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  1. Actually I was following this install guide, not your video - honestly I don't like learning from videos:
  2. Not the pin numbers, but the information or warning that the IC orientation could be different I know I am dumb I as following the guide blindly the guide shows the connection from behind. I could not see the IC orientation from there.
  3. Yes the incognito was working fine for colleen but not for XE/XL. Now that I wired it correctly everything is working. The installation instructions should add this info because I just counted the pins and wired them wrong. Lucky it wasn't any 12v out there...
  4. ouch i found out my antic is upside down, my os board is the one with a big number five on it.
  5. Hi all, I just installed an Incognito FJC and almost everything work, except XL/XE mode with Stock OS. If I select Altirra OS, or SideLoader works, but Spartados or Basic will not start from stock XL/XE OS. No matter the amount of ram. But if I choose instead Altirra OS the spartados or basic will work fine. So it seems something in the BIOS is hanging. I got no trouble running XE games like Commando 320 Rambo it seems just the stock OS that is hanging, gives a black screen. Is there a diagnostic ROM i could use ? The diagnostics OS shows OK for zero page, stack ram and then shows only 063488 bytes. Nothing else. Despite Lotharek's wire colors don't match I made sure my color was correct but I notice my OS board was slightly different, even though I connected the wires in the pins. Also the back board jumper I placed as well and replaced the 2 resistors to 2K. I did not installed the ATR button switch as it is not provided and I have a Sio2Sd I think is more convenient. I reflashed (using a minipro) to the latest version 3.10 same issue. BTW: the inogos.rom 3.10 has no use banked and no colleen driver. I added them manually.
  6. Can be used in Atari, C-64, Amigas, SMS:
  7. I work in the game industry. I'm a rendering software engineer for consoles. The PS1 started the C era in games back in 1995. Today games are made in C++ and with some embedded scripting like Lua or Python or even home based scripting solution. The scripting is used for the game logic and hud control. For example: killing a monster spawns a box, opening the box spawns a power up. We don't make this logic in C++ as it would be crazy, instead they are programmed by technical game designers and can be easily changed without recompiling the code. x64 platform C/C++ compilers don't allow you to embed asm instructions in your code, like _asm { }. Instead you need to use intrinsic functions. We use them for SIMD operations like SSE, AVX, etc. The reason for this is to not mess with the compiler optimization logic. But I do check the generated asm code very often, specially when changing a shader, I need to check in impact on the GPU asm code. Also some very intensive routines you may want to take a look in the CPU asm code.
  8. Parallels ? Beside the license you need a full windows installation. Nope! Altirra works fine in Wine under macOS. Also the ATADIM run great too but you need to pass the file name by command line like: wine atadim.exe disk.atr
  9. If you want another advice: I keep 2 CFs for my MyIDE-2 one for MyBiOS and and all the FAT32 Loader games and another only for SDX partitions / FAT16 for exchange. So I don't mess with each other. I found out the my bios partitions get locked after using FDISK and creating the SDX partitions (the win32 LBA tool to import export them cannot access them anymore). Also I don't know if they overlap each other.
  10. I see a world of advantages when stacking the MyIDE-II to the super-SDX cart: 1) Instant SDX boot (compared to loading using FAT32 loader, selecting it and loading into the SRAM). There is a way to embed it on the WB but I could only make it using the 4.4.7 not the 4.4.8 and it is not a simple task) 2) RTC 3) Access to FAT16 using FATFS.SYS. You can mount and have read access to it and transfer files between your PC and Atari easily 4) 256KB image instead of 128KB for the MyIDE-II, you can add more stuff on it. 5) SDX partitions are faster than the ramdisk. You want to use SDX on a fast file system. There is no bank switching on the Atari, you can compile a program from it faster than on ramdisk.
  11. I use my SuperSpartaDOS cart with my MyIDE-II stacked on it. The MyIDE2.sys access the SDX partitions without any issue. All of this in my Atari-800 that I modded for PHI2B signal. My only advice is: don't try to flash the super SDX cart using uflash or you may brick it as I did! Luckly I have an eprom programmer and re-flashed it good.
  12. The MSX version is pretty good too:
  13. That's funny because using extended RAM limits your customer base, as well as requiring 64k, 48k, 32k and 16k, Not to forget the most limiting factor: PAL ONLY.
  14. Sure but then it must be a full 48K board and pull the signals from the mobo. Not this board.
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