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  1. Thanks for your comments. This encourages me! I will have to trust that everything will be fine.
  2. Don't be disappointed! Maybe most people didn't have seen it so far (as me). I have looked the video and also think it's very useful! Badly I don't have an Android device. So is there something similar on the web?
  3. ...and god said: 24 hours a day should be enough for everyone. ;-)

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    2. BydoEmpire


      On the plus side, DaVinci, Edison, Einstein, Mozart, Woz and Miyamoto also had only 24 hours in the day. It actually is enough!


      I don't think Satan created the American corporation, merely the slow decay of democracy by corporatism - aka fascism: a blending of corporate and state interests marked by fierce nationalism and lack of political freedom. Corporations aren't the problem, the laws that have been twisted, rewritten and/or removed altogether to give them power...

    3. Bryan


      +1 Bydo. They used to be totally different spheres, but now there's a constant revolving door between the top echelons of the business world and the political establishment. Money teamed up with power.

    4. GoldLeader


      Lobbyists and those who don't understand separation of church + State are the problem..."Satan" has nothing to do with it...He's just a cool symbol and nothing more...

  4. Please let us know if it was also successful! After reading the comments I think it's all OK ordering even if batari does not reply at the moment.
  5. WOW 5 days is really fast! Can you tell me what you have ordered? Harmony or Hamony Encore? I guess you ordered via "Prioritity Shipping", isn't it?
  6. Thanks for the info! Great news! If you have got another conversation, please them to look after their AtariAge-Messages. On the harmony webpage there stands: "Need to know more? Send a PM to batari on the Atariage Forums (preferred), or send an email to c9r over at hotmail with subject: harmony." So I think if they advice us to contact them via the forum they should keep an eye on it.
  7. Is there a disassembly of H.E.R.O.? Would be glad to take a look behind the curtain.
  8. I agree! With todays CPUs this is no more real fun! Also it is impossible to control the hardware directly. You only have the API of the driver. And not to forget: Hardware changes so fast you don't have the time to invent special tricks. When you are familiar with some hardware, then it is obsolete because of a newer one! Cycle exact coding... Racing the beam by counting the cycles... Rasters by switching backgound color... On todays hardware? - Forget it!
  9. The steering of the car is really good! Looking forward to the next steps!
  10. No reply! Anyone heard of batari last time? Is he still here in the forum?
  11. Is there some kind of "Making of Boulder Dash"? Would be interesting to read what's behind it.
  12. I also tried to reach batari here at the forum... Whats the actual status? Did you reveived your card? If so: how long did it take?
  13. Is there any hardware shop in europe where you can get one like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-2600-7800-Composite-Video-Mod-Upgrade-Kit-DIY-/300592126324?hash=item45fcafd974:m:mjyZk3U_a7jYA4o6YoJN0Cg
  14. Well, if it's equvalent to an AND of CPU- and CARD-output, then of course this means: it does not work. Before I thought the $FF-output of the CPU is needed to prevent overheating or hardware damage.
  15. After reading much about bus stuffing, I got another idea of how to use or maybe could be used for (if possible). The problem I would focus on are the different color codes of NTSC and PAL (maybe also SECAM). The (maybe possible solution) without modifying all the rom code: When the CPU executes the following: LDX #$2A STX COLUPF Now when the card detects that a color register (like COLUPF) is written, then it gets the code from the bus ($2A) and overrides it with the correct color of the system (maybe a $4A). In theory it should work but... maybe there are some problems: 1.) normally the CPU must output $FF to the bus before overriding it, so overriding another value could be heat up or even damage the CPU. 2.) the detection and reaction of the card has to be very fast, to get bus stuffing running. Somebody ever tried something like this?
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