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  1. Walmart cancelled my preorder of the Kevlar front some time ago
  2. There is no BIOS trick to enable a workaround for the install you’ll get the above error. You’ll still have to select to boot to the M.2 if you exit the Atari menu If you have two flash drives you can do it or if you an external hard drive you can get Windows to the M.2. Install the OS to the external drive or flash drive (if you use an external drive you won’t need the software to make windows 10 run off a flash). Then download macrium reflect clone the windows 10 to the M.2. If you’ve tried a bunch of failed installs when you get into 10 on whatever you do the M.2 will have created a bunch of 100MB partitions so use disk management to delete them all.
  3. This is what I was told is the correct size https://www.amazon.com/Michaelia-Standoff-Drives-motherboard-screwdriver/dp/B07D6G9XXL/ref=sr_1_4?crid=W35RPK1UR19V&dchild=1&keywords=asus+m.2+screw+and+standoff&qid=1615274527&sprefix=Asus+m.2%2Caps%2C190&sr=8-4 But like I said I used a Gigabyte one s9mI can’t confirm. The gigabyte one is slightly longer.
  4. Someone told me it was the same size as Asus. I’m used one from my gigabyte board and it’s fractionally longer.
  5. You could leave an unallocated partition during the install, or if you use a drive clone method you could get a 3rd party tool and repartition the drive from within windows. There are probably numerous ways to go about it.
  6. I used an extra stand-off from my gigabyte Threadripper board. It had a few extras in case you use drives shorter than the included heatsinks. It was a fractional amount longer than needed but still fine for the purpose unless you are OCD and wanted it perfect flat. Think the only other thing I may do is get longer wifi antennas for it. I suspect the reason they didn’t use longer ones isn’t cost cutting or anything since they’re virtually free shipped from China as it is, I suspect it’s because they didn’t want longer wires working loose in transit because of proximity to the fan. The one thing I haven’t seen (or overlooked) is if anyone tried a shorty SSD in the wifi slot and an external USB Wifi.
  7. I think driver wise it’s probably easier to install Win 10 on the VCS itself with and external drive then cloning it onto the M.2. I did this using a laptop drive 8n a little USB case then cloned with macrium reflect.
  8. Sign up for epic games and just get their freebie games. They occasionally have platformers, strategy games etc. Many of them are more indie and less demanding. My 2 year old daughter is obsessed with Halloween and loves costume quest.
  9. If you don’t mind installing the M.2... I’d suggest a 1tb if you want to use it for windows and run some emulators, steam, epic etc. you can get away with less if you used Linux but my thinking is who’d want to open the thing all the time. The other thing it it seems larger capacity SATA M.2s are nowhere near as common as nvme these days. I’d almost suggest it just in case they become less available and more expensive. Some of the cheaper options I’ve found are: This teamgroup. It’s available direct from newegg too but newegg isn’t always the greatest for returns, eBay would give more flexibility. It’s $89.99. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Team-Group-MS30-M-2-2280-1TB-SATA-III-TLC-Internal-Solid-State-Drive-SSD-TM8PS/302890625012?epid=3026119320&hash=item4685b027f4:g:mmkAAOSwRCBc5OR2 This Micron it’s $84.99 https://www.ebay.com/itm/960GB-Cisco-Micron-5100-PRO-3D-eTLC-SATA-3-6Gb-s-80mm-2280-M-2-SED-SSD-REFURB/373428421642?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Supoosedly a “refurb” I bought one of these and these are just some sort of pro drive, pulled from something that was never deployed. I think it had 7 hours on it. It’s much better made than the team. These are cheaper options than the WD and Samsung options, those two usually run around $100 and $130 respectively. RAM if you don’t plan on overclocking (either by jumper if into the bios, waiting, cracking the password) pretty much anything on the market would work. I didn’t end up doing the usual install procedures I’ve seen, I installed windows on an old laptop drive in an external case then used Macrium reflect to clone that to the SSD I put in the VCS. That worked perfectly fine. If you damage the internal wifi antennas or merely wish to get ones with longer leads you can get something like these. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2pcs-Internal-WiFi-Network-Antenna-5-Cable-for-Laptop-Mini-PCI-e-Wireless-Card/224017153134?hash=item3428767c6e:g:xx4AAOSweKRexVZ9
  10. My guess is they’ll put a logged “acceptance” disclaimer in the main OS. If you accept the disclaimer it will log your acceptance of it indicating you take responsibility for damaging the system via the BIOS settings if it should happen. Then if you agree you’ll be allowed to proceed as you had before.
  11. I haven’t run the update, what happens if you disabled the supervisor password?
  12. Think it depends on what you’re used to. My main gaming computer has a 2080ti. I also didn’t allocate the memory since I didn’t upgrade it.
  13. I don’t think it’s going to appeal to kids at all. It’s gonna appeal to 20s-30s hipsters, techies, and 50 plus adults who now have disposable income to ditch on such a thing. That 20-30s hipster crowd is huge at Wal-Mart and drives sales on stuff like vinyl records. They’ll buy presuming the price is right. They often see those flashbacks as sort of “disposable”. Contrary to any said belief in I’m not really any sort of real fanboy of it. Wal-Mart meanwhile also contrary to belief doesn’t care about tons of profit on everything their goal is actually more gross sales volume with which they believe the profit will come. They sell stuff like Tennis Balls at a loss just because it gets someone in the door. If the Atari had 5% markup they wouldn’t care if a person went in the doors that’s why a lot of those bargains are in store only on their website. They know most people buy more than that. As far as the Atari, Wal-Mart would out and out front the money to get these made if Atari could meet some promised deadline if Wal-Mart thinks it gives them some sort of inherent competitive advantage over say Best Buy or GameStop. They’d even stock them if it got you to buy a PS5 and PS5 games instead. The VCS to them is chump change in the grand scheme. I still think this is a pretty easy sell at sub $299, it just shouldn’t cost more. I think in this case any hesitations on Wal-Mart’s part in helping get a ball rolling is really on Atari’s lack of meeting a deadline. Atari has had enough issues getting to backers. All that said this really will come down more to Atari. If they can’t produce, can’t meet deadlines, it’s all just talk. People can wish whatever and hope around here but like I said don’t be surprised when someone else does a PC in a box retro console and gets it to a Wal-Mart shelf faster.
  14. VCS has the decided advantage it will play many games available on Steam/epic etc. Jaguar... where to go. Well the only places that had it were Electronics Boutique and this short lived place VGE, Lechmere which was like always first on expensive technology didn’t even have them. VGE was a cool store but unfortunately only survived a year around here. VGE had it hooked up running Doom. Now had they done that everywhere they likely wouldn’t have had issues selling it because it blew away the 32X. It’s not that there wasn’t buzz around it. I was in school at the time people wanted them. There just wasn’t availability early enough on. Around that time you got the 3DO, Saturn, 32X and PSX. Early on though the Saturn was too expensive along with 3DO. 32X was pretty much figured to be a stop gap until Saturn could get the price down. So Jaguar did have a fleeting window. Now that’s kinda the VCS window. I’m pretty convinced people would buy them if Atari could delivery quantities. What’s gonna happen though if they drag along not knowing what to do with it is someome is gonna throw a less powerful (but still sufficient) mini PC into the next rehash of some retro console put a software skin on it which will allow your efficient emulation, windows, streaming, whatever and that’s that. Probably won’t be as expandable but no matter because it’ll be available and meet the price. People jailbreak systems to get that functionality. Still though the industry isn’t gonna wait. Jazz up some celeron pc in a box as a Turbo Graphx redux at $249 put a nice enough software skin on it and that’s that.
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