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  1. Glad to be here! I'd found the post you referenced, but that's where I started discovering the 32k requirement.... Seems like most of them are 32k.... I read something about an EA5 conversion making a 16k image require 32k, but I'm not yet familiar with the various image versions, so that's why I'm here!
  2. Greetings Members! I've recently purchased a TI99/4A as it was my very first computer. I've ordered, built and tested the FlashROM99 board. My issue now seems to be locating images that will run on a stock 16k 4A. I've searched through multiple threads via the Google and on this forum, and everything seems to be for 4A's with the 32k add-on. Any advice/pointers toward a repository of 16k compatible images? So far the only one I've been able to locate is PitFall. I remember running TI Invaders, Car Wars, Munchman, Tombstone City, etc., on my stock TI when I was a kid. Thanks in advance.
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