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  1. Was the programmer J. Asch by any chance? Last year, we added an entry to our database based on a pirate list and the title was originally noted as Al the Thinker. Now I understand it should actually be AI - The Thinker (as in artificial intelligence). To make a long story short, if it's that very game, we don't have it but it's definitely "out there".
  2. Nitpicking but it says "GRAPAIC". -- Atari Frog http://www.atarimania.com
  3. A PM should do. The problem is that many game pages date back from 2002 or 2003 when there weren't as many fields in the database and they haven't been updated since. While we do have the information most of the time, it just hasn't been added (though changes are made regularly, they're usually invisible to visitors). -- Atari Frog http://www.atarimania.com
  4. There can definitely be both, the original for preservation and any fixed version so the game can be played properly. -- Atari Frog http://www.atarimania.com
  5. Please feel free to share anything here, it sometimes takes time to update our pages and uploading the material to AtariAge directly will at least make it readily available to everyone before we add it to Atarimania. Many thanks! -- Atari Frog http://www.atarimania.com
  6. Hi Garry, Thanks for dropping by, I always loved your enthusiasm for text adventures and it was a pleasure reading your columns in Page 6. I think The Valley is actually the ASP Software game with just slight changes. There are tons of unique UKACOC programs, quite a shame the vast majority are missing in action. -- Atari Frog http://www.atarimania.com
  7. This is absolutely brilliant. -- Atari Frog http://www.atarimania.com
  8. Thanks! Things usually take lots of time because we tend to concentrate on rarer stuff but we'll add these gradually. There's just so much material in the backlog that it's sometimes difficult to choose what to upload! Allan was also doing all by himself these past two or three years so we need to catch up with a number of things. -- Atari Frog http://www.atarimania.com
  9. I really like the new character. Just a single favor: if you hack the game, please rename it to something really distinguishable like Montezuma's Revenge 2019 (and follow Philsan's advice, the version with the animated intro is an unfinished prototype). -- Atari Frog http://www.atarimania.com
  10. Definitely: http://gamebase64.com/game.php?id=18710 http://gamebase64.com/game.php?id=10542 http://gamebase64.com/game.php?id=18756 http://gamebase64.com/game.php?id=18711 -- Atari Frog http://www.atarimania.com
  11. I have a copy of the book somewhere but it's in absolutely terrible condition. The title isn't really rare so it's just a matter of time before it gets scanned. -- Atari Frog http://www.atarimania.com
  12. Thanks, found some old BASIC games that haven't been archived yet plus two or three other programs, likely all written by Canadian users. -- Atari Frog http://www.atarimania.com
  13. As you want, any .xfd disk can be turned into an .atr anyway. Thanks in advance! -- Atari Frog http://www.atarimania.com
  14. Let's dooooooo it! -- Atari Frog http://www.atarimania.com
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