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  1. Another user group magazine for someone to add to the wht collection please. In a zip file of tif images here is: LA99ers TopIcs v4 n9 September 1985. I started with an original magazine from the user group which was not too well copied- and I have done a lot of work cleaning it up, you won't see a better copy!! Although one or two little bits I had to leave as I couldn't guess what they were... This magazine has an introduction to Gram Kracker; an article on using sound in Forth; a circuit diagram to take rs232 in and produce parallel output; using TI Writer formatter; cleaning disk drives; a letter from John Behnke; a program to print a 24x40 grid. s la99ers topics v4 n9 Sept85.zip
  2. A couple of smaller magazines today in their own zip file of tif images- From Perth Australia: TIUP tit-bits V3 N4 undated but from 1985. This includes a review of "Getting Started with the Texas Instruments TI-99/4a" a book by Stephen Shaw. Includes an assembly utility for Mini Mem or Ed/As with speech synth, for a Basic program to say any vocab word and the 32k "matchbox expansion" unit. From the USA- Bluegrass 99 Bytemonger March 1988 which includes an update on Wesley Richardson's Count 99999 program. I am now working on a Los Angeles group magazine that isn't on wht yet- although I have an original from the group the print is poor with lower case letter m's looking like black blobs, and letters a and e with filled in centres... it does report that at their August 1985 meeting their members watched a video of Stephen Shaw and his TI99/4a. This could be a few days. I have 26 pages including supplemental letters from John Behnke which includes his 40 column screen design "graph paper" program bluegrass 99 bytemonger Mar88.zip tiup tit-bits v3 n4 1985.zip
  3. Continuing from yesterday here is part 2 of the tishug news digest v9 n1 Jan/Feb 1990 A zip file of tif images (plus a dsk file). This contains: author index for tishug nd 1989 Article on TI Base Vn 2.0; Tips from the Tigercub #38; Article on TI-Writer vn 4.0 software written by R A Green; The docs file for Todd Kaplan's alsave; Forth article; How basic programs are stored; article on Page Pro 99. The bit on alsave is dotted about the pages so I have added a guide to ensure you get all the parts, and as you may not have access to alsave (the source to get it is not quoted in the magazine) I have included in the zip file a dsk file with the files you need. tishug news digest v9 n1 JanFeb 1990 Pt2.zip
  4. Today an Australian user group magazine that is missing on wht- this is a gap filler, please add to wht... TISHUG NEWS DIGEST V9 N1 Jan/Feb 1990 - PART ONE. 32 pages of A4 means this is a two parter! Part two tomorrow. The zip file contains each page as a separate tif image for you to ocr, read, pdf or print. This first part includes a colour monitor interface for a specific monitor (Blaupunkt), notes on Superbug II, Extended Basic Tutorial, a review of The Brain, and instructions and listing for Pewterware's "Up Periscope". Also the subject index for Tishug ND for 1989 (author index continues in part 2). tishug news digest v9 n1 JanFeb1990_Pt1.zip
  5. Over in another thread [Documents TI-99 - DOCs, Manuals, eBooks, Lost & Found] I have been scanning User Group newsletters and right now I am scanning the September 1985 issue of the Los Angeles TopIcs. In a short entry in that newsletter, there is a mention that at their August 1985 meeting the members saw a video shot in England by their board member Bernard Falkin - including a visit with Stephen Shaw. That was 36 years ago - and I never saw the video, ever. But I do remember Bernard visiting. He was only one of two American users to visit! I was wondering where the video was.... and in just 24 hours I received some stills from the video- shot on 8mm videotape, transferred to NTSC VHS tape, digitised and transferred to DVD, transferred to smart phone and grabbed.... not the worlds best quality (Video8 was lower quality than VHS...), but here is a photo, which I never saw before, within 24 hours of my having it drawn to my attention, all the way from the East Coast of the USA to England in a blink of an eye. The wonders of the modern age. s
  6. Two UK user group magazines, as zipped collections of tif images. Returning to TI-LINES from Peter Brooks in Oxford, these are also quite rare and contain interesting content. I followed Peter's exploration of module calls when I was exploring the Advertizer module calls. Today here is TI-LINES (UK) V1 N4 July 1984 and TI-LINES (UK) V1 N5 August 1984. (post script to yesterdays post- I heard from Barnard Falkin, he has not touched his TI since 1989- sigh!) ti-lines v1 n4 July 1984.zip ti-lines_v1_n5_Aug84.zip
  7. Here in a zip file is a collection of TIF images scanned from what seems to be a very rare user group magazine - definitely one for someone to add to the wht archive collection: San Fernando Valley Times Number 45, December 1989. This magazine is mostly written by Ken Gilliland (Notung Software) with a page added by Ray Kazmer. The photographs are not too great- back in the day photocopying machines reproduced images in pure monochrome with no greys/grays. I've done what I can. In the list of board members is one Bernard Falkin. Possibly not a widely known name in the community- but Bernard was one of only TWO American TI users who found their way to my home (although two Brits who visited are now US residents). He took video of me using my TI (what happened to that? I know he showed it to Ray Kazmer...) s SanFernandoValley_Times_No45_Dec89.zip
