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  1. New consoles added. I just found a huge amount of games that I didn't know about. Those will be incoming tomorrow.
  2. That would be pre-2015. It has a USB mini plug. Non removable IC.
  3. Would absolutely do business again. Solid citizen.
  4. Great member to deal with. Super quick payment.
  5. Solid member. Great to do business with!
  6. Sold pending funds. More stuff to be listed today.
  7. Still for sale. Price lowered to $150 + shipping.
  8. If I'm way off on price, make an offer.
  9. SOLD! Hey all. I've just moved and I'm slimming down my collection. I found this old CDX that I bought years ago in a second hand store. It has some scratches. It includes an aftermarket power supply and an aftermarket composite video cable. I just tested it today and it plays cartridges just fine, I tested it with an Everdrive. Unfortunately it doesn't play discs. I didn't have any original Sega CD games so I burned one to test it and it wouldn't boot. I used an emulator on my PC and the CDR played just fine. This seems to be a pretty common problem with the CDX, it probably needs a replacement laser. The part number is SF-C93AQ. People have had luck changing it out. *UPDATE I just played Sewer Shark and Rebel Assault. The CD drive mysteriously started working again.* Oh and the previous owner trimmed the cartridge slot to allow Megadrive games. Not the prettiest job. It's kinda hard to say what it's worth. People on Ebay want a million dollars for them. I'm thinking $200 plus shipping. If you think it's high, make me an offer. (I've got a ton of feedback on Ebay, PM me and I'll send you the Ebay username if you want.)
  10. I can't recommend Bratwurst enough. He is honest and meticulous. I contacted Bratwurst to recap a Game Gear. Turned out it was a lot more serious than that. He laid out several options for me and we ended up going with a McWIll LCD swap. He had never done one before and it came out absolutely perfectly. The screen is beautiful. He provided me with pictures of the process and screenshots of it in use. While he had the Game Gear I also asked if he would AV mod my Atari 2600. Once again this was a mod he'd never done before and it came out great. I couldn't have been happier with his service. His communication is great, his workmanship is impeccable, his prices are reasonable and he packages the items really well. It was a great experience.
  11. Put me down for one with a case, please! This forced me to finally actually create an account here. I've lurked forever but never bothered to register. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this project.
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