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  1. How many different versions of Archiver are there? I came across a disk that has Archiver 2.0, and it allows you to copy to or from a cassette to disk. It also has an option to run version 2.0, or the version I remember 1.2. DavidMil
  2. I had never heard of a resin printer before you mentioned them. I looked them up and they are very different. They use a light beam to activate the resin and cause it to solidify to a surface that is continually raised. A light beam can certainly be made much smalled than a extruder nozzle. Very interesting! They must be more expensive because all the sites that I looked at want you to call for a quote. David
  3. Brad at Best Electronics was kind enough to send me a couple of Stackpole plungers. I'll be sending them off to get scanned too. Below is a couple of pictures of Stackpole (yellow) and Hi Tek plungers (white). David
  4. Thank you Doc. I'll try and get them in the mail Monday or Tuesday at the latest. DavidMil
  5. The modem had a bad TMS99532NL 300 baud modem chip in it. When I replaced it with my know good one it blew that one too. When I get a chance I'm going to start checking voltage first. In the mean time I've ordered 22 from UT Source for 72 cents each. Doc, can I send you all eight disks to look at? I've got more people coming next week to work on replacing some cabinets we have discovered have mold on the bottom of them. And to top things off, my middle finger on my right hand has developed 'trigger finger'. I didn't know it could make your hole hand hurt all the way to the wrist, and prevent it from closing tightly. DavidMil
  6. I just bought a non-working 835 modem from eBay and it came with 7 floppies. One half of the set says DD at the top and my 1050 can't read them. All say BBSC Construction Set, or Docs, or Samples. Also half are marked 835 and the others are marked Smartmodem. Anyway the ones I can boot say: Antic Software BB Construction Set Ver. 2.2 by Scott Brause The one for the 835 has AMODEM 42, and TSCOPE, and DLINK Anyway, does anyone have any use for these Disks? If so I'll put Zipped versions out there (I just need to know where would be best). DavidMil
  7. That is great! I can get about all the parts info from that. Thank you, David
  8. Has anyone ever seen or heard of a 1090XL parts list? I've got some good pictures looking down on the board, but I really need a parts list. Thanks, DavidMil
  9. It looks like they took a keyboard off of an old terminal (like a Vax or something), and tried to modify it to work with an Atari computer. David
  10. I think that myatari might have a few left. You'll have to send Bruce an email and ask him. They will be NOS, but they will be in perfect condition. DavidMil
  11. Are those numbers recessed, or a different color? David
  12. Here are a couple of pics showing the original on the right and the new one on the left. David
  13. I got a couple of samples back from the 3D scanning company and they fit into the keyboard fine. The problem is that the plungers are too thick and the key caps won't fit into the plungers. They are about .2mm too thick. Trying to force the keycaps in caused the plunges to crack! I'm working with the company to fix the problem and I'm going to order a few to test with. I'll let everyone know how it goes. David
  14. .1uF caps are the most common caps on all Atari computers. If you want to PM me with a mailing address I can send you a couple. I have hundreds of them. If not then Best Electronics has them too. David
  15. He told me last year that he shut the fax off because no body was using it anymore. But fax is alive and well (if you've ever had to deal with mortgage or insurance companies you'd know what I mean)! David
  16. I don't think you loose it. It may get removed from his computers though. I've had this number for so long, I can't tell you when I got it. At least 30 years ago. David
  17. If you cut the length down to about 20 feet (a hair over 6 meters) and narrow it down to one isle; yes, that's pretty much how my attic looks. Except there are only a few crates. Most of it is in cardboard boxes. David
  18. All this got me to thinking, I've been buying from Brad for so long that he has my credit card on file, I call him and tell him what I want, he ships the order and I find out what it cost in a couple of days when the parts arrive. When you call, take a second and ask him how his day is going. Also I'd like to know what is the lowest Customer Order Number out there. Mine starts with BT06... Anyone got a lower number?
  19. Emails are 'iffy'. I always call him. I related one problem some time back about big orders, and the only problem I've had since then was a package he sent that had so much tape on it, I thought I was going to have to rent a jack hammer to get it open. That old Atari tape he uses has changed to shoe leather! David
  20. I believe there are a few still up and running. I believe that Darklord still has one. David
  21. Sorry, I should have followed the thread through to the end. I got the latest now. I'll look at it tonight. Thanks, David
  22. McAfee Says this site is too dangerous and won't let me connect to it. This is what McAfee comes up with when I click on your link: https://sarah.trktnc.com/tr David
  23. I don't think Atari intended to support these modems; I opened it up and not one part has an Atari part number! The board does have a part number on it: C070160 REV. A I take that back. The Crystal and the transformer DO have Atari part numbers, but those are the only two. I'll have to see if I can find another reed switch (UDM 105D). David
  24. Does anyone know if Atari published any repair manuals for the XM301 modem? I have a nonworking one that I'd like to fix. Thanks, DavidMil
  25. It's been my experience that programmers are some of the smartest people I know. The other side of that coin is that they all seem to be a little "unusual". If I sat in from of a computer, looking at and backtracking through code all day trying to find out what is creating errors; I'd be in a straight jacket in no time. My hat is off to them. Please keep up the wonderful work! David
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