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  1. Hello Great Hierophant. I was still using an older version of AppleWin. I found that as of version AppleWin also supports writing to .woz images. Very pleased with that. - 13 Feb 2020 ----------------------- . [PR #756] Write support for WOZ1/WOZ2 images.
  2. Hello GameGeerzer, Thank you for your reply. I did read up on .woz images and understand they can hold complex copy protection schemes. My guess was perhaps there's an emulator that can handle writing to .woz images but I'll stick to my .dsk and .po images, then. Thank you for clearing that up.
  3. Hello again, I was just playing one of my favorite Apple II games, Summer Games from a .WOZ image in the AppleWin emulator. When I got a record the disk started spinning but would never show the list of records. I noticed the emulator played the image in Read Only format and the other options were greyed-out. I can't seem to find any related settings in AppleWin. Am I missing something? Thanks for any advise and have a good weekend. :-)
  4. Hi Ketah. I am familiar with Ciderpress. Making a .po disk isn't a bad idea, actually. Thank you for your suggestion.
  5. Hi The Usotsuki. Happy to report MousePaint worked like a charm. Copy/paste from one image to another worked perfect. Thank you for your suggestion.
  6. You are correct. Purely based on your advise I now use 7.4, too. Thank you. :-)
  7. Thank you for the suggestion The Usotsuki. Sounds very promissing. I did give this a try, but for some reason when I try to load my images (eg. TITLE.PIC) it keeps saying "No such file". Need to dive in a bit more.
  8. Thanks for your suggestions, The Usotsuki. I have been using ProDOS versions of Copy II+ considerably more now. :-)
  9. Hello, I am looking for an Apple II graphics application that will allow me to copy part of a Hi-Res picture to another H-Res picture and then save. Thank you for your assistance.
  10. Hi The Usotsuki. I did give the sector editor in the ProDOS version a go. One can now scan for lowerkey text. Very usefull! I do find it a little annoying when one goes back to the utilities it needs the disk again. I have tried v6.0 (first one with ProDOS, as you said) and v9 (the double sided version). Can I ask why 7.4 has your preference?
  11. Omg! After all these years. Smack! In the face. Thanks The Usotsuki.
  12. Just had a look myself. I'm seeing the auction has ended. "Starting bid is US $800" and there are zero bids. Nevertheless, the box and contents seem to be in very good condition. But, no, I'd never pay that much money.
  13. Hello, I ask this purely out of curiosity. During my Apple II days, and even now with the emulator, I use Copy II+ 5.5 a lot. I love all it's tools, especially the sector editor. I have always wondered why they left out the sector editor in the ProDOS versions? Does anybody know? Thanks and kind regards, 'nuff
  14. Hello Keatah, I had a good luck at Asimov and believe I found the Scrolling animations application called "hi_res_scroller.dsk". It can be found at https://mirrors.apple2.org.za/ftp.apple.asimov.net/images/productivity/graphics/misc/ I noticed it didn't have the built in feature to inject itself into the boot of disk. So I believe I may have used it together with the application you suggested, The Pirate's Signature, to get that done. Clearly 30+ years have taken a toll on my memory. :-) Thanks again for your assistance. Best regards, 'nuff
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