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  1. Sorry, seems like I've got happy fingers that like to keep typing. On the DB9 connector on pins 1 through 7 are used Not 8. David
  2. On the CX88 cable, nothing. But any industry standard cable attached to pin 9 on port 4 of the 850 will dump -8 volts into your modem. I blew my Hayes 300 baud Smartmodem that way before I learned that you shouldn't use any cable but an Atari cable with the 850. David
  3. I promised someone a while back that I would post the pinouts for the CX88 Terminal Cable, so here they are. Both ends of this cable have male connectors and only seven of the pins on each end are used. They are: On the DB9 end pins 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 On the DB25 end pins 2,3,4,6,7,8,20 The actual wires connect as follows: DB9 to DB25 1 6 2 4 3 3 4 2 5 7 6 20 7 8 Even though there are more pins on the DB25 end, none of them are used. And under no circumstances should you every try to plug any type of serial cable to port 4 on the 850 and your modem! David
  4. I'll be honest, I did a fair share of pirating too. But my pirating didn't start until the prices for games and programs got to be ridiculously high! Even then I tried to buy games that were really good (if we could afford them). Then I got mad at Atari when they dumped us just to keep up with what they thought was going to make them more money. I truly believe that pirating started because of the greed of software and hardware companies. If they had kept the prices lower, most all of us would never have started pirating in the first place! David
  5. Actually in our wonderful conservative state of Texas, any 6 year old child can walk into any hardware store and buy all the Hardie Board they can pay for. We also have lots of people (and politicians) that don't believe cigarettes cause cancer and global warming is a joke. David
  6. Yes it was a flood event. Because our house is all brick exterior we didn't get a lot of water inside the house. Neighbors all around us have Cedar siding or Hardie Board (Asbestos mixed with paper and soaked in cement, and then compressed into sheets about 1/4"(a little over 6mm)) thick. They all had between 4 and 12 inches of water damage, but then no one would ever have suspected we'd get 15" of ran in two hours. Thank you for the kind words! David
  7. Thank you six. It's nice to be back and hear what everyone has to say! I guess insurance companies are the same all around the world. As mad at I get at them, it's still better than nothing! David
  8. Thank you Doc. Everything in the storage shed in the back yard was covered but the above ground swim spa was not. Fortunately all the electrical pumps and circuitry is sealed in water tight enclosures. This has to be the case in Texas for all above ground pools/spas that have anything electrical under the pools (to protect against blasting everyone out of the pool with 240 volts of electricity). We are both fine but tired from all the cleanup and repairs. On a good note; we did get a house full of new carpet, and I put a vinyl floor in the computer room so the chairs would roll around easier! Thank you, David
  9. No. I didn't loose any Atari stuff or anything electric except for one clone PC that the table collapsed because one of the wooden practical board legs gave out. As the water started coming in I was running around unplugging everything and putting all the power cords and power strips up on tables. The wife got a little upset because I was more worried about all the cords than the furniture, until I asked her if she would like to take a change getting electrocuted.
