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  1. I have a bunch of spare common carts I'm looking to sell. PM me a list of what you're looking for & I'll check and see what I have.
  2. Just curious as to what cart/carts everyone is looking for & how long you have been looking for it?
  3. Hershey Park has one if you happen to be going there. lol Now on to my list. I own 22 pins & 2 arcade games. The arcade games I have...a mini cabaret Pacman machine which has been converted to a 48 in 1 machine & a dedicated Pigskin 621 A.D. machine. As for the pinballs... My Pinball Collection And back glass photos of my machines Here Cheapest game I have bought is a Meteor for $100, most expensive game I bought was Junkyard for $1800
  4. I don't see where you are getting that there is a lot of demand for it. It is apparently pretty rare, but only a handful of hardcore variant collectors are probably interested. If you are looking to sell you should contact the Ebay seller and try to find out who is the 2nd highest bidder. Well I should have said, I didn't realize there were a couple of people on here looking for it. It is a part of my collection so I'm not really looking to sell it, but if I got a nice offer I'd let it go as I am not hardcore collecting like I used to. I also checked my white labels & I am missing Frogs & Flies too along with Space Attack, I have the rest of them. I did see a white label Space Attack on ebay once so I know it's out there
  5. Hmm, I did not know that this Deadly Duck variant was in such demand. I have one that I could part with... I also have some INTV white label carts which I'll let go as well. Now I have not looked at these in awhile so I forget how many of them I have. I'm going to check them out now!
  6. Check your local Toys R Us. I saw some at one of the TRU's around me but I'll be damned if I can remember which location It was still $30 though...
  7. I have several of these that you're looking for: Cosmic Corridor I want My Mommy Exocet Spacechase Blue Time Warp Zellers I have a lot more but I'm unsure if I want to break up my collection. What I listed above are all spares. PM me an offer if you want any or all & if you'd like photos.
  8. I have Biohazard Battle CIB. PM me an offer
  9. I have a spare cart only Adventures Of Tron & a Tron joystick. PM me an offer
  10. That's exactly what it is, but I'm not sure how it happened. I originally had posted it as a text list & now I go to edit it & this is how I found it. Has there been a glitch on AA? My question is Can I easily fix it without deleting the whole post or going through & removing all the code? That will really be time consuming.
  11. Hey, does anyone know why my original post looks like this now? Is there an easy fix?
  12. Some of those Atari Corp carts look familiar I have that Night Driver cart you're looking for & I also have Xbox stuff & Ico CIB. Pm me if interested & we'll wheel & deal
  13. I'd like Fatal Run but would rather trade for it. Do you have any interest in newer generation games? I have a lot to offer. LMK
  14. I'll give you $6.00 shipped Save your $6, I may have a nicer one kicking around. ;)
  15. I added a price. $22.00 shipped to your door Way too much considering the label condition. Be lucky if you get $10 for it if that.
  16. Hey all, just wondering if anyone would be interested in these? I'm not sure what to price them at but I know they are a little tough to find: Artillery Duel It's Only Rock 'N Roll Word Feud Jungle Hunt These are untested as of now, but I can test them if you'd like. I'll take decent offers, PM or reply here if interested
  17. I have Kid Icarus, Tetris & possibly Battletoads, have to check on the latter. PM me if you are interested.
  18. These are still available if anyone is looking for them. Buy all 3 & I'll cut a sweet deal.
  19. Just added more GBA games...about tripled what was previously listed PM if interested. I will respond with prices.
  20. Added yet more Xbox titles & some PS2 as well. More Ps2 to be added shortly!
  21. Well I have not had a problem with others being interested in what I have. The list is so large that it would take me forever to list prices. If someone really wants something, they'll ask. Ianoid purchased a hell of a lot of Xbox games from me at pretty cheap prices. That being said, I do know what is rare & what is not however values go up & down all the time so I like to stay comparable to the current values on them. I'm not saying I want ebay/amazon prices but I'm not going to give away anything either.
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