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  1. I'm going to begin making a power supplies that works on both the 7800 and 2600 especially for those having a hard time finding replacement 7800 power supplies. These power supplies wont cause interference and they will be able to plug directly into the stock 2600 and 7800 power jacks. Be $30
  2. I'm starting to see people doing recaps of vintage game consoles (handhelds) instead of the general electrolytic are opting to use Ceramics. My understanding has always been they weren't the best for Audio Circuits and maybe the Video Circuits. But should be fine for power circuit etc. Any knowledgeable opinions out there on weather or not Ceramic Caps are good/bad replacement in video/audio circuits and/or power circuits on vintage consoles/handhelds?
  3. I haven't tried that board yet, they seem to be out of the 7800's and haven't responded on when they will be restocked. Was the unit properly serviced and recapped? More often then not that step is always skipped, people assume a Mod will solve all the issues with the unit. A bad solder joint, placement of the Mod board, wire routing can also cause background noise.
  4. My basic Composite Mod I install for everyone but I also repair and Recap the units. I think I made some adjustments to the Rev. 16. I make adjustments as needed per unit to get the saturation correct.
  5. Updated 2600 Game Collection List! Air Sea Battle 1981 Atari Joystick Box 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe 1978 Atari Joystick Manual Alantis 1982 Imagic Joystick Alpha Beam with Ernie 1983 Atari Kids Amidar 1982 Parker Brothers Armour Ambush 1982 Mattel Asteroids 1981 Atari Joystick Box Barnstorming 1982 Activision Joystick Box Baseketball 1978 Atari Joystick Basketball 1978 Atari Joystick Battlezone 1983 Atari Joystick Berzerk 1982 Atari Joystick Big Bird’s Egg Catch 1983 Atari Kids Black Jack 1978 Atari Paddle Box Bowling 1978 Atari Joystick Boxing 1980 Activision Joystick Breakout 1978 Atari Paddle Carnival 1982 Coleco Joystick Centipede 1988 Atari Joystick Box Chopper Command 1982 Activision Joystick Combat 1978 Atari Joystick Decathlon 1983 Activision Joystick Defender 1981 Atari Joystick Box Demon Attack 1982 Imagic Joystick Demons to Diamonds 1982 Atari Paddle Dig Dug 1982 Atari Joystick Dodge ‘Em 1978 Atari Joystick Box Dolphin 1983 Activision Joystick Donkey Kong 1981 Coleco Joystick Box E.T. 1982 Atari Joystick Box Fantastic Voyage 1982 FOX Joystick Fast Food 1982 Telesys Joystick Flag Capture Atari Joystick Football 1978 Atari Joystick Box Freeway Activision Joystick Box Frogger 1982 Parker Brothers Joystick Box Galaxian 1983 Atari Joystick Golf 1978 Atari Joystick Gorf 1981 CBS Joystick Grand Prix 1982 Activision Joystick Box Haunted House 1981 Atari Joystick Manual Home Run 1978 Atari Joystick Box Human CannonBall 1978 Atari Joystick Box Ice Hockey 1981 Activision Joystick Indy 500 1978 Atari Driving Infiltrate 1981Apollo Joystick Jr. Pac-Man 1988 Atari Joystick Box Jungle Hunt 1983 Atari Joystick Kaboom! 1981 Activision Paddle Keystone Kapers 1983 Activision Joystick Kool-Aid Man Mattel Kung-Fu Master 1984 Activision Joystick Laser Blast 1981 Activision Joystick Mad 1982 US Games Joystick Math Gran Prix 1982 Atari Joystick Box Maze Craze 1980 Atari Joystick Box Megamania 1982 Activision Joystick Memory Match Sears Keypad Millipede 1984 Atari Joystick Missle Command 1981 Atari Joystick Moon Patrol 1983 Atari Joystick MoonSweeper 1983 Imagic Mountain Man 1983 CBS Joystick Mouse Trap 1982 Coleco Ms. Pac-Man 1987 Atari Joystick Night Driver 1978 Atari Paddle Box Oscar’s Trash Can Race 1983 Atari Kids Othello 1978 Atari Joystick Outlaw 1978 Atari Joystick Box Pac-Man 1981 Atari Joystick Box Pitfall 1982 Activision Joystick Planet Patrol 1982 Spectravision Joystick Pole Postion 1982 Atari Joystick Box Raiders of the Lost Ark 1982 Atari Joystick Reactor 1982 Parker Brothers RealSports Baseball 1982 Atari Joystick RealSports Football 1982 Atari Joystick Riddle of the Sphinx 1982 Imagic River Raid 1982 Activision Joystick Seaquest 1983 Activision Joystick Sky Diver 1978 Atari Joystick Sky Skipper Parker Brothers Slot Racers Atari Joystick Space Attack 1982 Mattel Space Invaders 1978 Atari Joystick Box Space War 1978 Atari Joystick Box Spider Fighter 1982 Activision Joystick Star Raiders 1982 Atari Joystick Star