_v01.78b.a78 platformer_demo_v01.78b.bin Platformer Demo 9-17-2021.zip
  14. The Rise and Fall of Thief:

    I'm glad that New Blood Interactive and Glinny Felicitas are making true spiritual successors to The Dark Project, The Metal Age, and Deadly Shadows.

    1. SlidellMan


      Delightfyl can be downloaded at https://filly-the-owl.itch.io/delight-stealth

      Gloomwood can be found at http://thiefwithguns.com

      Enjoy the demos!

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