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  1. Yeah... I removed that one a while ago because I don't think it ever got released for the Atari in the end, though I'd love to be proven wrong. I know the manual says "Atari 800" and it appears in various dealer lists but it's odd that not a single copy has surfaced in 37 years. While this is the case with hundreds and hundreds of educational titles, this program appears to have been distributed on a wider scale than the exclusive school market so I'm puzzled... Maybe I can add it back as a proto or something...
  2. Allan scanned the instructions and they're on archive.org, I just didn't have the time to add them to Atarimania yet: https://archive.org/details/rainy-day-games-baudville
  3. Another lost title unearthed by John, here's MAE by Eastern House Software! Manual scanned by @Savetz in 2017 and available with permission from both authors.
  4. Here's Hocus Pocus by Frank Cohen! This preliminary version of The Scrolls of Abadon brought to you by John Hardie again with permission from the original author!
  5. Some great contributions courtesy of John Hardie: XBASIC dealer demo by SUPERware (if anybody has the full version of this program, please post it here or get in touch!) Electronic Arts Data Transfer Utility More to come!
  6. We also have about ten original Diamond disks here that should get the "KryoFlux treatment" soon.
  7. Here are four issues of Acacia-Run: http://www.atarimania.com/atari-magazine-acacia-run_131.html This ultra rare magazine in French language was published in Belgium but also sold in Switzerland and the northeastern part of France.
  8. To make things entirely clear, registration allows you to use My Atarimania for your collection and that's all. For contributions, just click on "400 800 XL XE" on the main page then "Contact" at the very bottom, that e-mail address works perfectly fine. We should have some dumps of unseen stuff within the next ten days or so.
  9. If you have material to contribute, just click on "400 800 XL XE" at the top of the page then "Contact" at the very bottom, that e-mail address works just fine. Thanks!
  10. I don't know what to say... It works very erratically and we're still trying to figure out why. If we're being perfectly honest here, our forum needs a major overhaul and has virtually zero traffic. I can't say it's that useful anyway right now...
  11. Thank you very much, the recording appears perfect! I'll upload the file tomorrow
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