Wars Empire Strikes Back 1982 Parker Brothers Starmaster 1982 Activision Joystick Street Racer 1978 Atari Paddle Summer Games 1987 EPYX Super Breakout 1978 Atari Paddle Super Football 1988 Atari Superman 1978 Atari Joystick Surround 1978 Atari Joystick Box SwordQuest EarthWorld 1982 Atari Joystick SwordQuest Fireworld 1982 Atari Joystick Tennis 1981 Activision Joystick Trick Shot 1982 Imagic Joystick Venture 1988 Atari Joystick Video Checkers 1980 Atari Joystick Video Olympics 1978 Atari Paddle Box Video Pinball 1981 Atari Joystick Box Warlords 1981 Atari Paddle Winter Games 1987 EPYX Wizard of Wor 1982 CBS Joystick Yars’ Revenge 1981 Atari Joystick 7800 List, Plus Karateka CIB Asteroids 1987 Centipede 1987 Dig Dug 1986 Food Fight 1986 Galaga 1987 Ms. Pac-Man 1987 Pole Position 2 1987 Roboton 2084 1986 Tower Toppler 1988
  6. Some more stuff! Forgot to put my Atari FB in the pic!
  7. Update here, lol My Atari console collection (Personnel stash not my selling stash). The 2600 boxes in the picture are two complete systems not shown outside the boxes, the 7800 box that console is in the front. Is a Sunnyvale Sears Light sixer not shown I have a part repairing!
  8. Hi, I posted about finding that on one I picked up on FB Atariage group but thought I'd post here to see if anyone knows anything more about those units? We figure they were demo or company testing units. Thanks
  9. I know no game publishers are having any new DOS games made just random people. Any new retail version of a DOS game would be a remake to run on a current OS. Like porting old NES game to Wii download. I'm pretty sure anything that will run in DosBox will run on the specific hardware its emulating considering it doesn't emulate anything newer than a Pentium CPU, Old Dos, Svga
  10. Yeah their not much different than Atari 2600 games. 2-3 sounds and very simple graphics. But may still be some fun games hiding in there
  11. The torrent can found here https://archive.org/details/Total_DOS_Collection_Release_7_2014_01 Its 17GB, the main file is a TAR and most games are in a Zip which extracts into its own folder, some are disk Image files. Some PCJR, Some made Tandy versions. so maybe twice that if you extract them all. Most of these early games seem to just use the PC Speaker, which on the Tandy seems routed to the sound card (can turn it up/down. On other systems I don't remember if there's a way to turn PC speaker up/down! They can played in Dosbox, if you set it to run at 4.77mhz and configure the joystick.
  12. I found an Archive torrent with like 10k games. Has everything separated by year 1980-2013. I'm familiar more with the 1990's, since it goes past that as well I assume people are still making Games for DOS. I'm just kind of picking through them to find the good ones! So working through the first decade. Most of which run at 4.77mhz. So been loading them on my Tandy 1000, down clocking it, or Model 25. Also I know some are PC versions of Arcade/Atari games etc. Also some knock offs of those in there.
  13. For hardware: IBM model 25 Tandy 1000 T:L/2 486 DX 4 100 486 DX2 Server IBM p70 Apple IIC MAC LC II (Two) K6-2 a PIII Etc. ZIP Drives for easy file transfer from Newer Desktop, Plus a 3 1/2 Floppy Software: DOS 6.22/7/Win95/98/OS2/Apple OS WinImage I usually stick with DOS but I do have 98 on an Athlon with Geforce 6100 I think card you can get, Sound blaster for running games that were made for 95/98. DOS 7/95 on 486 because the FAT32 and the 80GB Hard drive I managed to stuff in it. Mostly just boot into DOS Mostly do most of the extraction on my Newer Desktop, write to a floppy or Zip. I have like 200 Floppies and 20 or so ZIP disk (People toss ZIP disk) I grab them and scandisk them, they usually test good after a format! A roll of tape to cover the little hole because a couple my computers only have 720k drives. A stack of IBM 5150, 5160 and 5170 I'm rebuilding
  14. I may try that, I'm sure I have a working game port card here somewhere. Have to test them. I assume your meaning Floppy Games that boot their own OS? As long as I boot the DOS 3.3 off the Hard drive and the autexec/config files load, I can then load a game off a floppy? I think those would be older games which I don't think I have any. Probably made back when most computers didn't come with hard drives.
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