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  1. Wow, good to hear about that book project! Hey Pipercub, does that have anything to do with that comment on Jason Scott's Facebook where you mentioned that he's gonna be helping out with archiving the saga? Because that would of course be the bomb. Then he only needs to finish three documentaries and he's free to produce the Chameleon movie;-)
  2. Hey Scott, care to elaborate on that comment on Jason Scott's Facebook about him being involved in documenting the history of the Coleco Chameleon fiasco?
  3. The Eleven - The Grateful Dead Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  4. If I may play the smartass for a second: the correct Latin spelling for the title would be 'secretus labyrinthus'. Interesting game though! Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  5. whoa sorry tschak sorta new to this forum, have mistaken the rank with your handle. Keep you posted once we've done anything presentable with it.
  6. Hey Stargunner, this is most awesome!!! I'm an electronic musician using both synthcart and cynthcart live and in the studio, and this is really exciting. I've been experimenting with importing the audiostream to Ableton Live and applying a little filter delay and mixing it in with other soundscapes we're working on for some field recording internet radio thing, so we might end up using it live for a broadcast. Thanks for doing this! Been emulating via OpenEmu but look forward to putting it in a Harmony Cart soon.
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