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  1. Starplex has been sold. I'm kind of surprised no one has commented on the flight controller? I thought it may be a scarce item.
  2. I do check my PM's often, problem is I can't reply from my droid! Anyway, I apologize for not getting back to anyone. There was this thing called Irene that kinda knocked my internet/cable service out!! I'm back now though! Gorfcadet's stuff should be arriving any day now, Mr.Atari1has a PM waiting for him.
  3. Hey all, I'm not too sure what game/games this was used for therefore it's untested. I have no idea what it's worth so I'll take offers on it. The Starplex controller works. PM me if interested Starplex Controller is SOLD!
  4. The following are SOLD & shipped: air sea battle basketball bowling brain games breakout canyon bomber casino golf haunted house home run human cannonball outlaw slot racers space war street racer surround super breakout video chess video olympics
  5. Talk about an overdue bump to a real old thread!
  6. I want these gone, this box has been kicking around long enough!! PM me if interested in anything
  7. Hey now, You didn't remove the ones you're getting from me! lol
  8. Updated with pending deals, I have more carts to add so look for them in the next few days
  9. Hello all, been awhile since I've posted anything for sale. Here's a group of games that you don't see very often. Some more rare than others, PM me if interested. All prices include 1st class shipping in the US. $4 Super Cobra $8 Gyruss ON HOLD $3 Fast Eddie $12 Laser Volley $13 Mr. Do! $10 Pigs In Space $5 Bermuda Triangle $7 Worm Wor I $3 Turmoil $15 Pooyan ON HOLD $3 Buck Rogers $6 Challenge Of Nexar (Spectravision) $5 Deadly Duck $8 Pitfall -Blue Label $6 Robot Tank -Blue Label ON HOLD $17 I Want My Mommy ON HOLD New carts added 8/24, $1/rarity rating unless otherwise priced: Barnstorming Crackpots Dolphin Freeway Frostbite Laser Blast Seaquest Skiing x2 Titlematch Pro Wrestling ON HOLD California Games x2 Summer Games Commando Raid Sneak'n Peek Donkey Kong Zaxxon Planet Patrol Blueprint x2 Fire Fly Star Fox ON HOLD Space Cavern Spacechase Solaris Realsports Boxing ON HOLD Midnight Magic x4 Jr. Pac Man Off The Wall -PAL $50 Gravitar -Silver PENDING $3 Warplock PENDING $3 Sky Skipper SOLD $5 Flash Gordon SOLD $ Obelix NTSC SOLD $20 Tanks But No Tanks SOLD $15 Spy Hunter SOLD $5 Star Trek SOLD $10 Laser Gates SOLD $10 Tunnel Runner SOLD $25 Rubik's Cube SOLD
  10. Whitewood playfield photo has been released!
  11. I have a few that I'd like to move, reply here if interested & I'll post a photo of what I have
  12. Came across this while browsing craigslist, thought someone might be interested It's in Annville, PA My link
  13. I had a couple floating around somewhere I'll try & locate them & get back to you.
  14. So, is anyone here buying this game? I for one am excited & can't wait until it's made! Here's a link to info on it: WOZ With that being said, I need to start selling off my atari collection to help cover the cost.
  15. I have one, I'll PM you a photo
  16. I have an Illusion Of Gaia w/manual if interested, PM me.
  17. I have these SNES all loose if interested: $7 Aero The Acrobat $15 Donkey Kong Country (w/guide $20) $5 Pink Goes Hollywood $10 Romance Of The Three Kingdoms IV Wall Of Fire $15 Super Mario Kart $5 Super Mario World $8 X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse $5 Yoshi's Cookie All prices include shipping! Take all for $60 shipped
  18. loose or CIB? I have a bunch of spare loose carts with manuals.
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