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  1. Thanks for your precious efforts! Really looking forward to any cracked stuff that is still undumped.
  2. More than a third of the programs on the first two pages weren't released, that's quite a lot by my count.
  3. Zombies was a commercial release, it wasn't a beta.
  4. Crystalware programs are usually a mess. If you're not ready to play around with the OS-A / BASIC - Revision A / read-write settings, you'll get nowhere. Let's not even mention how buggy the games are...
  5. Good call on that one, I love how the game displays two different titles depending on the system!
  6. Not only is this the first ever dump of the game in cartridge format in 38 years but the code is also very different compared to the original by London Software!
  7. That's some impressive detective work! Note that Pac-Man was re-released by Datasoft in what is essentially the 5200 game (with intermissions). Also, Frogger II had a disk version by SEGA with additional splash screen.
  8. Not on Atarimania yet but here's a SUPER special treat scanned by @hunmanik that had gone missing for the past 39 years: Atari Special Additions - Summer + Fall 1982.pdf Thanks again, Michael!
  9. Cool find. Not that rare, probably about "8", but never got that much attention.
  10. Sorry, I meant the computer version that has been floating around for the last 37-38 years or so, not specifically the file on our site. Do we know for sure it is hacked from the 5200 release or is it a proper 8-bit prototype developed in parallel with the 5200 port?
  11. All appear to be exactly the same... or am I missing something? What I'd like to know is whether "our" version is an unofficial port of the 5200 cart or a proper Atari prototype developed concurrently but never released.
  12. Here is the game in .atr format: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-adventure-at-castle-vivengard_38479.html
  13. That's for the Apple ][ version, the Atari release was probably from 1980 or 1981. The first third-party program for the Atari was one of the Sears cassette titles developed by The Image Producers.
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