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  1. I purchased a Gana 3 in 1 hdmi switch to use with my phoenix and regular CV. So as to avoid having to plug and unplug the phoenix back in so it would start correctly. I had it for more than a month. I am wondering if its going bad. I was playing DK jr on the phoenix and the cart was glitching. cleaned the cart with contact cleaner. Still glitching. Put it in the regular CV, same issues. Then I noticed my screen would go black as if I was powering up the unit for its 1st use of the day., I removed the switch and played the same cart for a bit on each console,= NO issues. So my though is that maybe the switch is going bad. There is no external power for the Switch it just plugs into the slot on my TV. Any ideas:, Thanks
  2. I just purchased this game and my Phoenix does not seem to like it. It will eventually work. However, sometimes when I put it in, the phoenix won't even power up. It will work okay if I don't push the cart all the way down. It works fine on my standard CV? Any Ideas? Thank you.
  3. I luckily saved the box. it was buried beneath all of the packaging. LOL, ty very much for your writing me back. Have a great night.
  4. Was the membership card supposed to be included with the mystery game. I got the game, but no card?
  5. Thank you so much for responding, I appreciate it.
  6. I have a keyboard connected to my phoenix. Is there any key that when presses, will pause/Restart the game?
  7. WOW!!! The ROM Vault is awesome. Cannot wait to play these on my new Phoenix.
  8. I have Subscribed as an early adopter. This is going to be exciting
  9. So to make sure I understand correctly, I have a CV that has that has both a composite and HDMI output. I thought that when you got those, it rendered the standard RF output useless. So I'd not be able to play all of the OMNI/SGM2 games on my console? or as it appears above the OMNI module itself will have a composite video output? thus I could just use one of the composite inputs on my TV for it just like I do for my colecovision Expansion Module 1 now?
  10. I think this question was answered, but the original colecovision Expansion module 1 will work with the Phoenix, correct?
  11. Thank you so much for a great 2018. I truly enjoy the work that you do. Thanks again for the ROMS!!!!
  12. I'd like to thank everyone who has helped keep the colecovision alive and well. 1 Ed, Grazi, all at Opcode. The SGM is great, 2. All at Collectorvision 3. Teampixelboy. 4. The awesome Colecovisions Podcast. 5.. Brian @ Colecovision upgrade and sales.... Thank you so much for the video and showing me how to do my 1st repair. Your work on my system (The F18a upgrade, Pause switch and controller repair was awesome) 6. Arcade vision. Risky Rick is amazing. 7. Good Deal Games. I play my CV more now than ever and I am looking forward to both Opcode and Collectorvision's new systems. Thanks to everyone for making the CV the greatest Console of all time.
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