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  1. shining slade

    WTB NES Games

    I have a bunch of loose carts. See anything here you like? Oops, I guess the photo didn't attach, trying to post from my phone.
  2. shining slade

    [no more]

    I have some of these available, are you still looking? CIB or cart only?
  3. I am bumping this again as I am now trying to raise money due to divorce. Please PM me if interested in anything. I will get back to you as quick as I can.
  4. I have a bunch of new sealed GBA games. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/124887-fssealed-gbadspspxboxxbox360gamecubewiips1ps2ps3-games/
  5. Guess not?? You don't come across some of these very often!
  6. I have a few rares CIB, Just wondering if anyone here has interest before I list them on ebay. Pocky & Rocky Pocky & Rocky 2 Ghoul Patrol Lufia Lufia II possibly some others. Need to raise some quick cash & these will NOT be cheap. PM or reply to this post if interested.
  7. PS2 has now been updated, all lists are current! PM away if anything is of interest!!
  8. Lots of new additions to the GBA list! All that's left to update is PS2!! All PM's have been replied to thus far.
  9. OK, so I've been away from AA for a long while. Is this game going to be released in cart format? If so I'd like one.
  10. I have all of them sealed except the GBA SP, but I doubt you want to pay sealed game pricing. If interested lmk.
  11. Another update, added more PS3, Xbox 360 & found a few more Xbox games that were not on the list. I'll be tackling PS2 & GBA later this week which should be all that's left, then everything will be current.
  12. I've added a bunch of new games to the list for Wii, PSP, DS, & 3DS. All new additions are in BLUE. I'll be updating the Xbox, PS2, & 360 lists later, GBA will be next probably in a few days, then all will be updated to what I currently have.
  13. You do realize that your posting on the public post & not PM'ing me right? lol Check your inbox!
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