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  1. Finding a joke about white sugar is rare but brown sugar well Demerara

  2. Each year that passes I enjoy working with the A8 more :)

  3. I've been making good progress with my A8 projects with long sesions of coding until the past two weeks when I've only had the weekends free as I've agreed short term to assist full time at the IT firm my brother is working with because they're inundated with work and under stress so I'm currently working a 60 hour week for them through December until the new year rolls in. I've been leaving at 6am to get home at 7pm with no breaks every day since.

    1. Tezz


      Well it's Christmas eve evening now and I have four days off so I'm looking forward to some A8 time again to progress with things :)

  4. I'm extremely happy to finally complete the largest part of the code this week and to see it running perfectly after so much planning and work. It's one big step forward to completing this project.

  5. I've been forging ahead with the coding, still quite a lot of work remaining but I'm getting closer to completing one of the projects.

  6. Back to coding again today at long last. Already completed the first part of the to do list.

  7. Attending PlayExpo Saturday 11th October http://www.playexpo.net/

  8. I should be getting to the end of all the work on the house this week, I can then get back to normal life including resuming my Atari game projects

  9. Congratulations to Germany! My prediction at the beginning of the World Cup was correct :)

  10. I've been away from everything and offline for a few months now whilst I've been having some large construction work completed at home which, along with a bunch of other RL stuff means I've not had any free time since the beginning of March. I'm getting to the end of it all now though and I should be back in a few weeks :)

  11. Had a revival of the c64 all nighter last night that we used to do 20+ years ago. The 1541 only survived one disk load :/

    1. goldenegg


      Time to pick up a 1541 Ultimate-II. You won't regret it!

  12. Spent most of yesterday clearing up and repairing the fences after the storm

    1. Fr0st


      Sorry to hear that. Here in Ireland we had the worst storm in 15 years, which basically meant 'take the clothes in off the clothesline'

  13. The storms across the UK have been unreal

    1. desiv


      Well that's good. Real storms can cause problems..

  14. Currently working on the projects enhancing existing titles... Then it's back on to finishing my new game projects next.

  15. Preparing for the "Play Expo" weekend. (Event City Manchester 12th/13th October) www.playexpo.net

  16. Continuously working hard on games projects

    1. Ransom


      Back to work, slacker.

    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      If you have time to update your status, you're not working hard enough.

    3. Tickled_Pink


      Same here. I need a holiday.

  17. Urgh, I've had the worst head cold in human history for over a week now. Not felt this rough for years :(

    1. icemanxp300


      Drink Guayaki Yerba Mate

    2. Tezz


      Thanks :) I'll look that up.

  18. Busy preparing things for the Replay / Play Expo event here on the 13th/14th Oct

    1. Parrothead


      Cool. Stop by the RetroGamingRoundup booth and say, "Hi".


  19. currently laid up with a back injury :( hoping it'll be better in time for the play expo event here on the 13th/14th Oct

  20. I've been busy for a couple of weeks with construction work at home which should be completed in two weeks and I can then get back to working on the game projects.

  21. Well, RL is busy but I've been making some time to code the past few weeks and have written a bunch of things that I've wanted to crack for a while which has been great. Lot's of RL things are demanding all my time but I will get back onto the game projects in a few weeks hopefully.

  22. RL is still very busy :( I'm hoping to get some free time again to work on the projects in a couple of months. Checking AA regularly.

  23. RL stuff has been full on since October 2011 so I've had no free time whatsoever for any of my hobbies unfortunately and I've been absent from the A8 scene :( I was planning to release MM for Christmas 2011 as it was largely completed with only a few simple things left to be done. I'll hopefully get back to the A8 sometime.

    1. ls650


      Life is like that unfortunately.


  24. Currenty working on MM until it's completion

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