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  1. List has been updated. New additions for Xbox, DS, PS3, and I removed the titles that have been sold. I did have multiple copies on some of them so some titles are still available. Ian took a large chunk of Xbox games but as you can see by the updated list I still have a lot available. His second shipment is going out tomorrow. Please feel confident in dealing with me, I can get stuff shipped out by Monday or Tuesday next week as I have both days off. I am leaving for vacation on the 13th though so any orders not finalized before then will have to wait until I return on the 22nd.
  2. All SNES manuals are pending payment. Stingray2772 I still have your MK manual.
  3. Bumping, I want to get rid of the NES manuals, posted a price for all of them.
  4. He is partially correct, I have been very busy with work...However I am not a scammer which quite a few of you here on the forum can attest to as I have dealt with many of you in the past. Sometimes I get myself overwhelmed by trying to do too many things at once which was the case here. I had stuff listed on ebay, here, & DP. Combine all of that with working 40+ hrs. at work every week & having a 6 year old son to pay attention to & that leaves very little time. I do have 650+ postive feedback on ebay & a pretty good rep here (at least I thought). Anyway Ian's games have been shipped which he should be receiving today. I was trying to raise as much cash as possible before May 4th & since that date has come & gone I can now focus on any deals here. I do not have anything listed on ebay at the moment either so go ahead & make me an offer on stuff. I still am working OT at work but I only have stuff posted here at the moment. I do have a pending deal for a lot of PS2 games through email right now but other than that I have most of this stuff still available. (minus some of the XBOX titles that Ian purchased) I do admit I have been MIA from AA for a little bit so smack my hand & get it over with. I'm ready for offers. Jeff Edit: I have also replied to a couple of PM's that were sent. Please feel confident in dealing with me, I can get games shipped tomorrow if anyone wants to purchase today.
  5. I have a couple available, what are these going for these days? Sorry, I've been out of the loop on 7800 stuff as of late. If there is any interest I'll post more details.
  6. There are quite a few Xbox games on HOLD at the moment...way too many to mark above at this time. If you want something please ask or send me a PM soon as the Xbox titles will soon almost be cut in half!
  7. Another update! Added more DS, PS3, & Xbox games. I'll be adding more PS2, GBA games later. As usual, PM me if anything catches your eye
  8. Added a lot more Xbox titles! Ianoid- I'll be contacting you shortly, either late tonight or tomorrow evening. PM me if interested.
  9. They are the 2600 joysticks. I'll test them thursday & let you know how they work.
  10. Not sure what these are worth these days. Any ideas? I have 3 loose ones that I have yet to test.
  11. MAO? Not sure what that means...Pretty sure it was intended to mean "Make An Offer". Figured that out after I asked! lol Anyway, all PM's have been replied to. Buy 5 or more & I'll pay for shipping. Will consider offers until I have time to add prices...which will probably be awhile since I don't have a lot of spare time right now.
  12. MAO? Not sure what that means...it's taking long enough to make the list, I'll negotiate prices when people show interest in what they want. Just PM me with what you're interested in & we'll go from there. I will consider discounts with multiple games bought.
  13. Big BUMP for big list of games added. I'll be adding more Xbox & GBA later
  14. ^PM replied & updated status on a few games. I'll be adding a few CIB Data Age titles & Apollo next.
  15. Added some CIB games. PM offers as I'm kind of unsure about CIB values.
  16. ^Actually I probably will not be pursuing getting them back, I have most of them already in Atari form so I'm just trimming the collection back a little. I rarely have time to play games anymore anyway & I mainly was collecting them so my son could see what we played when we were young. He's almost 6 & was playing Jr. Pacman last night Anyway I was also at the point where most games that I don't have were going to start costing me big bucks so the time has come to let some of the collection go. I may be letting my 2600 CIB stuff go next. I have almost all Activison, some Imagic, Data Age, & most of the Atari commons CIB among a few others. Keep looking at my posts for updates! PS: As soon as someone buys that Exocet cart I'll be changing that thread to something else...
  17. Sold him some atari carts, very smooth deal, would love to deal with again!
  18. OK, I'm kind of out of the loop when it comes to CIB values so PM me if interested All are 2600 unless specified. Here's a list of what I've got. Klax -Sealed (Plastic has a slit in the back as shown in the photo) Joust -Sealed 7800 Centipede -Sealed 7800 -NOT PICTURED Hat Trick -Sealed 7800 -NOT PICTURED Turmoil -CIB Kung Fu Superkicks -CIB Telegames Adventure's On GX-12 -CIB Telegames (I believe this is PAL, it's basically a brand new game, just not sealed) ON HOLD Basketball -CIB Sears Video Chess -CIB Sears SOLD Burgertime -CIB M Network ON HOLD
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