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  1. One magazine as a zip of clean hi res TIF images- read, print, ocr or pdf as you wish: from Peter Brooks, Oxford TI-LINES v1 n13 April 1985. A5 white paper, two staples, 60 pages. There were a number of errors which for convenience I have noted on the relevant pages. Contents included: A note that the TI printer port was for the Epson sub-set of Centronics and some printers needed an amendment: Centronics supplied a small circuit fix in this issue using a Fairchild 9602; from Ottawa a five page spread on the data held on a TI disk in Sector 0; from Saskatoon info on the disk File Descriptor Block and the Index in Disk Sector 1 (3 pages); Yet more (7 pages + 2 more pages later) on Enhanced Basic- when the Stats or PRK modules are inserted- this time the CALL G command with a little bit of CALL L and CALL H From Viv Comley, the 99/4A PAL Video output with circuit diagrams , what comes out, and how to use analog RGB with a Microvitec monitor (7 pages); Listing- Doodle by Richard Owen'; Two page advert from Arcade Hardware; List of "useful" CALL LOADs and PEEKs. From Rocky Mountain- how to take a particular style of PEB apart; From Allen Burt more tips on using TI writer (3 pages); From Saskatoon how programs are stored in the computer (6 pages) That should be enough. Next week on to v1 n14 (yes 14 months in the year as the first two issues were free). I have to do a lot of retyping as the print quality is rather poor. Enjoy. bb ti-lines(uk)_v1_n13_Apr85.zip
  2. Sit back again- I still retain my original PAL 99/4 and it is still fully functional, with quite a good keyboard. I came to the TI99/4 as a practiced typist having used a very heavy Underwood office machine and then a smaller lighter Olivetti for some 22 years before my 99/4 purchase, so my fingers knew where to go... by 1982 I had been using an electric typewriter and even an early dedicated AES word processor (Data Superplus with hard sectored floppies). I found the AES keyboard harder to use than the 99/4, the AES was too bulky and unmoveable. The various typewriters I used had the usual QWERTY keyboards but the punctuation (where it existed) did vary enormously so the TI99/4 wasn't a big problem, and I can't say the style of the keys was an issue. My first use of a TI99/4 keyboard (using a machine lent by TI UK before they released the PAL version) went with no problems at all and I rapidly (I had three days!) wrote a home ledger program that was still in use a decade later. Those were the days. The very first computer I ever used -IBM 360 - didn't even have a "visual display unit". bb
  3. TI Gamebase- debugged game... SPEED RACE Perhaps a little late in the day but I see that the first game I had published in a commercial magazine way back in 1982 (sent to the magazine late in 1981, almost 40 years ago!) is in there - and it needs amending to run on a TI99/4a. Yes, published in January 1982 in Issue 3 of "Computing and Video Games" magazine, the game "Speed Race" was written for a TI99/4 with Version 100 of Extended Basic, and the enlarged character sets in the 4A/v110 caused problems with this game. Only a tiny amendment required though- in line 130, amend the end of the CALL CHAR to now read: EBA"&RPT$("0",48)) Did anyone with Gamebase try the game and realise the problem? Something of a rare problem. When the magazine published this program there were maybe three UK owners with Extended Basic. Version 110 did not start to appear - slowly- until a month later. bb SPEEDRACE.txt
  4. Just one larger UK TI magazine today- I expect to post a larger magazine at each weekend now. Here for you to read, pdf, ocr or print is a zip file of hi res TIF images. Today we have: PARCO 99/4A magazine V1 N5 1985 (there was no cover date). A4 size, white paper, two staples. Published by a retailer based in Honiton, Devon. Contents: Using SOUND by Paul Templar- using DATA statements; encoded help with the adventure Return to Pirates Island from Ian Goodall; listings for: Basicball by R A Batts-two player game; Mission to Myclon by Sam Nash; TI Word by Richard Owen (yes a word processor in XB). The two games do not seem to be in the TI Gamebase... Two small graphics demo programs by Graham Farncombe and Stephen Meadows; a Mini-Memory assembly sort routine by M J Lucken with Basic program to use it; reviews of two graphics programs, GRAPHX (MiniMem or EdAs or ExBas all plus 32k) and A-R-T-I-S-T (NB NOT TI-Artist) which just needs the Mini-Mem. Two type in graphic programs- Monkey Graphics by M Rout and Painting by J M Aminian. Reviews of Dig Dug module, Congo Bongo module, disk labels Data Wipers, and the book "Getting Started" by Stephen Shaw. Phew. That's a lot of content. parco magazine_v1_n5_1985.zip
