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  1. Hey guys, I recently got a hyper 64 with Fatal Fury Wild Ambition! I also built a supergun to use it and I wanted to show some pictures! I must say that FF Wild Ambition is highly underrated and fun! On a less happy note, I think my atomiswave is broken and that stinks.
  2. Hey guys it’s me Evan. It’s been a while and I wanted to update you guys SNK wise. First, I recently got an atomiswave with some SNK games. I was very impressed! Secondly, my AES collection is on hold as prices have gotten absolutely absurd. Lastly, I am searching for a hyper Neo Geo 64 fighting board, so if anyone has one and is willing to sell, tell me!
  3. It's been a while since I have been here. Recently I fixed my broken 3-5 so now I have 2 AESes. I also repaired an old samurai showdown 1 that I used for a panic bomber conversion. Now I have a blank Sam sho 2 cart and I have interest in making a Ghostlop cart. Does anyone know what chips to use or how to split roms and such?
  4. I mean imagine getting an official metal slug for AES for only $199 it would be a dream.
  5. Hey guys, I have been working on a panic bomber conversion as I found a cheap cart and I have an extra Samurai Shodown cart. After I find there were vertical lines over sprites and I have heard of this problem before, so does anyone now how to fix this, thanks.
  6. Well I decided to do another conversion project and this time I chose Tecmo World Soccer 96. I am happy with how the conversion went as it worker first time. There was no guide on this game so I did this off the books and thankfully it works.
  7. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tavHCAra6ZQ Found this video today it's a version of power spikes 2 that seems to have been recalled. Sadly its never been dumped. If you own a copy of power spikes 2 check it using the Japanese BIOS and if it has a different intro then it's Super volley '94.
  8. The board for the older games are not green but a light brown. That's why the appear so different compared to the newer games.
  9. I was wondering what your guys favorite sports are. Then was a game about it released for the Neo Geo and what is your opinion on the game. Personally my favorite sport is golf so two good golf games came out for it so I am happy with both of them.
  10. After 3 years I finally beat the stage 5 boss. I think now I can finally beat the game!
  11. Well I got a good deal on a copy of Neo Mr Do! For only $15 and I decided to do a conversion with a beat up copy of Art of Fighting 2. I got it to work, even though the chips were bootlegs. I had to palce a wire on the ls139 chip. The game is fun and the project went well.
  12. Playing more 3 count bout lately, and on MVS can now reach the sixth fight!
  13. I was wondering is NGF still around and active. I heard about a metal slug they were selling.
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