  10. Thank you ivop! We've been with this well know insurance company for 27 years, and they never had a problem taking our money. But as you said, that is the way it is with all of them. Everyone around us is complaining about the same thing! David
  11. I put these file out there because I was hoping someone could print them. The 3D imaging company that made these files for me said that it would take a special 3D printer to make them. If anyone can make them I ask that you only charge for the material used and shipping. The idea here is not to make a profit but to keep our connection to the past alive and well. To answer your question toddtmw, I need about 40 of them for my three 800's. DavidMil
  12. Thank you! I was a bit surprised at the changes to AA. They have been saying that changes were coming for a while, I'm glad to see the upgrade. Now all I have to do is figure it all out again! David
  13. Thank you Paul. It's nice to be back. David
  14. Atari's RS232C pinouts: 1. Data Terminal Ready (DTR) out 2. Carrier Detect (CD or CRX) in 3. Send Data (TD) out 4. Receive Data (RD) in 5. Ground 6. Data Set Ready (DSR) in 7. Request To Send (RTS) out 8. Clear To Send (CTS) in 9. As far as I know this pin was not used, except for Port 4 where it was a constant negative voltage. Someone want to post the pinouts for the industry standard RS232 port? David
  15. Sure. But I don't have an app to display them in a 3D view. David Keyboard plunger_v3.igs Keyboard plunger_v3.stp Keyboard plunger_v3.X_T
  16. I've always been curious what is the difference between an Atari serial cable and a standard RS232 cable? David
  17. Seems like I remember a word we Atarians learned a long time ago... Vapor ware? David
  18. Just wanted to say hello to everyone and let everyone know that I'm back. Even though we only got about a half inch of water in the house it started a nightmare! For two months we walked around on a bare concrete floor with the lower two feet of all the sheetrock walls cut out. You could literally stand at the front door and bend over and see who was in the bathroom in the back of the house! The insurance company did us right on the structure but they don't recognize antiques (if something is over 4 years old it is worthless). We have a table from the 1850's that has porcelain rollers and they gave us 0.0 dollars because it's over 4 years old. Anything you list over 100 dollars has to be accompanied by a photo or you'll get nothing! Make a long story short, we'll get about 5 cents on the dollar for our lost possessions. I've been away for so long, I've got a lot of catch up reading to do. I see the sight has changed a bit too! Well, it's nice to be back! I hope every one else is well! DavidMil
  19. I've sent off a couple of 800 Hi-Tek plungers to a 3D scanning company and I now have good stp and jgs files that I will be using when I get a 3D printer in a few months to try and start making new plungers. David
  20. My wife is doing well after her back problems and just when we finished paying off the doctor/hospital bills along comes a flood! We were lucky compared to all our neighbors who got between 8 and 12 inches of water (we only got about an inch in the house, and never lost electricity). Problem is our entire home except baths and kitchen is carpeted (about 1800 sq. feet). So the carpet is all siting on the curb along with the baseboards and some of the furniture. One table with my wives' PC on it broke and I've got to dry it our before I can check it out. The adjuster will be here tomorrow and we will see what happens next. Anyway, long story short, we are safe and well and have flood insurance. I'll be back as I can. DavidMil PS. Several people have asked me why I don't have an avatar, Well I have on now and I'll post it as soon as I can. DM
  21. I bought a 1000 sheet box from Amazon a couple of weeks ago. Sparco Brand Computer Paper. 9.5" (to allow for the paper feeds) x 11" #02184 Very fine quality perforations. DavidMil
  22. Rewriting the ROM wouldn't be possible for most Atari users, and besides, I wanted to test the 850's as the were so any problems in the hardware could be corrected. I've made a test board to turn on an LED for each line if it goes high and different colored LED's for the four control lines. I guess I'll have too live with that. Next I'll make a smaller SMD board. Here's a picture of what I have... DavidMil
  23. Very nice. I wish I had seen this six months ago when I tried to change mine out. I bent something in there and now nothing works. I put it back in the attic in disgust. With this info, maybe I'll get it out and try again. Thank you, DavidMil
  24. For about a year I've been trying to find a way to individually address the eight data lines of the printer port on the 850. Even thought a lot of people have said it's not possible, I keep looking. I came across this program in my searches. I thought it was an interesting little program. That's all. DavidMil
  25. Here is a little Basic program to look at the printer output of you Atari and the 850 printer port. This works on my RX80 and I'm wondering if it works with other Epson printers too. Hold down the FF button while you turn the printer on. Then run this little Basic program. If it works correctly you should get a Hex printout starting at 00 and ending at FF. You may have to take your printer offline for it to print the last line. Holding down the FF at power up, puts the printer in Hex dump mode. In this mode the printer will print all the data that it receives in Hexadecimal regardless of what is sent to it. Not really of much value, but kind of interesting. 10 FOR N=0 TO 255 20 LPRINT CHR$(N); 30 NEXT N 40 END Anyone with an Epson printer, let me know if this works. You're also welcome to try it on other printers too. You'll have to look in your user manual to see if your printer has a hex dump mode. DM DavidMil
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