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  1. I recently purchased my first Apple IIGS and am hoping to pair it with some IIGS-specific software, primarily games. I know there are options these days for CF cards and other options for running disk images, etc., and I will likely explore some of them, but I would also like to purchase some physical games, as I'm a sucker for manuals and the "real thing" in general when it comes to disks. Going to all this trouble to play on original hardware, might as well get the games in their original format, too, right? If anyone has some games they are looking to part with, I would be very interested in purchasing. I won't be too discriminatory when it comes to disk-only, disk + manual, complete in box, but the more complete, the better. Thank you!
  2. Yeah man. I had an XEGS sell earlier today in even less time than that!
  3. Here we've got an Atari 2600/VCS "Light Sixer" Bundle with 20 games. Everything has been cleaned and tested and works great. Please see the attached pictures for exact condition of all items. In addition to the console itself, you get 20 handpicked games (seven with manuals), an OEM Atari power supply, an OEM Atari CX-40 joystick and an RF adapter so that you can hook up the Atari to a more modern TV without the need for a switchbox (your mileage may vary on the newest TVs); basically everything you need to get gaming immediately. A couple of the Atari Corp. games fit a little snugly in the cart slot but still work just fine. A couple of the games' end labels are coming up a bit on the left corner. Here are the games: Asteroids (with manual) Battlezone Berzerk Combat Crystal Castles (Atari Corp., with manual) Defender Donkey Kong Joust (with Atari Corp. manual) Jungle Hunt (Atari Corp., with manual) Kangaroo (Atari Corp., with manual) Missile Command Pac-Man Pitfall! (with manual) Pole Position (Atari Corp.) Raiders of the Lost Ark (Atari Corp., end label misprint) River Raid (with manual) Space Invaders Tennis Vanguard Yars' Revenge Looking for $100 plus shipping OBO. Please shoot me a PM with any questions or to get a shipping quote. Thanks!
  4. Here we have an Atari XE Game System which has been fully cleaned and tested. The system and all accessories are in great shape, as can be seen from the pictures. Everything passed my tests with flying colors except for the light gun, which surprised me, as this is one of the better condition light guns I've come across - even has the stickers on both sides of the gun, which is quite uncommon. Figured buyers would still want it for completeness and in case they want to tinker with it at all. It registers on a CRT but errantly and often not when I'm pulling the trigger. Beyond that, everything is stellar, and note that it comes with the original cream-colored CX-40 joystick, which are hard to find. OEM power supply - one of the good ones! Composite cables work as they should but be sure to push extra hard to ensure they're pushed in all the way on the XE-side; otherwise, any old composite cables would do if an easier fit is desired. Color doesn't matter on those cords, which I'm guessing most buyers know - just make sure to be consistent with video to video and audio to audio. Flight Simulator II and Bug Hunt are included - the two original pack-in games for this system. Bug Hunt has some of the common "XE rattle" from long since dried bits of hot glue coming loose inside the cart, but it plays fine, as expected. Looking for $100 plus shipping. Please shoot me a PM with any questions and for a shipping quote. Thanks!
  5. Nice! What did it wind up selling for? $125 here or $149.99 on eBay or did you take a "best offer?" I try to keep in the loop on current value of Atari XE games. Cheers.
  6. Also the beige models are all plasticky and just...not nice. Remember, they were significantly cheaper to produce for TI than the original models. Black and silver FTW!
  7. Woah, I see where a recent TI game lot went for $363! Despite the seller highlighting Car Wars, TI Invaders, Soccer, Chisholm Trail and Pacman as the most valuable, I have a feeling it was the three Gamevision carts (Hangman, Connect Four and ZeroZap) that shot this up sky high. Do we think this was a classic overpay or what? https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-TI99-4A-TEXAS-INSTRUMENTS-GAME-CARTRIDGES-COMPUTER-CARTIDGES-MANUALS-/143552132770?hash=item216c5fb6a2%3Ag%3AE88AAOSwq4NeZ9sK&nma=true&si=jzZOU3ZUIIbeMz6MMFeHsHEF8Jc%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  8. Just giving this a bump. List above is continuously updated as items sell. Cheers.
  9. $282 winning bid on the Funware carts. Congrats! Considering I only needed Video Vegas, that was too rich for my blood. Is the winning bidder here on AA?
  10. It's been my experience that people prefer the original black and silver model to the cost-reduced beige model. But YMMV.
  11. This item has been sold on Facebook, outside of eBay due to bizarre shipping estimates. Thank you.
  12. Whaa? That's crazy. eBay determines the shipping, but that's crazy high. I inputted the box dimensions and weight (6 pounds). I know you're West Coast and I'm East Coast but that's very high (it's $20 shipping in and around the Philly area). I'll go ahead and cancel your bid and also look into if there's an errant "0" somewhere in the shipping details. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. I wound up putting this on eBay, along with some higher-resolution pictures. I had trouble figuring out value so I figured a seven-day auction with a $0.99 start price and no reserve would dictate its worth. If interested, feel free to scope it out further at https://www.ebay.com/itm/184203305187. Thanks!
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