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  1. The ultimate wax crayon test: 

    I still have my old Crayola crayons and even some colored pencils that one of my mom's friends gave to me before she died.

    1. thanatos


      I don't see Burnt Sienna Maize, or Raw Umber.

  2. Howie Mandell on Bob Saget:


  3. Both Activision and Blizzard have gone downhill this past eleven years, and while I don't approve of another Microsoft buyout; the former is in dire need of new management.
  4. Sega Lord X on the growing amount of Saturn Translations: I didn't even realize that Vandal Hearts was released on the Saturn.
  5. A Puppet Master Halloween:

    Speaking of Full Moon's series, I wonder what would happen if Andre Toulon's puppets met the Rozen Maidens?

  6. Yep, Stuart K Reilly just released an Amiga review: It's a shame he never covered Lemmings.
  7. I made these when my connection went out for four days. Shane_trance_demo.rmt agathodaimon_title.rmt
  8. My connection went out for the past four days. During that time, I opened up Raster Music Tracker and made a couple of Pokey tunes.

  9. RIP Bob Saget from Full House and America's Funniest Home Videos.

  10. Congratulations for finally completing that.
  11. I only have the original on Wii Virtual Console, but damn, I love Ai Cho Aniki's soundtrack!
  12. Looks like the 7800 has been doing LSD.
  13. Unpopular and Controversial opinions, volume 6.

    -Naruto should have ended in 2004.

    -Arrested Development was a decent show with an obnoxious fanbase.

    -I don't see the appeal of Shinichiro Watanabe's shows, aside from Steve Blum and Wendee Lee. Ditto for Lupin III and Trigun.

    -4Kids should have developed more of their own original programming, such as WMAC Masters and TMNT 2003.

    -Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is still my favorite of DiC's Sonic cartoons.

    -Richard Williams went downhill after Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

    -The Cancelled N64 version of Mother 3 and the story of its development > the GBA Mother 3 we actually got.

    -Rumiko Takahashi went downhill after Ranma 1/2, but at least InuYasha was still dubbed by Viz Media.

    -Edd Gould should have postponed Eddsworld, and flown to a country with good cancer treatment back in 2011. I still think Tomorrow's Nobodies, Edible Castle, and Baron von Brunk were funnier and more creative, however.

    -My Hero Academia is a boring version of '90s X-Men, but with better animation.

    1. GoldLeader


      The most I will say is,  to each their own...I like Inu Yasha,  have seen all of them, as it was my lunch hour show when I worked night shifts...Plus I like Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy, and Samurai Champloo... and have the complete Trigun series (Not too shabby)...(That's all I can speak to...)  :)  +1 though for having Your opinion!  And not giving it like it should be everyone's...

  14. Rozen Maiden:

    Man, I miss this series.

  15. The Miser Brothers, but on drugs!

    1. SlidellMan


      Oh, here's a couple of Top Five lists on Rankin-Bass specials.


  16. Looptris looks fascinating, and the kind of game the Neo Geo should have gotten in the mid-to-late-'90s.
  17. I was going to Florida days ago, but when I came down with a fever. Thus, I had to turn back. As much as I wanted to see family that I haven't seen in years; it was best that I didn't get them sick.

    1. GoldLeader


      You made the right call!  More people should care about others.  Hopefully get tested and see what it is or isn't.

    2. GoldLeader


      Best of luck!!  And get better sir!  Also, I had fevers twice and got concerned both times, but (after being tested) each was a false alarm.   The first time in the earlier days of COVID (and things may be different now), the nurse told me statistically that about 48% of COVID patients had a fever,  so just under half,  but many things will give you a fever...I had one for the flu, for instance.

    3. SlidellMan


      @GoldLeader Thanks, it means a lot.

  18. Fireman Sam, 8-Bit edition: 


  19. I have to admit, this new version of Raster Music Tracker sounds like fun. It took me a while to figure out that the H note is the B Natural note, however.
  20. Happy birthday Albert!

  21. Lewis, you have done excellent work with this and E. X. O.
  22. Merry Touhou Christmas:


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