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  1. 1 hour ago, MMarcoux66 said:

    In another thread Retroillucid said "We have been asked to wait till the end of this week, a few people were waiting after their pay check "

    That's cool and if it were me, I'd be very grateful. Part of taking care of the community and the reason I'm buying from/supporting Collectorvision. If this is your first time in the club I get wanting in the vault asap (it'll be worth the delay) so give them the extra time. 

  2. Even though it wasn't mentioned in that particular thread it was stated about the sale of the other secret club game. It's pretty obvious it would apply to the other. Exploiting the technicality, combined with the starting bid is not exactly supporting the community. 

  3. Mat Mania or Mania Challenge or similar game 


    Zoo Keeper


    Updated Omega Race with different layouts and bonus levels like Scramble sections 


    A Gorf like game with levels from different games. Like 1 Donkey Kong level 1, 2 DK jr level 3, 3 Mario Bros level?, 4 regular Mario Bros level 2, 5 a level you design. 


  4. I used to collect everything with a leaning towards Sega. I've had a complete US Saturn set a couple times and a complete 32x set once. I have 6 arcade cabinets that I still buy boards for and support homebrews here & there. 


    I'm selling/have sold a lot mainly for rooms sake.

  5. Brazil is an interesting choice! I'm not sure of the Colecovision base there but Brazilian produced is awesome to get a foothold there if not.


    We all know gaming there is strong and the Phoenix sd ability would go over well.

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