  5. Two zip files today each containing clean hi res scan tif images of TI99/4a user group magazines for you to read, print, OCR or PDF. They are not in the wht archive so if someone would like to add them there.... TI-LINES (UK) v1 n12 Mar 1985: from Peter Brooks in Oxford, UK. A rather thin magazine and thin content this time, but it keeps the run complete. Not a good quality print as the photocopier Peter used had been "maintained" just before (badly). 20 pages of the thoughts of Peter (mostly TI related!), which explains some of the problems that he faced. A gentle reminder that Peter repeated rumours of rumours as factual - some of what he wrote in terms of news is not to be taken too seriously. The technical side is usually most informative. Central Ohio Ninety-Niners (CONNI) Spirit of 99 v5 n9 Sep 1987. 20 A4 pages, contents include: Short review of Centipede module; For Gram Kracker owners, a 5 page article on editing TI Basic to add CALL XB and Extended Basic to add CALL BC. Tips from the Tigercub 42 by Jim Peterson; a handy 5 page "get started here" guide to TI Writer by Dick Altman; enjoy -bb conni_spirit of 99_v5_n9_Sep87.zip tilines_uk_v1_n12_March85.zip
  6. One magazine as a zip of clean hi res TIF images- read, print, ocr or pdf as you wish: Central Ohio Ninety-Niners (CONNI) Spirit of 99 v5 n7 July 1987. A4 size, white paper, two staples. TI Disk Format (the actual bytes on the floppy, the Volume Information Block and the File Descriptor Records)- summary.; Tips from the Tigercub 41; Changelog for DM1000 v3.5; listing "Oracle" by Jim Swedlow; Word Hunt creation program by Jack Sughrue (tiny print, scanned at very high res, please print at hi-res!); TI key codes; the hidden commands of PRK (Enhanced Basic)-summary two and a half pages; a tiny review of "Useable Disk Cataloger" v2.3 by Harry Brashear; listings omitted from previous newsletters (Jim Swedlow XB06 from May87 and XB05 from April 87): Loadmaker v1.1 and Disk Menu v 1.2.; reprint of 1st anniversary editorial from 1983. enjoy bb conni_spirit of 99_v5_n7_Jul87.zip
  7. Two zip files today each containing clean hi res scan tif images of TI99/4a user group magazines for you to read, print, OCR or PDF. They are not in the wht archive so if someone would like to add them there.... ========== MSP99 NEWSLETTER v10 n5 May 1987: There was a later v10 n5 (see above) dated June 1987. Here we have the first v10 n5 with quite different content to June. . NB the inside front cover uses the smallest font I have seen so make sure you maintain at least 600 dpi for a PDF or when printing. The scan here IS legible. Contents- Coding to use a console modified with a load interrupt switch; a new Easter Calculation program which works (unlike the one published in April); More on using TI Writer formatter; a note on Extended Basic Pre-scan ([email protected]); short format docs on using the program MAX-RLE. ====== TI-LINES (UK) v1 n11 Feb 1985: An assembly program for mini-memory by Gary Harding to place a clock on screen- more of a LBLA demo as the TI interrupts prevent an accurate clock! (assumes European console); Even more info on the Enhanced (PRK) Basic CALL H command. Setting aside memory with CALL P and then setting up a form with CALL H - then using CALL S to save the form, which can then be loaded with the PRK module itself...; (To use TI Basic to insert Data you will have to wait for CALL G coverage or use the PRK data input...) enjoy- bb msp99 v10_n5_May87.zip ti-lines(uk)_V1_n11_Feb85.zip
  8. Two zip files today each containing clean hi res scan tif images of TI99/4a user group magazines for you to read, print, OCR or PDF. They are not in the wht archive so if someone would like to add them there.... ========== MSP99 NEWSLETTER v10 n5 JUNE 1987: There was an earlier V10 N5 (to follow!) dated May 1987. This is the second V10 n5 with all new content dated June 1987. Contents- a note about older (!) consoles supplying over voltage on the +5V line causing problems with the ExBas module (preferred voltage 5.1, found 5.4) ; Using speech with the TE2 module (Craig Dunn); Speech in TI Basic using MiniMemory or XB+32k (Stephen Shaw after Neil Lawson); CALL SAY and CALL SPGET (ExtBas) (anon); TI Writer Formatter for 255 char wide lines (Tom Fairbairn); fixing DM1000 v3.5 to use DD disks with CorComp disk controllers; faster DATA by adding a final dummy data; ====== TI-LINES (UK) v1 n10 Jan 1985: Book review of Ira McComics book on assembly language; TI Writer "Control U" codes; even deeper delving into CALL H of PRK Enhanced Basic. enjoy- bb msp99_v10_n5(2)_June87.zip ti-lines(uk)_V1_n10_Jan85.zip
