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  1. The OP posted this on April 17, 2018 and they last visited AtariAge on April 19, 2018. Just a heads up!
  2. The best way to get a good number of Aquarius game files is to download the Virtual Aquarius emulator here. That emulator package includes folders of stocked cartridge games (ROMs) and cassette games (CAQs). For the cassette games, there is a CAQ2WAV conversion utility included with the emulator to convert CAQ files to WAV for play on real Aquarius hardware. YMMV with running WAV files from your computer to the Aquarius via the cassette cable. Some people are able to get it working after a lot of tinkering with audio settings on your PC, while others have all but given up. Think it comes down to your PC and whether you're able to turn off enough of the audio enhancements that wind up garbling the file in Aquarius playback.
  3. Looks like someone (not me) is selling NOS printer paper for the Aquarius... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aquarius-Home-Computer-40-Column-Thermal-Printer-Paper-No-4216-New-in-Package/164711508164?hash=item26599228c4:g:j~wAAOSw0H9gFecF
  4. Wow, BIN? If so, helluva deal. For Fathom (regardless of tray color, of course). EDIT: whoops, Atari copy. Never mind...
  5. Agreed. The white trays happen to be crappy, not because of the color, but because of cheaper plastic.
  6. This is not unique to Intellivision. Take a look at the Pac-Man for Apple II and TI-99/4A, by way of example - they all have the same graphic. Sounds like you've got the French-Canadian version!
  7. Congrats! Looks minty. A suggestion on the Data Recorder: be sure to remove and replace the belt associated with the counter. They are prone to failure due to age and can lead to a sticky mess if you try to run it with an original. Here's an example. "Loom bands" are a cheap replacement that work perfectly. You can get a 500-600 pack of 'em for $4-5 shipped. About 499-599 more bands than you need!
  8. I was wondering the same thing. With many carriers and plans these days (both wireless and landline), they give you unlimited nationwide + Canada whether you want it or not!
  9. I don't have anything to add in regards to which games had the white trays, but good grief were they a cost-cutting measure by Imagic! The white trays, released towards the end of their run of making INTV games, are super thin plastic and tend to break extremely easily. The black trays are far superior.
  10. @Rev how often do you update the database linked on the first post of this thread? I ask because I submitted my Sears Super Video Arcade several months ago but it's still not listed. I know you're a busy guy but wanted to be sure it didn't slip through the cracks. Cheers.
  11. Welcome, Roy! Great to see you around these parts
  12. I've got a spare BurgerTime for Mattel Aquarius. Given how uncommon this game is, I definitely didn't think I'd wind up with a spare, but I suppose I got lucky. As pictured, it comes with the box, manual, cartridge, cartridge tray and two keyboard overlays. The controller overlays are missing. The cartridge has been cleaned and tested and works great. If you're interested, please send me a PM and we can discuss pricing. Would also be happy to provide additional pictures upon request. Thanks!
  13. I'd recommend steering clear of eBay seller chavez-tucker. I bought a hard to find third-party Bally Astrocade cartridge from him and was dismayed to see it arrive with the cartridge label completely removed from the cartridge. I contacted him asking if this happened in transit or if it was like this at the time of the sale (as it was most certainly not disclosed in the listing pictures or description) and he sort of side-stepped the question, saying it was part of his personal collection years ago but that he didn't handle this sale or package it up personally. Odd, right? I asked if we could come to some sort of agreement on a partial refund, as I still wanted the game, but would have to take some steps to repair the label through glue or some other adhesive. He said no, that partial refunds are against his policies (of course this is stated nowhere), but that he would accept a full return because the game is worth way more than what I paid for it (of note, I checked, and returns are against his policy, ha!). In any event, I wound up keeping the game but was pretty unhappy with how it all went down, so I left neutral feedback explaining that the item wasn't as described and how the seller wouldn't consider a partial refund. In classic eBay fashion, he managed to get that neutral feedback removed fairly quickly, as he has a pretty high feedback tally overall. So ridiculous how eBay operates these days...
  14. Neat! Haven't seen Joust in red. Guessing it's a little harder to find than the B&W version. Assuming you picked this up last week on eBay? Just found the sold listing.
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