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  1. I have a SNES controller that looks like brand spanking new. Only B works. I have isolated the problem to the V520 IC chip in the controller. But I can't seem to find one. Any alternatives?? Thanks, Al.
  2. I don't have another dead DMG nor do I have intentions of starting a chain reaction in which I repair every parts console I have.... This is my parts Gameboy w/ a bad screen. I have heard that people have successfully shoved GBP lcds into a DMG. GBC lcds are cheap.... Thanks for the info. I really do appreciate it. Al.
  3. UPDATE: The screen is toast. I have removed it from the Gameboy.... Either I can replace the screen with one from another DMG, Pocket.... Or? And this is a board that was replaced by a fully functional top board. This is from a parts GB that only has a bad screen... Nothing else.
  4. Hello guys n' gals.... I have a DMG Gameboy with a screwed up LCD. The right part is darker than the left and it has a horizontal line.... (I think I bent the H/V ribbon cables too much...) Could it be replaced??? The LCD is custom, but I have been able to find simmiliar screen sizes and resolutions on the 'Bay... I'd try to get a Gameboy Pocket LCD if I could find them. Probably a Color/Advance LCD wont fit? Any options? Thanks....... Al.
  5. Does it do this with less graphically intense games?
  6. It may just NOT be the NES... The NES can handle an X amount of sprites at one time, if it goes over that number then you have flickering. the 2600 does this and I have heard that the Famicom does this a lot with Gimmick!.
  7. My Atari used to have a similar problem. The chips were NOT the issue. Check your resistors with a multi meter and make sure that your connections and solder joints are protected and clean. If you can, please remove the RF box and that red thingy and the connector for the now unwanted RF cable. Your issue is coming from multiple things. But Ataris are getting around 30 - 35 years old, so they are in need of new caps and resistors. No worries, more than likely it is NOT a chip.
  8. TBH I am incredibaly paranoid about this. I bought the cart in like new condition. I cannot afford to have carts die when they turn 20. I have a 39 year old copy of Breakout, (I checked the board - 100% sure about its age), and it still works wonderfully,.
  9. I'll see... It may be a week or two before I can let ya know. Sorry about that. I will seriously keep your offer in mind though.
  10. I also took out the jump, the red thingy, and the plug for the RF cord.
  11. Some were by the wire that I needed to connect to that area of resistors. I replaced the crystal with a new one and I replaced all of the capacitors and 2 chiclets. I highly recommend the AV mod because apparently, (after talking to somebody who repairs game systems for a living), many RF modulators on the 2600 are starting to die out. Specifically, I checked every resistor - whichever ones were dead, I replaced. I had to eventually send the board to a pro though, but I do have a decent idea of what he had done in order to solve this odd problem. He pretty much did what I was able to do, just at a more advanced level of proficiency.
  12. I will do my best to check Friday or Saturday. Thanks for the help.
  13. No, I do not. It did used to work on my SNES just fine though.
  14. A few died. They were on the board. I had to readjust some of my solder jobs to. Just keep in mind that these Ataris are a good 35 years old. Most of them merely need new capacitors and resistors. Impressive for such an old console.
  15. Black screen, a white under score or two, intro music plays, and that's it.
  16. Just did 10 power cycles, all black screens as mentioned before. No piracy screen.
  17. And that's where I get confused... OK, here is what I am getting right now. Turn snes on, black screen with a few little white flashes, (like morse code), I wait 4 seconds and the intro music plays, and that's it. The white flash looks like an underscore.
  18. Sometimes as in three times compared to the hundreds of tests I have done. First time was when I attempted to first boot the game, second was when I called a game store after leaving the snes off for a minute, and third was after a bunch of moving and on/off cycles.
  19. The DKC3 cart has been unaltered. I will not have time to check it out further... I personally do not own any donor carts. I do not own a DKC1 cart either. Where I live now SNES games are too dang expensive and I have been getting into NES and the Dreamcast. I have determined that there are no bad traces on the broad. I did see mere spots, but they should not effect the traces in any matter. It could be bitrot. But on a barely 20 year old cart? I own games that are 30 - 39 years old and yet they work fine. I have a majesco release MMX cart that's gone through hell and back and yet it still works.
  20. SOLVED: System needed caps, resistors, and a new crystal. Total cost was about 10$.
  21. I tried bad traces... One of them leads to nothing, so when I attempted to repair it the game would not work in that configuration. Simply put, the game worked for a while and after storing it in a nice cool room for 4 months and the thing showed a piracy screen. I cleaned it, etc. and after attempting to turn it on a million times, I got a black screen that would play the first 10 seconds of music and that was it. It shown a piracy screen two more times after that but now it just shows a black screen and plays some music. I did take the PCB out of its shell and it made no difference. So.. eh... Which one is the mask rom?? EXTRA INFO. : In DKC 123 the SNES does a checksum of sram, if the amount is invalid, a piracy screen shows up.
  22. Hi guys, my SNES works just fine, but when I put DKC3 in it now, it shows a black screen and plays the intro music. I have tried MANY things... Sometimes it even shows a piracy message, but that has happened thrice in the many times I have tried to make the games work. I cleaned the game, I went through any shady solder joints, I tried to fix broken traces, I replaced the save battery... What else can i do?? (Maybe a SRAM chip replacement??) Thanks for the Help, Al
  23. Found 3 broken Dreamcasts. Got all 3 working and keepin' one for meself!

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