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  1. Burn:Cycle was brilliant though, I remember I finished that several times. I loved the Mad Dog games and had the revolver, Who Shot Johnny Rock, 7th Guest, but I used it to watch my VCD collection a lot too. I really wanted that machine to succeed, Shame it didn’t.
  2. My collection is complete. I even managed to buy one more as a Christmas gift at the weekend. Walked into my local toy store. They had 11, 10 were still on pre-order which haven’t been collected in over a week. One spare to sell, so I took it and will make a family member very very happy! Definitely much more stock than the NES Classic that’s for sure. Still not enough though I guess, since I know people who still trying to get one.
  3. Just grabbed mine. Literally no queue at my local game/toy shop at 9am in North London, UK.
  4. I was so excited I messed up the post and didn't type it all in one post! Looking forward to the PAL version mini now... if they release it too!
  5. Great packaging and presentation. Looking forward to some NGP gaming once kids go bed tonight!
  6. I personally love the Nes mini. I managed to pre-order and receive 3 on launch day at regular retail price. I initially bought them as stocking fillers for friends/family for Christmas and one to keep for myself. When I noticed how they instantly became impossible to buy again, I kept them and got them other gifts! I now use one for fun, I'm a gadget maniac, so for me it's just a fun gadget to have and a real talking point when people come over. I have pi3's inside sega megadrive (USB hub) cases in separate rooms and one right next to the nes mini and the look on people's faces when they see them, they just want to play them. For me it's a shame to discontinue it, seeing as there's still a huge demand for it. If they come up with the snes classic and even an n64 classic, I will still get them, I just love gadgets. [emoji3]
  7. Can't wait to be contacted once you get onto your preorder list! [emoji3]
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