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  1. PMs are great for this kind of stuff 😉
  2. Sorry to hear that, @Atari_Bill. White screen is a better sign than no screen, I think. Have you tried cleaning the cartridge slot? Hey @stupus, got any ideas?
  3. Sure thing...Oh, you're right - I hadn't realized that until you pointed it out! I'll sell the duplicate card on eBay for one million dollars 🤑
  4. Big shout-out to @tanuki and everyone at Côté Gamers and everyone else involved in this release. A+ effort all around! Frozen Fort arrived safely in Pennsylvania, USA. Thank you for supporting the Odyssey2 community!
  5. Giving this a bump. Inventory in first post is current and accurate. Please send me a PM if interested. Already sent @Intelligentleman a PM as he's got first dibs on the printer!
  6. I'm looking to dive into the TurboGrafx-16 scene and figured I'd start with a console and some games. Console can be loose with cables and accessories (no box needed) but I'd prefer complete in box/complete in case on the games. If you're able to put a bundle together for me, even better. Please shoot me a PM if you've got some TG-16 stuff to spare. Thanks!
  7. Lance over at Video61 has some of those 7800 titles new in box: http://www.atarisales.com/7800new.html
  8. Have done business with Nick on a couple of occasions now and have only had positive experiences. Great communication and prompt payments. Don't hesitate to deal with @haunted_ipa_!
  9. @Kai_Magazine have you considered another cartridge manufacturer? Maybe @jaybird3rd would be up to the task? His cartridges for the Mattel Aquarius are great.
  10. fantastic job so far, @Jaden (JRH)! Looks like you already decided to go with the red pump but that would have been my vote, too. I look forward to following your continued progress on this. Keep up the great work!
  11. Yes two options for what you are seeking, a 6-button that is about the same size and form factor as the original OEM 3-button, are the aforementioned Mad Catz controller here, and a Power Pad controller here. Let us know what you wound up with!
  12. Edit: whoops, meant to put this in the "Free" section. If an admin wouldn't mind moving it, I'd appreciate it... Anyone interested in a Robotron 64 reproduction case? I purchased the game cart a while back and it came with this repro case but I don't collect N64 boxes so I'm looking to unload it for free 99. Just pay shipping. Shoot me a PM with interest. Thanks. CLAIMED!
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