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  1. Hi Kevtris, I'm a regular lurker here, as well as in many other forums, and I'm a big fan of your work since I learned of you through the NES HDMI mod (although I knew about the NSF format for decades, just didn't know it was you). First off, I'd like to state how disappointing it is to have you suffer through all the vitriol from shitty people that are involved in the MISTer community. You did the right thing by stepping away from that. I won't defend their actions as there's no excuse, but the truth is, there are shitty people everywhere so this isn't a "MISTer community" thing. I see the same thing with people on everdrive forums, on xbox and playstation forums, hell even on my neighborhood or at work. A few rotten apples sometimes ruin it for the rest of us, but thankfully this is not the case yet for the MISTer project, at least not for me, as their shittiness does not detract from the awesomeness of the project. The way I see it is, the MISTer is the Zimba3K that we wanted so badly and never got from you (and that's ok, I know now you were meant for something bigger, better, which is what you are doing with Analogue). Vocal minorities are always the worst, but they don't speak for us all. Amongst all of the brilliant FPGA coders that I've seen since the start of the MISTer project, I believe that you are the best (and also most notorious thanks to your NES HDMI mod) and I beleive this was why you were recruited by Analogue to make the NT mini, Super NT, etc. You guys make the perfect match together, as Analogue is awesome at marketing, and together you've brought the scene some wonderful contributions that I think are worth having, even with something like the MISTer out there. If I had the money I would buy every single one of their products. Sadly, after saving for an entire year I only had funds for the MISTer, I don't earn much and I have a 3 year old (plus salaries in my country and line of business suck). I hope to see more of your products, and I hope I can actually afford them all at some point, but I am also at the expectation of getting a new MISTer core any day of the year which is an awesome feeling to have, which no other project out there can give me. I guess what I'm trying to say is F*** those people, thank you for all of your contributions, you keep doing you. I'm just another one of your fans trying to remind you that not everyone out there is shitty and ungrateful, some of us look up to you.
  2. Sorry if this has already been mentioned already, as I've been away from this thread for a long time. Now that Kevtris is actively working with Analogue, does that mean the Zimba 3000 dream of a multiconsole FPGA system is dead?
  3. Regarding Byuu's "bitter" post, I have something to say. First, looking at things from his perspective, to be thrown under the bus must feel real shitty, specially when you've spent the last 13 years of your life making something as demanding and time consuming as higan, or let alone anything emulation in general. He probably represents the lonely cry of hundreds of developers who started all of this in the late 90s with the nesticle, snes9x and zsnes. That being said however, he IS taking things way too personal. Byuu, if you ever read this, you made something great, be proud of it. Who gives a shit what anyone else says? just keep doing your thing, someday you will get the recognition you deserve. Secondly, from the Analogue team's perspective - and take this from someone who majored in marketing - there was no other way to do this than with a bloodbath. The Analogue team is basically selling a fancy emulator box. How else do you explain to a non technical audience with $200 to spend, what the difference is between a retron5 and the SuperNT? How else do you justify to them that paying 200 over the Snes mini's 80 bucks will be a better investment in the long run? No other way to do it, you have to throw them all under the bus. You have to do the "genesis does" campaign, and explain to everyone in the simplest terms possible why the snes9x port used in the retron5 is crap compared to their product, and why the hardware clones being sold recently are a far cry from what they have to offer. For the record, I would have done everything exactly the same way as they did, right up to their fancy, hilarious terminology of "hardware simulation". At the end of the day, if they can't sell this thing to as many people as possible, all the money they spent on kevtris, on manufacturing, and on advertising, amongst many other things, will be wasted. Thousands of dollars gone. Should byuu then need their approval or validation? nope. Then move on, your time and energy is better spent elsewhere.
  4. Sounds good. How much are we talking about? 100? 200? 500? a thousand dollars?
  5. Hi Kevtris, Completely offtopic question. A bunch guys and I were thinking of buying or at least paying you enough for the right to use your VRC7 emulation source code in order to implement it on the everdriveN8, which is the only chip that it does not yet have emulation for. Would you be willing to sell it, or license it? The idea is to gather enough money via a fundraiser like indie-gogo and then use the money to give you proper compensation for your intellectual property. Let me know if you are interested, otherwise I'll just go back to waiting for a "hero" on the boards to implement it from scratch.
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