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  1. Some French users post on these boards on a more or less regular basis: http://www.silicium.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=42 https://forum.system-cfg.com/index.php https://www.gamopat-forum.com/t49937-atari-400-800-xl-topic-officiel
  2. Many thanks for your continued dedication, I'll start adding the software in the next few days! As maintaining the titles on the first page is becoming more and more difficult, here's a user-friendly list in .pdf format: List_of_Missing_Software_Version_1.01.pdf
  3. These are great! How many titles do you have and what are they? It would be fantastic if you could archive them in .cas format.
  4. Pretty much doubt you saw one as it was an IMSAI...
  5. Thanks, I added the comment. If you release another version, we'll differentiate it clearly on the page and in the zipped file.
  6. I just adore that tune, it may be cheesy and bombastic but it gives me the goosebumps all the time… It really makes you feel you're the king of the universe and in for something special.
  7. Certainly not more off-topic than some utter crap posted on this forum on a regular basis… There's just a single mention of a Commodore 64 conversion every three or four months which could give ideas to some programmers here, it's not proselytism either. Where's the harm?
  8. Some are listed here, there may be a couple more: https://www.atarimagazines.com/compute/issue23/094_3_New_Products_Software_Packages_For_The_Atari_From_Roklan.php
  9. Roklan had a small line of utilities that saw quite limited release and this is one of them. Thanks for dumping this title, it was on pirate lists back in the day but I never managed to get hold of it.
  10. It also shows a lot of disrespect to Fandal who paid a hefty amount to get the prototype of this game and decided to have Video 61 sell it so he could at least partially recoup his investment. I mean, look at that shitty label and horrible set of instructions... Lance, I know you're a nice guy and everything but what are you thinking?
  11. Really love the game, it oozes with class and elegance. Looking forward to other programs from this great team.
  12. Phaeron, thanks for your reply and everything you do for us.
  13. I brought this up three or four years ago so time to try again Not sure how doable it is but any plans to add support for the PowerPad from Chalk Board, Inc.?
  14. Nope, still nothing… As I wrote, it was on a list of pirated software so it's likely still "out there". Once again, I'd like to convince users with old to very old disk collections to dump everything they can before it's too late. I missed the part where you stated it was actually a commercial release. It was probably something regional or even local. How did you find out?
  15. Found: Arcademic Skill Builders - Word Man (DLM) Colour Code (AWG) Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio (Instant Software) Many thanks to DjayBee for all his help!
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