  8. continuing from yesterday... Here is Part 2 of the PARCO Magazine Issue 2. December 1984. Zip file contains tif images. Parco( (UK) v1 n2 Dec84 Part2.zip
  9. Here is Part 1 of the PARCO Magazine Issue 2. December 1984. Part two will follow tomorrow. Big magazine with lots of listings. Zip file contains tif images. At the time this magazine was printed it could have been issue 1 or 2 or 3- when the dust settled the agreed status was that this magazine was PARCO TI99/4a MAGAZINE ISSUE 2. (December 1984). This confusion was due to problems producing a joint venture magazine with a Dutch concern- joint venture magazine already in this thread. PARCO was a TI99/4a only retailer in Honiton Devon. Parco (UK) v1 n2 Dec 84 Part 1.zip
  10. Here is a rarity from the UK, what came to be known as Issue 1 of the Parco TI99/4a magazine (August 1984). Parco was a retailer based in Honiton Devon. Please could this be placed on wht as a magazine called PARCO V1 N1 This was - as it turned out- a one off produced by a joint venture between the UK and Holland. The joint venture issue 2 never made it, instead we had a magazine put out purely by Parco. The first all-Parco magazine was known as Parco Issue 2- that will follow in a couple of weeks, it is 40 A4 pages. Parco was Frances Parrish, who was assisted by Harry Pridmore. Later programming assistance was supplied by Neil Lawson. Harry later went out on his own as "NewDay". parco (uk) v1 n1 Aug 84.zip
  11. If google drive isn't your favourite supplier, our very own ti99iuc also holds gamebase for download... http://www.ti99iuc.it search for GameBase_v21 and download GameBase.v21_by_Ox_and_Mad.zip or you can save ti99iuc bandwidth and get it from archive.org: http://tinyurl.com/y9xz6m46
  12. Rare UK Magazines to add to the WHT archive if someone would be so kind!!! This week we have another very rare UK user magazine- the first three issues of TI-LINES which was produced by Peter Brooks in Oxford. This ran for a full three years. By the third volume the size had stabilised at 32 pages per month, almost all written by Peter, and the name had changed to International TI Lines to reflect some sales to overseas owners.... Peter tended to report forthcoming TI products which never passed the dream stage, you need to take reports of new products fairly lightly unless there is another source of the information. Peter also planned many major projects for which he never had the time, and most things that he had planned never happened. Peter moved on to live in the USA as a technical writer, and left all his TI things behind. Introducing you to TI-Lines with Issues 1, 2 and 3 dated April, May and June 1984 as TIF images in their own zip files. Issue 3 is historic as it announces to the world (less than 20 readers) the birth of my son. Next week: look forward to Issue 4 of TI-Lines and Issue One of the UK Parco magazine (32 pages- August 1984). I think it better to mix them up a bit rather than concentrate on one title. s ti-lines v1 n2 May_1984.zip ti-lines v1 n3 June 1984.zip ti-lines_v1 n1 April 1984.zip
  13. Got the above dates wrong, reference to TIHOME Tidings being thicker after July 1987 should be July 1981 of course, but you spotted that... there will be a delay before I move on to the very thick Issue 5. First I'll fill in a few small omissions from the wht collection... next up will be the initial issues of Peter Brooks "TI-Lines" from April 1984. Looks like a weekly schedule to post these... s
  14. More rare UK magazine scans zipped into individual collections of tif images. These are currently missing from the WHT archive- please would someone insert them there, thanks. The WHT archive has a good set of newsletters from the East Anglian Region (EAR) but currently omits the first three- so here they are, Issue 1 of May 87, Issue 2 of June 87 and Issue 3 of July 87. The magazine Tidings from the first UK Group TI Home is poorly represented in WHT so here are Issue 3 of May 1981 and issue 4 of July 1981. In the early days the masthead title of Tidings came and went but later became the norm. July 1987 was the last of the thinner issues, as there were only 18 members, the UK console was about to be released and after that membership - and magazine size- grew fast with the later magazines often exceeding 100 pages! EAR (East Anglia) V1 N3 July87.zip EAR (East Anglia)_V1_N1_May87.zip EAR (East Anglia)_V1_N2_Jun87.zip tidings v1 n3 May81.zip tidings v1 n4 July81.zip
  15. I have seen a copy of this manual recently and it looked to me like a fairly modern print of a scan, with some small but obvious amendments to the cover. It appeared to me to be an ebay seller selling copy cassettes as originals.... original manuals earn higher prices. As the amended manuals are now all over the planet it would be hard to say who the first photoshopper was! One giveaway was the cover paper which was simply wrong, with a slight finish to it that TI never had available. - plus various tape/disk wording errors. In general TI cassette software which was also sold on disk used the same manual internal pages but with differently worded covers. We need to be alert that there are some good reprint manuals out there- to authenticate check the cover paper against a known original and look for variations in font or alignment where changes may have been made. The reference at the bottom of the front cover to Extended Basic shows that this wording was scanned from a different manual.... perhaps based upon a disk manual with cassette wording copied from a different cassette manual... s
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