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  1. Function key and 1 key combo = delete!
  2. @Duddie box contents look fantastic! I look forward to receiving. Will we get an email when our specific package ships? I saw on this thread that you stated on October 1 that you would be beginning the shipping process the week of October 7, so just curious where we are in the process. Thanks!!
  3. List updated for the first time in a long time!!
  4. Perhaps @Crapahute and/or Toby aka @coleco_master would be interested in offering some tips? The site you linked to above is Crapahute's site and Toby (of ColectorVision fame) prints Crapahute's box designs. Best of luck!
  5. When CPUWIZ gave you auction advice, he didn't mean to retract your existing bid! Sheesh.
  6. Wow, just wanted to say that this is a new delivery record for goods purchased from the UK and shipped to me in the US: sent on Monday and received today, Friday! Incredible. Haven't had a chance to play just yet but the build quality is fantastic and I am already extremely happy with my purchase. @Gummy Bear, you are the man!!
  7. Yes, that one with the ST manual sold on eBay last month. I had a cart-only Eagles Nest that sold here through the Forums in mid-July. I'm a big fan of that game. It's a shame it's hard to come by!
  8. Hey Derek, I know we chatted on Facebook earlier in the week about a few that I had available (Airball XE, BC's Quest for Tires (white label), Blue Max XE, Donkey Kong XE and Donkey Kong Jr. (XE-style cart)) and you mentioned your wife already has most of those, which is great. Last night I came across some additional extras, in case you have interest: 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe Asteroids AtariArtist (silver label) AtariWriter Centipede Crime Buster XE Galaxian Hardball XE Pac-Man Pilot Star Raiders Super Breakout
  9. This is one of my listings and thought I would share here. This is the only value pack console I've ever come across in the wild. I know they have been mentioned a couple times here in the AA forums in the past. In case anyone is looking for one, feel free to take a look at my eBay auction, which ends this coming Tuesday at 11:00pm ET. Would be happy to answer any q's via PM. Thanks for looking!
  10. They're so expensive. Often go for $150-200 on eBay whenever one pops up (not all that often). You sure you need the "double density" aspect that they offer? If not, 1050s are great, more affordable, and frankly - better looking!
  11. Ah gotcha, glad the US has a reasonably high value for that customs rule. Unhappy with most other things associated with the feds these days...
  12. I might be misreading but I've never heard of US buyers paying a duty of any kind on goods purchased internationally, and I certainly have never had to pay a duty personally on foreign purchases (as a US citizen living in the US).
  13. I opted to go the eBay route on this, not for lack of interest. In case you want to bid, here's the link: https://ebay.to/2MqKnA3
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