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  1. Ive tried Google, looked at schematics, I know the part number 0089 0115 but can't find a replacement. Let me add, I'm technically color blind so I don't know the resistor values. Can someone link me to the part I need to order? This is a last resort as I really have looked but I don't know the key words for Google to help me. I had two working Intellivision 2s and ordered power supplies off Ebay. I plugged it in 1 the light came on so I turned it off and plugged it in the second. The light came on and immediately went off. I plugged it in the first again and it was dead too. If I jump the fuse they both work. It doesn't make sense that the power supply would cause the fuse to go, something in the console would have to be drawing to much power blowing the fuse right? Either way I need to replace the fuse in each.
  2. Did you make a video by chance?
  3. 2019 too unless it sold. What are you going to do? They won't be able to buy directly from Collectorvision anymore. That's all they can do.
  4. So excited for this and it's a must buy! I have a pause button on my CV and it's obviously handy. Whether it's a phone call, knock at the door or my dog wanting outside/in, there are times life gets in the way of gaming.
  5. I prefer AA rechargeable batteries. Just a few seconds of downtime switching batteries vs putting the controller on a charger or playing with the cable attached. I use a ps4 controller with my ps mini and it seems like the controller is always low or dead (it's not, works fine).
  6. Mine arrived today. Kind of interested in the game. I hardly played it at the arcades so sitting down with it and really giving it a go to see if I change my mind about it.
  7. With the world pretty much shutdown there's nothing to update, lol
  8. The 2020 club might be more interested.
  9. Or it could give him an idea on what to work on next.
  10. That's cool and if it were me, I'd be very grateful. Part of taking care of the community and the reason I'm buying from/supporting Collectorvision. If this is your first time in the club I get wanting in the vault asap (it'll be worth the delay) so give them the extra time.
  11. Even though it wasn't mentioned in that particular thread it was stated about the sale of the other secret club game. It's pretty obvious it would apply to the other. Exploiting the technicality, combined with the starting bid is not exactly supporting the community.
  12. I did rejoin for 2020, sold some gaming stuff I don't use to get some games I will use.
  13. Honestly, the best set is the one you find with the inputs you prefer. I'm using a 27" Toshiba that I paid $10 for. Couldn't be happier, bang for the buck and all that.
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