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  1. Three more manuals for disk based software- these all depend upon you having other software! MICRODEX for TI Base by Bill Gaskell, distributed by Texaments. Requires TI Base V2 or higher. Black print on grey (gray) card. Indexes of TI magazines- 99er/HCM, Compute, Micropendium 1984-1988, Enthusiast 99, Super 99, Smart Programmer and partial indexes for Ryte Data and MiniMag and others. TI CASINO SUPPLEMENT- Notung Software. Requires TI Casino. Black print on yellow card with white pages inserted. Extra jokes, new game of Faro, rejigged slot machine. The zip includes a scan of the disk label. BEYOND VIDEO CHESS by Harry Wilhelm, distributed by Asgard. Black print on buff pages. The zip includes an additional white insert with module modification illustrations. Require the Video Chess module and additional hardware or module mod - adds disk save and load to the module, screen print to normal printer, game list to usual printer. Use of joysticks to play the game. Requires Module mod OR widget or load interrupt switch or Corcomp or Myarc disk controller orHorizon ram disk or Geneve..... I started scanning TI Artist Plus manual and have hit a brick wall- the old large USB socket on my 20 year old scanner has disintegrated leaving me with a working scanner and no way to talk to it. Replacement equivalent scanners no longer seem on offer- main scan 1200 dpi, sub scan at 2400 dpi and zoom to 9600dpi. The central plastic block snapped off leaving the wires unsupported and one of the wires has disappeared into the innards... I have found a second hand replacement but it has a SCSI interface which adds additional problems... I'm working on it, and at the same time rebuilding my software for my new 64 bit CPU (in some cases I am having to rebuild from source). So please excuse the lack of scans for a little while. Right now it isn't a permanent absence just a long one. I do have a 600dpi domestic scanner but it really isn't up to serious manual scanning and the 600dpi is not as clear as on my ancient scanner. Have fun everyone.... s BeyondVideoChess.zip Microdex.zip TICasinoSupplement.zip
  2. Thank you sparkdrummer- the Connection program was very handy especially for quickly (!ahem!) rustling up a standalone basic screen image.... Amazing what a lovely collection of programs we have between us- but so many seem to be missing still. Did anyone see SYMDEB which one book author said was "available on request from TI"- a symbolic debugger. And so many Basic games programs have gone adrift.
  3. A selection of manuals for disk based software this time, as usual scanned at 480 dpi and cleaned up- apart from one scanned at 600dpi. Manuals presented in a zip file of tif images for you to read or ocr or pdf or print. For manuals with coloured pages apart from the outside covers I have amended the page colour to white to make for easier printing (and in some cases reading.). What have we here.... ARTIST'S CONNECTION by Robert Petrocone of Enterprise Software, marketed by TEXAMENTS as ARTIST'S COMPANION #2. I have looked in all the usual places and cannot find this useful little program- does anyone have a copy they can post here?? The program takes a TI Artist Instance ("_I") as input and can output the image in merge format (DV 163) to add to your Basic or Extended Basic program (yes you have to use XB to merge the code but the TI Basic code will run in pure TIB. For TIB the code redefines up to 159 characters and uses CALL HCHAR using 32 columns. For XB code the output code uses DISPLAY AT, up to 143 characters and a 28 column screen width. ARTIST'S COMPANION #13, a collection of fonts (_F) including 3 scenes and 25 borders, eleven instances (_I) and 8 pictures (_P) . The manual was printed in black ink on grey paper and grey card cover. CERTIFICATE '99 COMPANION PLUS by Ken Gilliland, Notung Software. To be used with Great Lakes Software's Certificate 99 program. Includes additional fonts, borders, graphics and signatures and pre-saved certificates. Manual was printed in black ink on gold card with a white sheet insert. Disk image posted separately below. STAR TREK (The Next Generation) 1991 Calendar by Ray Kazmer, Notung Software. Manual printed in black on pale peach card cover and white contents pages. Includes credit to yours truly. Two dsk images to be found below. Zip includes a