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  1. Congrats! What did you get for it, if you don't mind saying?
  2. The cart labels look great and I'm digging the disclaimer note, too!
  3. Awesome! But I do recall in a recent video you said 50 would be made and then that's it! 😛 Glad to see the demand was there to make more. I got my shipping notification this morning; excited to receive it!
  4. Glad you found your long lost CD-i player! Alas, dead timekeeper and belt issues are expected. Here's a link to a replacement belt. That same seller can replace the timekeeper for you if you wish to send the player to him for a repair, or you could try your hand at replacing it yourself. A guide is here. Cheers.
  5. You're right that there is no subforum for PC-FX or even Turbografx-16/PC Engine, for that matter, as this is the "High Score Club" sub-forum, but there is a Turbografx thread within Classic Console Discussion:
  6. Turmoil 2022 is selling like hotcakes! The physical boxed cartridge release is a limited run of 50 (digital rom is unlimited) and they have already sold more than 30. The clock is ticking...get yours now before it's gone. I just put my money where my mouth is and purchased one 🤑
  7. Looking for a complete in box Demon Attack for Magnavox Odyssey2. It's the last game that I need to complete my CIB collection of US Odyssey2 games. One sold today on eBay for $102.50. The eBay app inexplicably failed to remind me about the auction towards the end like it always has in the past, so I missed out. Doh! If you have one available, please let me know via PM. Would be happy to purchase it from you at an agreed upon price. Thanks!
  8. He bought a Mattel Aquarius computer bundle from me and it was a flawless transaction. Good communication and paid promptly. Don't hesitate to deal with @Alaskaman!
  9. He bought some Intellivision games from me and everything was great. Paid quickly and had excellent communication. Don't hesitate to deal with @eddhell!
  10. Hey Carl, how have things been progressing with this project?
  11. Joe recently bought a NES DVD Player from me for our second transaction, as a while back he purchased a XEGS from me. Both deals went super smoothly, as Joe is a good communicator and paid promptly, etc. Don't hesitate to do business with him.
  12. Interesting, I wouldn't have expected the revised ROM to appear in one of these boxes, which of course is a Bally-branded box with an Astrocade sticker on top, used after the Bally license expired (I believe I had read Bally gave Astrovision/Astrocade one year to use the Bally name). Once Astrovision/Astrocade ran through the Bally-branded boxes, they made the true Astrocade boxes (without any silly stickers), which they used until the end.
  13. Did some housekeeping on this thread and removed all sold items for a cleaner look. Shoot me a note with interest. Thanks!
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