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  1. SlidellMan
    I thought I would list what inspired me to come up with this:
    -Rastan Saga
    -Gargoyle's Quest (The First two)
    -Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
    -Megami Tensei (The whole franchise.)
    -The Shadow of the Beast trilogy (Fantasy meets high-tech, surreal details, and many of the creatures.)
    -Ancient Mythology
    -Masters of the Universe (Fantasy meets high-tech)
    -Thundercats (Fantasy meets high-tech)
    -Steampunk (Most of the technology that does get displayed.)
    -The Curse of Issyos (and Locomalito and general)
    -Antiquity (Building and clothing aesthetics.)
    -Touhou Project
    A small list of the characters in The Demon Lands:
    -Megatherion (The Hero of The Agathodaimon)
    -King Agathion (Leader of Ul P'tak and the ruling Agathodaimon.)
    -Hedone* (Healer and friend of Megatherion.) *=In the Demonic Alphabet, her name is spelled "Headonea". This is due to the fact that 'ea' is the demonic equivalent of η. (Pronounced as [ā/eɪ])
    -Alekto (The oldest of the three fury sisters. Often protective of her two sisters, but still willing to go on her own.)
    -Megaira (The second of the fury sisters, and known for being rather crude, even for demon standards.)
    -Tisiphone* (The youngest of these sisters, and the most daring of the three. Also known for being agile and quick-witted.) *=Written as "Tissipphonea."
  2. SlidellMan
    Before I begin, this will focus on original titles, and not arcade ports.
    -Zenithian Khei (Mega Man X meets Super Turrican 2)
    -Ginnan (Actraiser with an Old English/Anglo-Saxon twist. Part of the Middanyeard series.)
    -At least three shmups/space shooters.
    -At least two more Middanyeard games.
    -At least two titles in the Demon Lands series.
    -One Isometric game.
  3. SlidellMan
    First, here's some potential 7800 ports that I might make:
    -Thunder Force (Sharp X1/Fujitsu FM7)
    -Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja
    -Salamander/Life Force
    -Space Gun (Will have Light gun, Mouse, and Trak-Ball support.)
    -Marble Madness (Will have Trak-Ball support.)
    -The Fairyland Story
    -The Legend of Kage (Possible dual joystick support.)
    Lynx ports:
    -Magical Drop
    -Aqua Jack
    -The NinjaWarriors
    -The New Zealand Story
    -Chase H. Q.
    -Bionic Commando
    -Gradius 1 & 2
    -Turrican 1 & 2
    -Lemmings (Will have mouse support.)
    -Osman/Cannon Dancer (with spelling and grammatical fixes.)
    -Magician Lord
    -Metal Black
    -Gun Frontier
    -Ghost Lop
    -Arabian Magic
    -The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy (with improved controls, I might add.)
    Before I go, here's Dark Edge, a sprite-based 3D fighting game from Sega:
    I hope this gives someone here an idea or two...
    Update: I also wanted to say that many of these ports can also be done the other systems mentioned.
    Update 2: Come to think of it, Quadtari, Comlynx, and Team Tap support are also on the plate.
  4. SlidellMan
    Other games besides platformers and ports that I might make for the 7800:
    -At least two horizontal shooters.
    -At least one overhead adventure game.
    -At least one other vertical shooter.
    However, not until Heofonfir is done.
  5. SlidellMan
    I might as well discuss my plans for Lynx homebrews.
    -Snáwcild (Think of this as a better Ninja Gaiden 3 than the one that the Lynx actually got. As in nicer-looking sprites and sound.)
    -Zenithian Micro (Mega Man X with bits of Kirby Super Star.)
    -The Agathodaimon Mini
    -At least one space shooter/shmup. (Vertical/Tate mode will be supported.)
    -Red Wolf (FPS/Adventure)
    -At least one Middanyeard game. (Will be better than Viking Child.)
    -RC Car Combat.
    -Possible Castlevania clone
    -Gyaru Knight (G'nG clone with a wacky twist.)
  6. SlidellMan
    Here are my plans for platformers using that 7800Basic demo.
    The Agathodaimon (Rastan Saga and Curse of Issyos meet Zelda 2, Gargoyle's Quest II, and Robot Ninja Haggleman 3. I was planning on having 7800XM support, but Curt Vendel's death shot the chances of that happening down.)
    Kid Zenithian (Classic Mega Man, but with the ability to duck and shoot upward. See also Magical Doropie/The Krion Conquest.)
    Ð838 (Metroid Clone)
    Snáwcild (A Ninja Gaiden clone featuring a Demon Lands character whose name literally translates to Snow Child.)
    Ildu (Wonder-Boy-esque platformer with Old English/Anglo-Saxon themes. Part of the Middanyeard series.)
    Ghosts 'n Goblins clone.
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