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  1. No but I bought myself a new tv, xrgb 3 and a mini so they're gaming related.
  2. syn

    NOX / Death Chase

    Mine arrived today! Looking forward to some Death Chase in a little bit.
  3. I would like to be add to the pk list.
  4. He's still making Lynx carts so it shouldn't be a limited run. The Lynx carts are sold through the forums so the Jag carts should be too.
  5. I've received your notice of the deposit being paid, can't wait.
  6. I never ordered from Best until a month ago. I ordered 2 keyboards and three dust covers with no problems. Brad seemed like a good guy. It's sad to read others had a different experience.
  7. Best Electronics still has some as I bought one last Friday. It arrived on Monday. I plan on giving the one I replaced a thorough going over...sometime. Lots of dead keys on it.
  8. syn

    7800 XM update

    Just looking at 2 7800 projects it appears there were many 7800 revisions. Getting the 7800 projects working on every revision is holding things up I think. At least with the Concerto that seems to be the case. It doesn't seem like to far of a stretch to compare them and their issues.
  9. I have a spot, I just need to get it working. Thanks btw. EDIT
  10. I'm not familiar with what you're saying (mobo I know mother board but where ). That's why I'm looking for a picture really. I can copy it that way. I need a Installation for Dummies guide;)
  11. RISE FROM THE GRAVE! I set mine up as shown in the pic...I think, but I'm getting a powering up flash then a black screen. My soldering truly sucks and here's some pics to prove it. The blobs are only making contact where I intended irl. When I put the original chips back it works normally. Not sure what to try next. I seen some people went off the edge of the pbi. I just can't find a detailed pic. I've tried the ribbon connections in different combinations.
  12. I am as well. I'm definitely interested in the (hopefully) next run. The Harmony is amazing and your dedication to making it (Concerto) perfect batari is appreciated. Above all else, take care of yourself.
  13. I sent a pm for an 800xl if still available.
  14. My stick arrived and it's awesome! It feels solid and well made. If there's any left, get one! You will not regret it.
  15. With someone else I waited a year and a half for a project. That involved a natural disaster and the modder having to move. There's no excuse for five years without a coma being involved. Just a newb's two cents.
  16. A friendly bump since the other sold out thread is still getting inquiries.
  17. Moon Cresta with a few other titles. I have a cart from the store but I tried the MC hack. I was playing my best game ever until I realized the hack made you invincible...damn, lol. I was so disappointed.
  18. I will. EDIT: I switched from IE to Chrome and it worked! Thanks for your suggestion! Also, I had to redo the regedit but my cart has the games I was missing now.
  19. Hopefully one of you guys can answer this. When I use the 7800 converter at Juan's site, the file I get back is 0 bytes. Is that right?
  20. The regedit route fixed it. A huge thank you for your help! I have loaded a few games.
  21. I think I found my answer. New problem, my Windows 10 is adding files so I only have 64kb usable...lovely, aaARRGH! Edit I've gotten it to 128 usable but nothing booting. Even though I didn't mess with A,B,1 or 2, the two games aren't loading now.
  22. My card arrived and as I was checking the roms included (to make sure the cart is working) only two work, Ace of Aces and Choplifter. When checking for others I'll sometimes get the Atari splash screen then various squares. Nothing looks like a game or NTSC/PAL screen rolling. Is that normal? I'm going to check the Vectrex cart I ordered.
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