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  1. Mutant League Football for the Genesis is fun.
  2. syn

    Opcode 2019

    Brazil is an interesting choice! I'm not sure of the Colecovision base there but Brazilian produced is awesome to get a foothold there if not. We all know gaming there is strong and the Phoenix sd ability would go over well.
  3. Just another club member saying thanks to retroillucid/Collectorvision!
  4. Subscribed. Very interested!
  5. Well I bought an "untested" Inty 2 with controllers and everything works great. Sometimes items really are untested. Bought it for the controllers since I already have a backup console.
  6. The only reason to limit the number is for those who value having one of the 100 games. The gamer thinks the more the merrier.
  7. syn

    Opcode 2019

    Moon Patrol Zaxxon Donkey Kong jr Elevator Action
  8. I would have zero issues with it. You know what you can handle new game wise so have at it!
  9. After liking how the clubs were handled, I just preordered a system, cart and controller. That and the comparison shot above.
  10. I included my number 53 but didn't think to put my nick (here). Is that okay? I can obviously pm all the info I put on the form if necessary, confirmation #, yada yadda. thanks again for this club, probably going to pickup the intellevision club too!
  11. Not sure what's confusing???
  12. See I don't and I don't download games with active makers. This allows me to check out games and support CollectorVision so it's a win-win. Plus who doesn't want a physical copy of their favorites, increasing the likelihood of additional purchases! Thanks for doing this CV, it's an awesome way of getting your games out there beyond normal means.
  13. These carts puts more roms in the hands of players. A lot of them will decide they want a physical copy of whatever game. Game prices have not gone down for most of the desirable titles on any system a multi is available for. There would've been tons of threads devoted to that subject if it were true. madman wins!
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