scan of the disk label. The picture files may be printed with the program on the disk or with MacFlix or TPA MDOS or the McPix part of Pix Pro. The above program mentions MacFlix hence to follow must be: MacFlix by J Peter Hoddie distributed by Genial Computerware. Manual printed in black on grey card cover and white contents pages. The correction in the section on "Using Pictures from IBM PC Disks" was in the new manual as received. A disk image can be found below. And finally but by no means least: TI SORT (Version 1.0) by Dennis Faherty, INSCEBOT. Manual printed entirely in blue on grey card covers and grey paper pages. Due to the tiny print I have scanned this at 600 dpi. Disk image to be found below. TI Sort was designed as a tool to be used with TI Base as a fast sort, but was capable of more generic use. Not to be confused with a similar commercial offering SORT1 by SSI. Artist_Companion_2.zip Artist_Companion_13.zip cert99c.dsk Cert99_Companion.zip stcal1.dsk stcal2.dsk ST_TNG_Calendar.zip macflix.dsk MacFlix.zip TI_Sort.zip TISORT.dsk ssisort.dsk
  4. Here are clean hi-res (480dpi) scans in TIF format for you to read, print, OCR or pdf for: PHM3115 ALIEN ADDITION in two zip files- quite a large manual at 72 pages. (c) 1982 Texas Instruments, Manual back cover (c) 1983.. Joysticks optional. The second zip includes the green module label. This is the EU five language version, Eng, DE, I, NL, and F. The front cover and every other page has two words of French. The inside front cover has two paragraphs of Swedish- anyone from Sweden looking for "Las detta forst" is out of luck. Addition of numbers from 0 to 9. For US school grades K to 6, approx age 5 to 12. Query- anyone interested in the large A4 workbooks for the Scholastic Spelling modules? Next to come is Inscebots TI SORT. (Sorry for a bit of a delay, my motherboard stopped working....). s AlienAdditionPt1.zip AlienAdditionPt2.zip
  5. In theory it is possible to transfer the data files for Tunnels of Doom to a bin image, and have FG99 transfer it to VDP for the module bin to play- so that you could have an FG99 menu with several TOD games to choose, load from SD card and play, without the need for a disk or tape transfer. I have this working on emulator but my FG99 is giving VDP corruption and hangs. The data is over 8k so bank switching has been used- and was explicitly switched before the first access. My starting point was the game disk images (saved to disk with the TOD module). I have tried FG99 with and without speech, with 32k ram! and I don't have a real TI disk system. Please could someone take a look at what I'm doing -at the end of the linked page are sample converted Quest bin files (C and G) and text details of the procedure- at: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/310163-tod-files-on-fg99/?do=getLastComment The menu item for FG99 has been modified. I'm making a simple error somewhere.... ta S
  6. Thanks Jedimatt42. yes there is an explicit bank switch before the first access. Here are some files to look at- my son has prepared a readme file which explains what we are doing and includes gpl code, plus a couple more files Quest of the King. the C and G files. These are in the order that fg99 requires. The menu item which fg99 uses to place the module name on screen has been moved slightly to allow easier renaming of each adventure pair, so that each can have a different menu entry- this requires a hex editor on the G file. Take a look at the code and notes and see if we are doing something incorrectly. It may be worth mentioning that we have tried with and without speech synth and with and without 32k ram. There is NO disk system attached. The fg99 OS menu is headed v1 (c)2017. Have fun and please note the G bin files are amended and at present unstable! s README.TXT QUESTC.BIN QUESTG.BIN