  9. A UK magazine for you to read, ocr, print, PDF and add to the whtech archive... due to its size posted in two parts - here is part two: PARCO MAGAZINE V1 N4 (part two) The listings for the programs: "Statistical Graphics" (continued from part one) by Sam Nash (TIB); "Telephone Timer" by Clive Tucker (XB); Sonar by Alan Jones (XB+JS); "Treasures of Xerox" by Christopher Rock (TIB). An article on the use of a TI99/4a in UK Maritime Rescue; an introduction to assembly- an assembly CALL CLEAR; reviews of Tunnels of Doom module; Oldies but Goodies Games 1 cassette; Basic: Using DEF; Book Review: Programming Basic with the TI Home Computer. PARCO_V1_N4_1985_PT2.zip
  10. A UK magazine for you to read, ocr, print, PDF and add to the whtech archive... due to its size posted in two parts - here is part one: PARCO MAGAZINE V1 N4 (part one) - no date on the publication but it would have been April or May 1985. A4 in size, two spine staples, all white paper. These first 16 pages include: A "Music Control Program" by Malcolm Birkett in Extended Basic which allows music to be entered as DATA statements; Note on joysticks and alpha lock; an Adventure Help article with brief tips for Return to Pirates Island, Ghost Town, Pyramid of Doom, documentation for Spontaneous Reaction -listing in last issue. The docs have been posted above. Listings- note that instructions appear in their own section before all the listings. So in this part one we have instructions for "Statistical Graphics" by Sam Nash (TIB); "Telephone Timer" by Clive Tucker (XB); Sonar by Alan Jones (XB+JS); "Treasures of Xerox" by Christopher Rock (TIB). And just squeezing into part 1 the first page of the listing for "Statistical Graphics". bb PARCO_V1_N4_1985_PT1.zip
  11. Thanks ksarul. I have a big box file with nearly a complete run of the EAR magazines- I'm just scanning here the ones that seem to be omitted from wht. bb
  12. Two UK magazines for you to read, ocr, print, PDF and add to the whtech archive... I'm a little short on time so I'll leave the descriptions off these- if you have been looking at previous posts you know what you'll find in these... two zips:- Part 2 of ti-home tidings v2 n1 February 1982 plus from Peter Brooks, ti-lines (uk) v1 n9 December 1984 tihome_tidings_v2_n1_Feb82_part 2.zip ti-lines_(uk)_v1_n9_Dec 1984.zip
  13. Documentation for HORDES is at: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/248687-ti-99-docs-manuals-ebooks-lost-found/?p=4192348
  14. A piece of game documentation that is probably superfluous as it is so easy to understand.... the game is in the Game Database, on tigameshelf.net and the listing was in Parco Magazine V1 N3 which is in a post above (Post 691). SPONTANEOUS REACTION by Malcolm Adams (Addatex Software) One page so here it is as a tif image and as a pdf. The documentation now includes screen grabs from all versions of the game- originally written for Stainless Software, then submitted to Parco for a contest which it won hands down. Enjoy. bb spontaneous_reaction.pdf spontaneous_reaction.tif
  15. Two UK User Group magazines in tif image format, zipped together in one zip per title (or two zips if over 20MB): From the pen of Peter Brooks, then based in Oxford, TI LINES V1 N8 Nov 84 Enhanced Basic (PRK Basic)- details of CALL P command; echoing keyboard input to the screen; detailed instructions on using joystick input in Basic programs. TIHOME TIDINGS V2 N1 Feb82 PART 1 The first 22 pages. Page 20 is historic as it is the first publication of Peter Brooks routine for using pixel graphics in Basic- so page 20 appears as a clean scan and also a retyped page. Also added a supplemental updated XB routine of the same by Gary Harding. Other content: Difficulties finding cassette recorders that work with the TI- some models to look for; Review of a 1965 computer book; note: p4 has a way to speed up the listing on p20; Major article on pixel plotting in TI Basic with explanations and examples of usage. part two follows in a few days.... bb tihome tidings v2 n1 Feb82 Part 1.zip ti-lines_(UK)_v1_n8_Nov 1984.zip
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