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  1. USPS was requested so it was that price for Priority Mail or $250 for Global Express.
  2. I just shipped a boxed Master System to Canada and it was $69.85. From MI to BC.
  3. I'd rather sell or trade to another forum member at a lower price. Usually it's going to a fellow gamer or modder who'll breathe new life into the system. There are exceptions if an item commands a ludicrous price. Even that can be nothing but bs.
  4. I had a bundle in the market place last night.
  5. It depends on where you're looking.
  6. I have a boxed Memory Card (missing instructions) and 4 complete games. Dragon's Lair (disc has one little blemish), Myst (a couple light scratches on disc), Baldies (some light scratches and Highlander (disc mint). The boxes show wear whether it's a wrinkle or bowing of the cardboard box. Asking $130+pp fee shipped in the US only. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD I have a Jaguar, Jaguar CD, power supplies, composite cable, 2 controllers, memory cartridge, Cyber Morph cart only, Wolfenstein 3D 9cart, manual and overlay), Vid Grid (many light scratches), Blue Lightning (some scratches, missing overlay), Iron Soldier 2 (loose disc) and I have the manuals for the Jag & CD. The Jag has a little blemish (see pic) while the Jag CD is in really nice shape (mint?). The open latch is a little sticky on the Jag CD but that's no big deal. Asking price $350+PP fee priority shipped in the US only. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have feedback as synbiosfan at both Game Gavel and Neo_Geo.com http://www.neo-geo.com/forums/itrader.php?u=30321 http://www.gamegavel.com/display_ratings.cgi?view_user=synbiosfan Feel free to ask any questions! Thanks for looking!
  7. I have been playing the heck out of my 5200 thanks to my Ultimate SD. My trak ball arrived too. Good times! It's been fun hunting down games to load. I like how games like Popeye have been improved. I've learned, well caught a glimpse of what an awesome community you guys have built.
  8. I already have it and agree! I'm expecting an Ultimate SD cart any day so I'll be exploring the 5200 library for a bit.
  9. I picked up Robotron the other day and it's awesome! I have the two controller holder and it's bringing back fond memories of when I bought Robotron for my 1200XL. The plastic controller holder was pretty fragile looking back (home computer tray).
  10. I recently picked up Gorf and found it harder than expected. Glad I wasn't the only one. I will try it with a trak ball soon. Helpful thread.
  11. Well this thread has saved me some cash. Not that I know of any local stores with 5200 games. Thanks for the link sramirez2008!
  12. Playing Mario Kart 7 and MK DS a lot. For whatever reason I've found myself with a bunch of 10 - 20 minute down time periods. The MK games are great for killing the time.
  13. I've noticed the opposite happening with othrr systems. People are trying more games and seem to want a physical copy of their new favorite.
  14. No worries, I made fun of the theft myself. I bought it at Game Stop when they were dumping their 16 bit stuff, had it for two years, so 2006ish. I was the last customer, set ot on the counter to pay and left it there. Next morning, I went back and they let me in early but it was gone. It was on the security cam that showed it until it shut off. Most likely the cleaning crew but who knows? I had Gunstar Heroes in it to make matters worse.
  15. I love my Lynx, Nomad, Turbo Express, GameGear and Nintendo handhelds. Funny thing is, I play them at home. I made the mistake of leaving a Nomad alone for a second at a dealership and it wandered off.
  16. Yeah, no particular reason. I felt like we just talked about the same thing over and over. My must keeps to stay on topic. AvsP Super Burnout Doom Wolfenstein 3D Tempest 2000 My jag collection is small so I'm looking forward to SainT's sd card in the future.
  17. I'm going to be trimming down my Jag collection soon. I never play my CD games but do play AvsP, Tempest 2000, etc. @NGN nice to see you're here.
  18. All I can say is great news travels fast! I heard about this on a couple other forums and it was one of the reasons I joined. Please add me to the list with case. A PM has been sent. Kudos to SainT for coming up with this and making it happen!
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