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  1. I found one on eBay but passed since it was $20+. I have a Ball Blazer cart and was going to check some local computer repair places next.
  2. It's funny seeing the right hand love. The first arcade games usually offered buttons on either side of the joystick so I was a right handed player. Games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc forced a change. Man I had my ass handed to me for so long...by kids far too often. Never really got my timing right for fighters...
  3. My cart arrived today! It's easy to set up and use. No problems using the reset to main menu with my Intellivision II. I read a slight concern about that and wanted to mention it in case it was holding anyone back from ordering. The first post offers ordering information.
  4. Wow, were you right. It had potential but the game play...yuck!
  5. I'm in but I want all your projects! Don't forget to vote everyone! It's fine to say you want one, voting gives him a easier way to gauge interest.
  6. syn


    I joked about having a glass coffin made so I could take my collection and have it displayed. That was a few years ago.
  7. I don't know about most of you guys but I get spare consoles (accidents happen unfortunately) just incase something like this occurs. I'd sure take the chance as the odds on in your favor.
  8. The 2600 was my first. My stepmother bought her son a Pong game but I rarely got to play it. I beat him twice in a row so he wouldn't play me anymore.
  9. Edited lead sentence, Problems with Yurkie. On 7-22 he said "I have your Colecovision finished." On 8-9 "Sorry I have been super busy. I will get it out to you in the next day or two." On 8-29 "I'll ship it tomorrow when I get home" On 8-31 "Priority (tracking number)" He can't drop it off at the postoffice apparently. I really hope I get my system back based on his customer service. If I were to every use him again, I'd ask a lot of questions to make sure he can do the mods in a timely fashion. I was so excited for this...very disappointing so far. EDIT 9-17 My console arrived and I'm very pleased with Yurkie's work. The mods look good on the screen and on the console itself, very professional job. Another member contacted me saying he was going through the same thing with Yurkie while I was. I think it was just a series of unfortunate circumstances that happened to the both of us and nothing intentional...it happens. I still felt it should be mentioned.
  10. I'm looking forward to checking this out!....waiting for it to finish downloading. EDIT WOW, this is now a must have to me
  11. I'm in the process of ordering one of these (and the Vectrex multi) right now. Looking forward to adding both and can't wait. Edit Thanks for that link Trebor!!!
  12. i voted other. I own a few CRTs and a lcd but will play consoles on any of the sets. Most of my old systems are modded with composite, s-video, component or VGA and look different on any set I use than I remember, lol. I just haven't encountered a game that would help me choose a preference.
  13. syn

    NOX / Death Chase

    I played Death Race a few times back in the day so Death Chase is a more than welcome addition to my collection.
  14. 1978 from Highland Appliance, a heavy sixer iirc. My birthday is in September so I conned my father into doing a b day/Christmas gift. I ended up playing more at a friend's house since I hardly had any games. His dad liked playing so they always seemed to have new games.
  15. I have a light sixer and a flashback 2 with a cart slot. I also have a 7800 and a 2600 expansion module for a Colecovision. I'm hopefully getting my modded Colecovision back soon. My 7800 is also out being modded.
  16. My girlfriend got a good laugh out of it. It plays well.
  17. $17.95 shipped for a new Mat Mania Challenge. I own the arcade versions and wanted to try the 7800s offering.
  18. I love how "cnut" is complimentary down under. I intentionally mispelled it since the rest of the world has an issue it.
  19. You'll probably want to try sending a pm too. Last I heard from him, he's really busy atm.
  20. That's why I mentioned shipping a boxed MS (& OG Gameboy). I do think those sellers are charging too much, it just isn't outrageous.
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