  7. My PC has failed (this posted on borrowed pc!) and with local lock down in place it is time to look at the TI99/4a tasks. First up- running TOD from FG99 without disk or cassette. My son has been working hard coding for me, and we have it working in emulator (v9t9) but the real ironware is causing problems. First job done- amended the TOD bin by adding an autoloader so that todg.bin would load todc.bin and move it into vdp - this uses the normal TI Files data files for Tunnels of Doom, no problem, even though my v9t9 required the todc.bin to be split into two smaller files (8k limit). The new autoloader has to do a bank switch- it loads the first 8k of data, switches banks and then loads the rest. This all works with emulator. (Two bank switching methods tried and both run with v9t9). With real iron and fg99 I am getting what is apparently vdp screen corruption, ultimately crashing - unfortunately the way that TOD moves data around is very complex. So- what differences could there be between emulator and fg99? Any pointers on what to look at? It is of course on fg99 that I need this to work- then we can have pairs of bin files for each adventure. The save to disk and tape is still available. I have run the fg99 memory tests and they are all ok. Sample files for Pennies attached to have a look at. s PENNIESC.BIN PENNIESG.BIN
  8. In the sombre days of 1983/4 Texas Instruments released to users and placed in the public domain a program they called Superbug, a debugging tool. Somewhat buggy (oh dear) and plenty of room for polishing and extending. Edgar Dohlman produced Superbug II, with errors corrected and extra facilities. It was well received and work progressed to produce SUPERBUG II VERSION 2 with more corrections and more facilities. This debugger requires a disk system and 32k ram and could be loaded with Mini Memory, Extended Basic, Editor Assembler, compatible with SuperSpace and a version to load into >6000. Can use the interrupt switch of the widget or otherwise fitted to a console. It can (the docs say!) load an EA3 file and then SAVE an EA5 file. The disk file is fairly well distributed and findable. Now here is the MANUAL for version 2, due to the tiny print I have scanned this one at 600 dpi and it is in a zip of TIF files for you to read, pdf, ocr or print. SuperBug_II_V2.zip
  9. A heads-up for a post on another thread which you may have missed- if you hop along and visit: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/309792-got-these-games-for-download/?do=findComment&comment=4601483 you will find hloberg has posted a zip file containing some fine pdf scans of the following: 3D Bowling Bomb Squad (ASD&D) Fun House (ASD&D) Interceptor (Republic) Khe Sanh (Not Polyoptics) Kong (Extended SW) Laser Shield (ASD&D) Meteor Shower (ASD&D) Panzer Strike Par Fore Quest for the Key Ring Destroyer Stone Age (ASD&D) TI Asteroids (FFF) TI Avalon Hill Galaxy Up Periscope (Pewterware) Volcano Fortress (Asgard) ALSO tiu99iuc has a super NEW game called FRUITEE to be found at: http://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pageid=database_cerca&archivioid=332 The relevance of this post is that the documentation is inside the zip at the bottom of the ti99iuc linked page. This excellent new game runs nicely in Extended Basic. There is also a 32k bin file- it does not play nicely with my ancient MESS and I haven't tried it yet with fg99 for which it will require the 32k ram. Beautiful game from David J Smith (many thanks!).
  10. To help anyone else looking for documents, here are some sources.... knowing where to look can speed things up sometimes. Game documents- I have a list of manuals on Atariage- see post: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/248687-ti-99-docs-manuals-ebooks-lost-found/?do=findComment&comment=4597022 3D Bowling manual is on Atariage; http://atariage.com/forums/topic/268739-disk-doc-to-pdf/?do=findComment&comment=3866062 The FFF program AsTIroids manual is at http://atariage.com/forums/topic/248687-ti-99-docs-manuals-ebooks-lost-found/?do=findComment&comment=4208419 There are several games called Kong, if you refer to the one published by Extended Software, that manual is on whtech. Up Periscope docs are on whtech. Interceptor has a good quality manual on ti99iuc enjoy... s
  11. Time for updated sorted lists of the documentation that is available for TI99/4a software and hardware - and where to find it. It if isn't on the list and you have the documentation- consider scanning (or lending the document to a scanner!). The low res or hard to read scans have been omitted to encourage better scans! As always if you know of documents I have failed to list or even better, good sources, do let me know. First is a text document which lists the documents here on atariage, together with the URL where you can find the document. These are documents mostly in pdf format or in zipped tif format. The other document is a searchable sorted pdf which lists the documents I have found all over the net, in fully sorted order, with an indication of where to find them- but not usually the full URL. Enjoy. s omegalist.txt softwaremanualsamalgJuly20.pdf
