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    Just about anything electronic. At about 10 I built my first radio it was a cat's whisker and copper coil around a toilet paper roll. I got the ear bud from a neighbor who bought a three transistor radio and promptly dropped it in the lavatory while he was shaving. I also build wooden tall ships. Two to three feet long and 18 to 24 inches tall (but they take years to finish).
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    I like combat strategy type games like Eastern Front, Invasion Orion, War in Russia, Combat Leader etc.
  1. My wife is doing well after her back problems and just when we finished paying off the doctor/hospital bills along comes a flood! We were lucky compared to all our neighbors who got between 8 and 12 inches of water (we only got about an inch in the house, and never lost electricity). Problem is our entire home except baths and kitchen is carpeted (about 1800 sq. feet). So the carpet is all siting on the curb along with the baseboards and some of the furniture. One table with my wives' PC on it broke and I've got to dry it our before I can check it out. The adjuster will be here tomorrow and we will see what happens next. Anyway, long story short, we are safe and well and have flood insurance. I'll be back as I can. DavidMil PS. Several people have asked me why I don't have an avatar, Well I have on now and I'll post it as soon as I can. DM
  2. I bought a 1000 sheet box from Amazon a couple of weeks ago. Sparco Brand Computer Paper. 9.5" (to allow for the paper feeds) x 11" #02184 Very fine quality perforations. DavidMil
  3. Rewriting the ROM wouldn't be possible for most Atari users, and besides, I wanted to test the 850's as the were so any problems in the hardware could be corrected. I've made a test board to turn on an LED for each line if it goes high and different colored LED's for the four control lines. I guess I'll have too live with that. Next I'll make a smaller SMD board. Here's a picture of what I have... DavidMil
  4. Very nice. I wish I had seen this six months ago when I tried to change mine out. I bent something in there and now nothing works. I put it back in the attic in disgust. With this info, maybe I'll get it out and try again. Thank you, DavidMil
  5. For about a year I've been trying to find a way to individually address the eight data lines of the printer port on the 850. Even thought a lot of people have said it's not possible, I keep looking. I came across this program in my searches. I thought it was an interesting little program. That's all. DavidMil
  6. Here is a little Basic program to look at the printer output of you Atari and the 850 printer port. This works on my RX80 and I'm wondering if it works with other Epson printers too. Hold down the FF button while you turn the printer on. Then run this little Basic program. If it works correctly you should get a Hex printout starting at 00 and ending at FF. You may have to take your printer offline for it to print the last line. Holding down the FF at power up, puts the printer in Hex dump mode. In this mode the printer will print all the data that it receives in Hexadecimal regardless of what is sent to it. Not really of much value, but kind of interesting. 10 FOR N=0 TO 255 20 LPRINT CHR$(N); 30 NEXT N 40 END Anyone with an Epson printer, let me know if this works. You're also welcome to try it on other printers too. You'll have to look in your user manual to see if your printer has a hex dump mode. DM DavidMil
  7. I'm also in favor of starting a new, "Calling all 850's" type thread. I ran the program on all three of my 850's and all of them are 2CF990B9. Attached is a pic of one of my 850 result screens. One comment about warerat's wonderful program; If you have more than one 850 you'll want to rename the file after each save or it will overwrite the results of each previous save with the info of subsequent saves. Other than that; this is a really great utility! Hats off to warerat! DavidMil
  8. Thank you DrVenkman. Downloaded and ran Altirra 3.1 and it worked beautifully! DavidMil
  9. Someone said that you can load XEX files into an ATR image, but didn't give clear (for beginners) step by step instructions. Can someone point me to a thread that does this? Or has the instructions. Thanks, DavidMil
  10. Any idea what the version level is on the ROM Chip? DavidMil
  11. There is no mention of a power supply or SIO cable. Nor has it apparently been tested in any way. DavidMil
  12. I have several shoe boxes full of floppies. DavidMil
  13. Check out this 1050 I found on Ebay... Description says, "Looks great and comes with one controller." DavidMil
  14. The problem is the stepper motor! I pulled the transport out and plugged it into one of a good 1050. As soon as I turned on the drive the stepper motor started vibrating back and fourth maybe a mm and everything started getting hot! I guess the motor started dying when I first discovered the problem and has now died totally. Anybody know where I can get a MSAF200A91 Sanyo Part # 4Z26 12V DC stepper motor? David
  15. This might be a good candidate for flashjazzcat's easy video upgrade if you still have your 800 pulled apart. It definitely help with my 800 'bleeding' character problem. DavidMil
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