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  1. Thanks a lot! Would you be able to scan the tape / instructions / box as well?
  2. Way, way better and quite nice actually (though I don't understand why some games from the US still have the ugly European covers). However, whether the book shows any real progress in the spelling / grammar department remains to be seen, particularly when you're reminded to like the page "to hear about it's status"...
  3. Please bear with me, this is my first ever conversion and the picture has many rough spots. I didn't touch any of the settings at all, just chose an image and ran it through the program until the conversion seemed good enough. Dassault Mercure 100 Dassault_Mercure_100.xex
  4. Doesn't he play Defender in that episode as well?
  5. Rarity isn't scientific, of course, it's based on our experience and perception. A "10" is for software where one or two copies - or no copy at all! - have been found in ten or fifteen years, for instance. Super-Text is very rare but it does show up on eBay from time to time. That it isn't on Atarimania doesn't prove much, there are less rare programs that haven't been dumped at all... There are hundreds and hundreds of titles that still need to be added, not counting the ones that are constantly discovered.
  6. Rarity would probably be a low "9". There's also a budget re-release by Main Street Publishing which is more common, rarity about "8" (?).
  7. You're really talented! I'm not really into hacks but I think it looks fantastic!
  8. There's likely some unarchived stuff if there are 200 disks but it depends what you want to do with those. As there are labels, maybe you could take pictures of the disks so we can see whether anything is worth saving but it's up to you.
  9. Some others, including a great find! Centipede Demo.xexby Matt Loveless DOS I - Version 2.xexby Jerry White Romox Character + Screen Editor.bas Romox Player + Animation Editor.basby Tim McGuinness Sea Chase.xex(prototype!)
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