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  1. Unfortunately he only had one. However here is a site that sells them. Mine is 4 foot long. I don't know how long these are.
  2. Unfortunately he only had one. However here is a site that sells them. Mine is 4 foot long. I don't know how long these are. Sorry forgot to add the attachment... David
  3. If you leave the computer off for an hour or so, does it always do the same thing when you start it up? When the screen goes black, you can turn off the computer, pull all the RAM and ROM cards out and then feel them for any excessively hot chips. One thing you may want to do while you have all the RAM and ROM cards out: Clean the connector edges of all the cards with a good pencil eraser. Makes sure all the chips are seated properly (do this by pressing each chip down) then put all the cards back in (make sure the chips all face towards the back of the computer). You may want to shuffle the RAM cards around too. If that doesn't help, I hope you're comfortable with opening up the computer. DavidMil
  4. I ordered a video cable for my 800 that has s-video out and left and right audio output. MAN, what a difference that made! I had to do some color and brightness adjustments on the Samsung flat panel TV, but you talk about a sharpness and brighter color difference. It's really amazing! I played several old games, including Defender and Montezuma Revenge, and there were colors I don't think I've ever noticed before! Best $12 investment I've made for my computer since I bought a 1050 drive. Sorry but I had to go online here and talk about it, DavidMil
  5. That's a nice collection of games. Have you tried any of them in the drive? If you haven't yet. I would clean the drive head with alcohol before trying any of the disks. DavidMil
  6. If the switch is not working why would the screen just go black and stay that way? Wouldn't it go back to static as if the door is open/off? I think there is something else going on here... DavidMil
  7. That is really funny/amazing. It helps that I've played most of those games to really enjoy it. David
  8. Interesting. Thank you all for the info, David Milsop Kingwood, Texas
  9. I was wondering around on ebay and I saw something I've never heard of... Someone in Slovavia(?) is selling an Atari 800XE. It looks like a 130XE, but it clearly states 800XE on the top. What was inside this unit and when was it produced? David Milsop Kingwood, Texas
  10. So from what I am understanding; because Atari subcontracted everything out it made up numbers on a per vendor basis? No wonder no two devices had anything in common when it came to serial numbers. David
  11. If you can't, do not worry about it. I can work with what you gave me. Thanks so much, David Milsop Kingwood, Texas
  12. My wife had to turn around and push my mouth closed, because my jaw dropped and refused to work for a bit when I saw those prices. And yet we paid them! Any idea how much that is in todays world? David
  13. Seems like I'm always asking questions... So here's another one. Does anyone know how to read Atari serial numbers? Having worked at Compaq for 5 years and repaired computers and printers for and additional 25 years, I know there is a lot of info packed into the serial numbers. There was some variance from product to product but mostly the structure was the same. If anyone has some good documentation, I'd really like to see it. Thank you, David Milsop kingwood, Texas
  14. If I can make working heads from your information, I'll send you one for free! I also want to keep up with Irgendwer to see how he is progressing. It looks like I'm going to have to breakdown and buy a newer copy of Corel Draw. Mine is version 9. I have a feeling it's going to take several tries with different materials to get this right. Thank you for the info, and I'll keep you posted. David Milsop Kingwood, Texas
  15. I would really like to get that file if you find it. Repairing Atari products has become a driving hobby for me since I've retired. Thanks so much, David Milsop Kingwood, Texas
  16. I was wondering how long it would take to hear from you. At least he posted some nice pictures! David
  17. I still have my bright orange Thompson Electronics 'ProBurner'. A right hand cartridge that could burn eproms up to 27128 (16K x 8. This cartridge allowed you to look at ROM carts in the left socket and burn duplicate eproms. It also has a machine language monitor. I remember that I used it to modify my Eastern Front game. I loaded the game from the cartridge and then I gave all the Luftwaffe 255 starting points. Then I wrote the game to a diskette and played it from the disk. David Milsop Kingwood, Texas
  18. If you are successful, I would like to buy 2 of them myself. Thanks, David Milsop Kingwood, Texas
  19. Any way to get that translated to English? I would really like to look into this! David Milsop Kingwood, Texas
  20. I also have two 1027's, and I would be willing to help pay for some research to replace the rubber material on the print heads. I've been thinking for some time about getting a couple from Best and making molds myself. DavidMil
  21. That's a good idea. If you a afraid to try soldering another 1k or 510 ohm resistor on top of the current SM resistor you could always buy an old fashion through hole resistor and look for other points along the traces on each side of the SM resistor to solder the legs. Make sure you get a thin solder that has flux in it, and DON'T press hard! DavidMil
  22. I got the 835 board and I'll test it out tonight. Is there something I can help you with? Thanks again, David Milsop
  23. One other foot note. Reducing the resistance in the circuit too much could case more current to flow through the circuit than some of the components are rated to withstand, and that could damage some of the other component(s) in the circuit. DavidMil
  24. Those were the days when I learned the Magic Phrase of gaming.... SAVE OFTEN!!! David
  25. You may very well be right adam242. I remember that we took Analog magazine and one year we got the magazines with the diskettes. I'll look through my rather large pile of diskettes and see if I can pull any of those disks out. Come to think of it I think, I believe that I got some of those from Atarimax too. Thank you and thanks to everyone for all the feed back! David Milsop Kingwood, Texas
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