  12. Here are clean hi-res (480dpi) scans in TIF format for you to read, print, OCR or pdf for: PHM3116 DEMOLITION DIVISION in two zip files- quite a large manual at 72 pages. (c) 1982 Texas Instruments, Manual back cover (c) 1983.. Joysticks optional. The second zip includes the green module label. This the EU five language version, Eng, DE, I, NL, and F. The front cover and every other page has two words of French. The inside front cover has two paragraphs of Swedish- anyone from Sweden looking for "Las detta forst" is out of luck. Division with answers from 0 to 9. For US school grades 3 to 11, approx age 8 to 17. I don't think any 17 years olds are going to struggle with quickly sorting out 28 divided by 4. At the upper age ranges this is a very simple speed game. ---jbm103 mystery solved, the source code is in a French magazine called 99 Magazine. jbm=Jean-Bernard Morelle. Source code by Alexandre Mortilla, possibly using code by Jean Marin. ---Next up- SUPERBUG II by Edgar Dohlman. I have manuals for V1 and V2, but I guess V2 is the one folks will want. The disk is fairly easy to find but I can post that if required. DemolitionDivisionPt1.zip DemolitionDivisionPt2.zip
  13. Moving on to issue 11 of the magazine, undated, I found the SOURCE CODE for jbm103, and some details of the CALL LINKs. This article is by Alexandre Mortilla, who I will now consider to be the author of JBM103. I could not see an explanation of the essential CALL LOADS that the XB program needs to start with, and which sometimes have different second values passed (I have seen 0, 2, and 24). "Tout programe graphique doit demarrer par la ligne suivante: 10 CALL LOAD(-31890,56,24) :: CALL LOAD(-31964,56,24)" [BUT the demo program included instead uses (-31890,56,2) !] "On est en CALL FILES(1), soit un seul fichier ouvert a la foir." "Interdiction d'utiliser la directive d'asseblage DEF " BREAK a running program press "simultanement sur FCTN puis 5 puis 4" (FCTN 5 switches to 24x32 then FCTN 4 will break. Once the SCRO is loaded you can switch between modes with FCTN 5 (SCR1) and FCTN 6 (SCR2).The article suggests using CALL FILES(1). The LINKS available: SCR2 switches to bit map mode SCR1 switches to 24x32 mode CLEAR clears screen SAUVE saves image ("SAUVE","DSK1.PIC_P") CHARGE loads old image ("CHARGE","DSK1.PIC_P) -the underline P provides compatability with TI Artist pictures and is otherwise not required. ("POINT", color, y,x) ("CERCLE", color, y centre, x centre, radius) - the French word "rayon" is used for radius. ("LIGNE", COLOR, Y, X [,Y2,X2] ) "SI Y2 et X2 ne sont pas fournis, la ligne tracee demarre de la fin de la ligne precedente jusqu'a Y,Y, ou bien de l'origine fixeee par "ORIGIN" jusqu'a Y,X ("ORIGIN",Y,X) sets first point (see LIGNE) have fun s Thanks! WE now have some more info. Thanks to Alexandre Mortilla wherever he may be.
  14. Many thanks. Issue 8 is especially interesting- it has the source code for a bit map graphics program for Mini Memory, very similar to JBM103, which was for Extended Basic. Issue 8 was dated March 1985 and cost 40 Francs. Both the magazine and JBM103 require the Basic program to commence CALL LOAD(-31890,56,0) which seems to reloacte the GPL stack; JBM103 adds CALL LOAD(-31964,56,0) which appears to relocate the value stack. Changes in use: TI99 NO8 JBM103: CALL LINK("BITMAP") -> CALL LINK("CLEAR")::(CALL LINK("SCR2") CALL LINK("POINT",Y,X) -> CALL LINK("POINT",COL,Y,X) CALL LINK("DROITE",X1,Y1,X2,Y2) -> CALL LINK("LIGNE",COL,X1,Y2,X2,Y2) The bit map graphics routines are by JEAN MARIN of CLUB TICAZUR. There are other articles in the magazine by Jean-Bernard MORELLE who may be the JBM who sent me a copy of his disk 103???? So- anyone recall these gentlemen or the club or the progra?? We have a few answers but still not a real history.... many thanks s
  15. Thanks - that is MY disk listed there!!! Back in the year (ahem) I sent some boxes of disks off to Jim P. The -READTHIS file is by me! Still have no idea who wrote the program and no proper documentation. My curiousity needs satisfaction - somebody must know something? Still waiting.... s
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