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  1. Thank you so much for this gift, I appreciate it very much
  2. was wondering what SD cards work best with the phoenix? two of mine went bad one was a lexar and the other a sandisk. full disclosure, My pc, albeit about 6yrs old is Win10.. I had no Idea there were classes of these cards, Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. was wondering if what SD cards work best with the phoenix? two of mine went bad and they are both sand disks? I have a 6+ yr old pc as well, anyone know of any cards that will work well with an old pc and a phoenix?
  4. amazing. Will you still be supporting the Colecovision via the SGM and the SGM pro?
  5. So after hours of fiddling: I found that 1.The Phoenix and or my pc may not like certain SD card type/brands. Or at least putting system/core files on them 2. I put the core and service pack on the same SD card as my 2600 roms and it updated no problem 3. Maybe too, its best not to uninstall cores, but rather simply to update and replace with the latest one. I hope this helps someone else who may have this issue. BIG SHOUT OUT to Bmack as he spent a lot of time helping me, Tim
  6. How can I revert back to the core #7, any help is appreciated,
  7. Wow, That was fast. Ty very much
  8. Is there a dedicated facebook page or website that has all of the cores for the phoenix, new and past ones? I thought I found it, but can't seem to locate it again
  9. Thank you for the awesome new games. I really appreciate your kindness. Is there a place to get .pdf's of the instructions for the 2020 and 2019 Christmas Present Roms?
  10. Huge thanks to all for the responses. I appreciate all of the help.
  11. I am trying to play with composite. Do you know if the RF output still works if you've had your CV modified. I have both HDMI and composite.
  12. Thank you so much for your response. I am kind of new to starting topics and stuff. It worked just fine with the mod. Ya know, I am not sure if the mod's done to the system render the RF output useless or not. I did a little process of elimination, troubleshooting with the cable of all things. I connected it to my receiver minus video of course and I only got 1 audio channel, So I am getting another cable and another module to test.
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