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  1. Finally found a cheap solution and upgraded my CoCo2 to 64k (2x 4464) and Extended Basic on an ordinary 27128 eprom (Extended Basic V1.1 - 0h -1FFFh & Color Basic V1.3 - 2000h - 3FFFh).
  2. Yeah, you're right ...
  3. Still searching. I included two pics to recognise the right version.
  4. Searching for an Extended Basic Chip for a CoCo2. Offers with some infos & a price. Thanks.
  5. YuT666

    Tandy MC-10

    @mods: Can be closed, i'm searching elsewhere.
  6. As i mentioned before ... I don't have any problems with the Dragon + CoCoSDC. Had one regarding the CoCo 2, but the reason was the missing ext. Basic ROM in my CoCo.
  7. YuT666

    Tandy MC-10

    Thanks for the funny joke. Still searching ... EU only.
  8. YuT666

    Tandy MC-10

    Thanks for your offer. 94447 - Germany
  9. YuT666

    Tandy MC-10

    Looking for a MC-10. Offers with some infos, pics & a price. Thanks.
  10. Great ... i searched the whole page, but i missed the email adress ... i should buy new glasses ... @AtariLeaf: Thanks & done ...
  11. Well ... No chance to contact Ed here, 'cause he never replied my PM (he wasn't here since month). I'm not at crappy Facebook and there is no contact adress on his homepage ... so this forum would be my only chance ...
  12. Hi, i used the CoCo SDC interface for my Dragons so far and it worked very well. I've a CoCo 2 as well, so i tried to run the interface with this one. What i did: - changed the Dragon DIP switch to off (all switched are "down" now) and removed the jumper from the DRQ pins - plugged the interface in and ... ... i only got the normal CoCo 2 basic screen. After that i put the jumper to AUTO and i only got a white screen and nothing happens. Well, i think, that i should get at least the SDC boot screen ,,, Who could help? Thanks.
  13. Received a Sharp MZ-800 (with a quick disk drive included, so it is a 821 which had the tape drive replaced) with a amber monochrome monitor for my collection. Great machine ... i tried some wavs to check it.
  14. Well, a little update ... First, the finished BBC Master 128. My BBC Micro Model B. I implemented a volume control and a MMC. Oric 1 & an Atmos A Dragon 32 and a Tandy CoCo2 (i use a CoCoSDC with both computers). Tatung Einstein TC-01 ... and some other homecomputers. I'm restoring an Acorn A3000 at the moment and i hope i'll succeed.
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