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  1. One of those Demon Lands games in question is The Agathodaimon 2. All I will further reveal is that it will have two-player co-op support, continues where the previous game left off, and gameplay best described as a better Shadow of the Beast game than that respective trilogy. (To be fair, the Lynx and TG-16 versions of the original were much better than the Amiga original, and the third game, while short, is worth checking out.)

  2. I would also like to mention that Jaguar Lemmings will have the option to use both the Jaguar controller and mouse in tandem. Genesis/MD & Super NES/Super Famicom exclusive stages are also a possibility. Sunsoft Special (SG/SMD) and the SMS/GG tileset levels, however, are out of the question. Oh No, More Lemmings, Lemmings 2: The Tribes, and Lemmings 3 aren't likely.

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