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  1. Mine arrived in Auburn Hills today! Can't wait to test it out. Thank you!
  2. I bought one off eBay wired as a SAC using the option button as the fourth one.
  3. I had to pick all as there are some great games from each, fond memories from each as I grew up with each. Still working on the growing up part!
  4. Mat Mania or Mania Challenge or similar game Zoo Keeper Updated Omega Race with different layouts and bonus levels like Scramble sections A Gorf like game with levels from different games. Like 1 Donkey Kong level 1, 2 DK jr level 3, 3 Mario Bros level?, 4 regular Mario Bros level 2, 5 a level you design.
  5. Both, we were addicted to arcades and everyone our age was there. A different time, 37-40 years ago.
  6. On my computer I typically put updates in their own file as I didn't do that with a different device and was hosed once.
  7. I went from the 2600 to the arcades and didn't bother with home consoles until the Genesis. A friend had an Astrocade but he wouldn't play it. I mentioned we should play it but he said it was worse than Atari. I have 2 Astrocades now!
  8. I used to collect everything with a leaning towards Sega. I've had a complete US Saturn set a couple times and a complete 32x set once. I have 6 arcade cabinets that I still buy boards for and support homebrews here & there. I'm selling/have sold a lot mainly for rooms sake.
  9. First I've checked in in a while. SainT take all the time in the world and IF you decide to continue that's cool. Your health and happiness are your top priorities. Bless you brother!
  10. Somehow I wasn't getting to the reset, scanlines, pal/ntsc, etc screen before. I was doing what you said but it now works so I do appreciate the help!
  11. I transferred games from my Atarimax cartridge onto the sd card with no problems. The games on my Harmony cart that I've transferred are giving me an Unrecognized file type error. Does anyone have any suggestions? The latest cores are loaded.
  12. Mutant League Football for the Genesis is fun.
  13. syn

    Opcode 2019

    Brazil is an interesting choice! I'm not sure of the Colecovision base there but Brazilian produced is awesome to get a foothold there if not. We all know gaming there is strong and the Phoenix sd ability would go over well.
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