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    Just about anything electronic. At about 10 I built my first radio it was a cat's whisker and copper coil around a toilet paper roll. I got the ear bud from a neighbor who bought a three transistor radio and promptly dropped it in the lavatory while he was shaving. I also build wooden tall ships. Two to three feet long and 18 to 24 inches tall (but they take years to finish).
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  1. Looking at it under a magnifier the first 6 may be a 5 as in: 451623. I've attached a picture. David
  2. This tread inspired me to go back into the attic and dig up my old 400. It's been up there for about 36 or 37 years wrapped in a big plastic garbage bag (that crumbled when I tried to pick it up) and sitting in a large sealed plastic storage container! I opened it up, blew it out with canned air, plugged it in, and it WORKS! They built things to last in those day. Anyway here is the info: Atari 400: sn AV 461623 Date code: 462 (46th week of 1982) DavidMil
  3. Have you tried any of the HAM preservation sites? There are a lot of older uses there. This one has been over 70 years. www.cq-amateur-radio.com David
  4. Here is one of the links (TI) that I used for comparisons. There is a lot of info there. https://www.ti.com/lit/sg/sdyu001ab/sdyu001ab.pdf Thanks for all the feed back. It's been a learning experience (I'm just wondering what info is being pushed out the back of my old brain to make room for the new...)? David
  5. Any idea about how old that add is? David
  6. After reading your reply I did a deeper comparison and fast chips run anywhere from two to three times fast then high speed CMOS with propagation times of 14ns (through put) compared to 25 to 29ns for most HC compatible chips. I didn't think that the difference would be so great! I have a lot of 74HC chips that I was hoping I could substitute; guess not... Thanks for the feedback mytrk. David
  7. Is there any problem using 74HC (HC= Highspeed CMOS) IC's instead of 74F... IC's? Pinouts are the same, and power consumption seems to be a little lower. DavidMil
  8. Saw this on EBAY and was wondering if anybody had used/heard anything like this. DavidMil
  9. After thinking about it for a bit (and tending to agree with you), I decided to verify the differences. Seven mm is not a lot of difference. So, pictures tell the tale... What surprised me more was the weight difference: 1200XL: 7 lbs. (3.2kilos) 800: 9 lbs. (4.1kilo) David Edit: Sorry, I forgot to add the pictures!
  10. Sorry but newbies are always full of questions... Where can I buy a Mouse Select Board, and the XEL Status Panel? Also, where can I get more info on XEL-CF? Thank you, David
  11. The jumper is set ( I removed the U1MB and flipped it over to verify that). After setting the System to XEGS the game played nicely! David
  12. Ok. I did the 512K upgrade and now things look and work a lot better. Does this look about right? Please ignore the missing color, I turned it off to cut down on the glare from the flash. One other question... Does the Missile Command game only run one wave to test the joystick? David
  13. I may have done something, I don't know. But now when I boot up my 1088XEL it goes directly to Sparta DOS and a D1: prompt. I can access my 1050 and call up Basic and load basic files from the 1050 but, pressing F10 does nothing. Pressing F12 brings up the picture bellow. David
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