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  1. Vectrex Roli is now chorona virus survivalist Roli. With a vaccine in sight maybe he'll come back to us
  2. Yeh i can do you a frame. If you'd like to order, simple select the model and postage option you require from the list below and PayPal the appropriate amount to: [email protected] and please include a note of your address and order. 12V UVFrame with UK postage and packing £34 + £4 12V UVFrame with European postage for £34 + £9 12V UVFrame with US / Worldwide postage for £34 + £11 5V UVFrame with UK postage and packing £38 + £4 5V UVFrame with European postage for £38 + £9 5V UVFrame with US / Worldwide postage for £38 + £11 Add Chimney Hunt for £20 Add a pin for £6 (Chimney Hunt, Nox, Deathchase and Stramash Zone available). I will endeavor to get these ready as quick as possible but please keep in mind I'm making these by hand as a sideline so sometimes the service can be slow. I do always get there in the end though. Thanks. http://www.clockworkrobot.com/shop/#UVFrame
  3. £20 for the game on novelty pcb. +£6 if you'd also like the Chimney Hunt enamel pin. +£6 for any additional pin you'd like to add (Stramash Zone, Death Chase, Nox) +£3 UK postage and packing. +£9 European postage. +£10 US and International postage. Paypal to: [email protected]
  4. More Vectrex Collector Pins available. 6 UK Pounds each and 2 UK Pounds post and (better) packing to the UK. 4 UK Pounds post and packing internationally.
  5. yikes, thought the padding would do the trick but yeh, i'll chuck in some card in future. It's just a generic clutch clasp. I don't have any spares but sure you could grab one locally. Send me an email if it's a problem.
  6. All of the first wave of orders should have arrived by now.
  7. Well I have designs for them. Not manufactured yet but in the works. I need to sell a bunch of SZ pins to pay for 'em though
  8. Also ... if anyone has any of these Quantum, Liberator or Crystal Castles pins, I will trade HEAVILY for them.. may even pay real money.
  9. I'm working on a series of Vectrex collector pins. Have a test run of 100 Stramash Zone pins ready and available for sale if you fancy one. More pictures here: colector pins Hard Enamel badge with clutch grip. 30x30mm I have 90 from a test run of 100 left. If you'd like one: 8 UK Pounds with postage to the UK. 10 UK Pounds with international postage. PayPal to: [email protected] and please be sure to include your address and a note saying it's for "SZ pin". Tanks a lot.
  10. Yes, up is down and left is right. Noted in the instruction manual.
  11. Here's some video of the device interfacing an Atari joystick with the Vectrex. https://youtu.be/8wddVsTe-F0
  12. Hi, I've created a little interface PCB for the vectrex. It offers an alternative to the digital joystick hack. Unlike the old hack that requires you to attach some switches to +5 and some to -5, this one uses a common ground, it makes it much simpler to wire. Iw has originally designed so i could attach an asteroids control panel to my vectrex without having to hack up the original wiring. Anyway if you're building digital joysticks for the vectrex or hooking a vectrex to an arcade cabinet, this may be of interest to you. Check it out. http://www.clockworkrobot.com/joystick-interface-board/ And if you'd like to buy one, check out the shop then drop me an email: clockworkrobot(at)gmail.com
  13. Some video may be helpful? SZ does bank switching but only at the beginning and end of "Stramash Zone". Does "Rammy Zone" exhibit the same issues? No bank switching going on there and it's drawing a few less vectors.
  14. I don't like the idea of selling roms on the vectrex for a number of reasons. First off, we make these games for the fun of it, for the love of it. It's not a commercial concern. For me, making the package is as much part of the creative process as making the game. It's about creating something new that could have sat on the shelf with the official games when they were released in the early 80s. You may consider it a bit control freaky but if i create a game i want to control how it is presented and played. Vectrex games in particular, it's so much about the vector screen and the overlay. If you're playing the game without an overlay or on an emulation, you're not really getting the full experience. I don't want an inferior presentation of my games out there. Take that nox bootleg for example. No overlay. The overlay has the track and start / finish line printed on it. Without it a chunk of the game is missing. If someone's playing that, they don't know that, they just think this game is missing vital elements. That reflects badly on me. Also we tried selling roms as an experiment, very few were sold. I think you guys are vastly over estimating the size of the vectrex rom market. Lastly it just invites people to share the roms rather than buying them.
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