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  1. That is a great idea! I do have the original, but I have another copy as well and probably mixed them up by now.
  2. Found the pictures of the Astrosmash offer on your thread above so I am leaning toward 1981 since I don't see my dad trying to remove that sticker. Lol. Thanks again
  3. Thanks! Sorry I did not see that thread. So it looks like it was Christmas of 1981 or 1982 for me if the Star Strike date is good on Intellivision lives. Astrosmash was one of the original 29 carts I had as a kid, so it could have been part of the mail in offer without my dad and mom telling me. (; I just remembered getting Triple Action (came out Oct of 1981) with Star Strike and the pack-in that first Christmas.
  4. One more Upgrade to the Ultimate Flashback!
  5. Get CIB copies of my original 29 games I had as a kid.
  6. I received my system for Christmas with Las Vegas poker and blackjack as the pack-in game. I am pretty sure I also received Star Strike that first Christmas as well. According to intellivision lives Star Strike came out on December 22, 1981. So it was 1981 or later. At some point Astrosmash became the pack in. Does anyone know by what Christmas the pack in was changed?
  7. Here's a link to the adapters. Great product http://intellivisionaries.com/flashback/
  8. Inty II would be my vote. Love the Inty 1 but Been though a couple and they died or had iffy video. My Inty II output looks great. Use the flashback controller with Paul adapter and its perfect. What extra functions will we get with the xpander?
  9. Very sad news, he will be missed for sure. Praying for his family and everyone who was close to him. I did not know him but listening to the podcast made me feel like I did. Thanks for sharing Kieth with us clearly he was a great guy!
  10. Just ordered the LTO Flash from Level up Games. Can't wait for it to come, thanks so much to everyone who worked on this project! http://www.levelupvideogames.com/
  11. Just got it installed and ROMS imported on windows 10 no errors or problems that I could see. Thanks!
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