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  1. I've sold 3 within the past 3 weeks for at least $10 bucks apiece. Each one had a manual and one was complete in the box(which sold slightly higher) Just curious as to why it's going for that much as it is a real common game. (Not that I'm complaining!)
  2. This was one game that I did purchase from K Bee back in the day. I think I got it for $10 or $15 bucks. Dmaned if I know where the box went though! I think I may still have it in storage somewhere at my parents house but it's not turned up yet. I did find a whole slew of manuals that I had from years ago though. Sir Lancelot & Track and Field among them. Also found a bunch of boxes and manuals for some of my 7800 games like Basketbrawl, & Mat mania challenge. I wish I could find the one I had for Titlematch though Maybe someday. By the way I think Basketbrawl should get a boost up in it's rarity rating. I don't see it around much anywhere.
  3. I have been fortuneate enough to find the following in the wild: Rubiks cube, Flag Capture(pic) Defender(86) Tomarc, & a Motocross Racer for Colecovision CIB!! Got that last one for $3.00!! I got Tomarc for $1.00!!! Talk about a steal What I want to know, is where is Sku_u finding Sir Lancelot??? I do not even see that on ebay much! Oh, I think Track & Field is a little tough to come by as well. A few of the Sears Carts that are harder to find are Gunslinger(pic) & Canyon Bomber(pic) Also, I'm not finding very many of the Atari Re-released games of the early originals. Like Flag Capture & that Blackjack that someone on here has. One final note, It took me over 6 years to get Pengo, but that was before I looked on the net. Overall, I think a few of the Sears Pic label games should be bumped up a spot or two on rarity. Anyone else agree?
  4. Yeah, You're right on both notes! But I'm almost to the point where Atari is getting to be a lot of cash as well! And I just remembered that I had found an NTSC Asterix awhile back, & I did not grab it! That was before I really got into collecting though. I do Have a manual for it though.
  5. I guess I was never patient enough to finish it. I'd get pissed off when I was almost at the bottom & I'd get hit by something & end up going all the way back to the last save point. I have played Pitfall all the way through though until I ran out of time!
  6. Hey Dolt where in NY are you?
  7. I've been reading all of these other posts, and it's got me wondering who has what when it comes to carts. with later copyright dates on them? Here is what I've got: Air Sea Battle 87 Basic Programming 86 Basketball 87 Canyon Bomber 88 Casino 86 Circus Atari 86 Concentration*86 Defender*86 Flag Capture 86 Golf 86 Haunted House 86 Home Run 87 Math Gran Prix 87 Othello 86 Pele’s Soccer 86,87 Sky Diver 86 Video Checkers 87 Those are all black label with pics, and here are the silver or gray labels that I've got: Centipede*88 Galaxian 87 Jungle Hunt 87,88 Kangaroo 88 Krull*86 Millipede*87,*88 Moon Patrol 87 Ms. Pac Man 85,*87 Raiders Lost Ark 86 Real. Baseball 87,88 Real. Football 87 Football Real. Soccer 87 Real. Tennis 87 Real. Volleyball 88 Space Invaders*86 Space Invaders 87,88 Stargate 87 The asterisk means I've got the manual. So what do you guys have for the repros?
  8. I've got: King Kong Miner 2049'er Polaris (Green & Blue ends) I just sold an extra King Kong
  9. I saw one at a flea market near me. It's been there for over a month, so it's probably still there. I'll check this coming weekend and let you know.
  10. I think that's one of the hardest games on the system. I've always like the Activision games the best over the rest for the most part. Kaboom gets pretty tough too!
  11. Nope, didn't know they had made that I knew about the text label, but not the pic! I'm almost considering selling my collection actually. I want to start getting into Pinball machines! I have not yet decided for sure.
  12. I just found an Atari Jr. system with about 80 games & a gamecenter at an antique shop for $50!! Tomarc was in the mix! No power supply though
  13. I've got about 28 of them. I seem to be missing Gunslinger & Canyon Bomber. Also I have 3 Baseball text labels with different model numbers on them. Here are the numbers: 8 Baseball 699819 8 Baseball 4975108 8 Baseball 4975125 I noticed that one of them is not listed anywhere on the rarity guide. I also have a picture label of Pong Sports that you guys are missing the cart scan for. Let me know if you want me to email it to you. I've got a few of the other text labels with model numbers that are missing from your list too. Anyone with info on any of these please let me know, Thanks!
  14. I'm new to the forums & this is my first post! I have a list myself because I have so many different label variations. I bring it with me, but I usually walk away to look at it, then go back to make the purchase. There have been a few times where I thought I did not have a specific label & ended up getting one I already had! Anyway, my most recent find was at an online auction I got a huge lot of over 150 games (2600) with the complete system for $150. Some of the games that were in it included: Crash Dive, Death Trap, Shuttle Orbiter, London Blitz, & Demolition Herby to name a few of them. Well worth the money. I turned around & sold about 15 of some others in the lot and made my money back! I've been collecting for Atari for a couple of years now. There are still a few 7800 games that seem to be a little elusive (Mean 18 is the main one that's really hard to get) I'm also having a somewhat hard time finding the repros of the early games. I just got a Pic label of Flag Capture dated 1986 recently for $5. I think I'm going to start a new post because I've a few questions that maybe some of you can answer.
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