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  1. I'm attempting to collect all of the original cartridge releases.
  2. Very true. I also highly doubt that his spam filter is as soup nazi-esque as he is - I mean, as soup nazi-esque as he makes it seem the filter is.
  3. Necrobump - kill me! I placed my first order with Telegames UK, as I recently got a Jaguar, and went with three games, based on my needs: Supercross 3D, Attack of the Mutant Penguins and Troy Aikman Football. Upon unboxing them, Troy Aikman and Supercross were new old stock, as expected, but Mutant Penguins was clearly used, had sticker residue on the front of the box and a sticker on the back of the box, box had a decent amount of scrapes and crushing, etc. I contacted Pete to see how this could happen, and he said that they used to have five video game stores and some of their inventory is ex-rental, but that he didn't think they had any used Mutant Penguins. Keep in mind this wasn't referenced anywhere that I would be getting a used game. He did acknowledge that sending me a used copy was a mistake. I asked for a partial refund, but he said the best he could do would be free shipping on my next order. Far from ideal, as it means I have to make at least one additional purchase, but I took his solution. Fast forward a few days and I'm able to sit down to play some Mutant Penguins. Much to my chagrin, I got the red screen of death (RSOD). This came after a thorough cleaning of the cartridge contacts with isopropyl. Gave it another cleaning. Nothing. Pulled up on the cart slightly in the slot (have seen this suggestion around here). Nothing. Still RSOD each time. I emailed Pete and told him this supposed to be new used copy wasn't working, and that I knew it was a game issue because I recently purchased about 25 other Jag games and all work flawlessly, and asked what he suggested we do about it - exchange for new, etc.? His suggested solution was to keep the dead game (for which I paid £33.32/$41.61) and he would include in my next order a replacement NEW Attack of the Mutant Penguins for £20/$25. Again, not ideal, but still better than alternatives like eBay. I will say that the eBay Money Back Guarantee for buyers has spoiled me, as if this had been an eBay purchase, I would have been refunded in full for my original purchase plus been issued a free return label, but then again, I would be on my own to find a replacement. I suppose I'm offering this story as a cautionary tale of dealing with Telegames UK. I will obviously be making at least one more order, but beyond that I can't make any promises.
  4. Good point! Might wanna edit your Atari 7800 number, however, as there were two: RealSports Baseball and Pete Rose Baseball. The latter was pretty impressive graphically.
  5. Yes Video 61 is primarily software, but sometimes they have things Best/B&C don't have and other times their prices are better. Plus, the free shipping is nice. I bought an SIO cable recently from them, too, and it was half the price of Best, if I recall correctly. I kinda like that "Evolved" joystick with the maroon base - would go well with a 2600 Jr box or some red label games! Kinda cool having fire buttons in both corners, too, for righties and lefties.
  6. This is pretty spot on. I still order from him because his prices are way better than eBay but I totally get how you (and others) could give up on him entirely.
  7. I had the same "cut down your order" demand from Brad last time I ordered, too, about a month ago, and I only had five or six items. I wound up playing the game and splitting my purchase into two orders about a week apart. I, too, didn't understand his logic in the slightest, and chuckled to myself when his email back to me referenced "the Atari shipping department" - most of us know it's just him flying solo, but whatever. I'm sorry you had those issues with him, @Gunstar, and good for you for speaking your mind - I just wouldn't want to lose Best as an option for purchasing stuff, but to each his own. In the words of one of my favorite bands, Motion City Soundtrack, "burning bridges is a form of suicide." 🤨 I've only made one purchase through B&C/myatari and I basically used his eBay listings as the inventory list but then emailed him to place the order. The reason I did that was because he was having a "storefront-wide" sale on eBay (woo!) but due to that, when I went to check out, eBay wouldn't let me request a combined shipping invoice because "this seller is having a sale, and when items are discounted, combined shipping is not permitted." That seemed beyond bizarre to me that eBay had such a policy in place, but he was great via email and gladly honored his sale prices (20% off, I believe) and combined shipping for me and I paid via PayPal. To be honest with you, I may be in the minority on this, but my purchases over the years from Lance at Video61 have probably been the smoothest and most frequent of the three US-based wholesale Atari vendors. He's quick to reply to emails, doesn't do the silly Q&A thing, always provides FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $50, doesn't have minimums to hit to use PayPal (I'm fairly certain about that), his site is always updated, at least in my experience, and I'm consistently a happy customer. So don't sleep on Video61!
  8. Ha! Going off book, I see! I already have all three of those, though. 😎
  9. Fake games these days have better looking labels than the real thing! It's real, for all of the above stated reasons.
  10. Giving this a bump due to edits to the game list, as I've been on a buying spree lately!
  11. Official OEM Atari mice are pretty pricey but just spotted this third party option on eBay that isn't too bad... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F333258508990
  12. B-e-a-utiful! And say what you wish about ShopGoodwill (I have been critical, too) but $47.98 fixed shipping on all of this isn't bad in the slightest... https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/72078940
  13. I know I already mentioned Towers II, but here is an example of one already produced (I didn't want to wait haha). They misspelled it "Flight" instead of "Plight" but that's forgivable. Dino Dudes and Theme Park are two others worth adding. Numbers 1-9 on Dino Dudes reference the ability to call a specific dude, #1, #2, #3, etc. You can see that Theme Park uses the keypad extensively, too. These are slightly embossed, too, and seem to work well.
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