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  1. Yep that's the one! Interesting- I didn't catch this one as an FG99 bin file- possibly I was confused by MG Explorer- or is this its first appearance? If so- Omega- needs to be in the list please! As Explorer (TexComp) or Explorer (Isani)... Many thanks. Tarik Isani- it couldn't be the Qualcomm Tarik Isani could it? regards
  2. BITD About the time Millers Graphics produced their EXPLORER program there was a fuss about TexComp producing a DIFFERENT program called The Explorer. Is there a dsk image of it anywhere? The file loaded from the disk was (I think) helpfully named EDITOR... not many of those around. Anyone have it in their collection? Anyone actually buy it or use it? Thanks
  3. Hi res 480dpi documentation for MICROSURGEON, PHM3220 from Imagic. A zipped file with tif images for you to read, ocr, print or pdf as you wish. This was a port from an Intellivision game, by the original programmer Rick Levine. Added to the Intellivision version- higher resolution graphics, a view of the hospital room, speech including "Paging Doctor Levine". Possibly a small graphic somewhere composed of lower case letters ck under lower case letters ri, but I never live long enough to find them- I find this game very challenging. Is this the ONLY official TI games manual containing a colour illustration inside? Enjoy- s microsurgeon.zip
  4. Back in the forum, thanks to Albert for amending the server settings- the site is still security grade A.

    I am having trouble with the huge amount of inline elements- I don't have enough memory and processing time is therefore silly but I have some workarounds, so I'm here, just struggling!   

  5. Sorry, I am having problems with the new software... however 1 Many thanks to Albert for changing the server to allow me in - no compromises have been made, Atariage still has a Grade A security report. 2. Above is the documentation for FATHOM in the usual zipped hi res tif format for you to pdf read ocr or print as you wish. Best wishes s
  6. Too many prototypes tested here.... pity I couldn't keep them! ok remove Zazzon from my list and add... Congo Bongo. I never could handle diagonal movements.
  7. You dont like a game either because - simply- it is too boring or you just can't get the hang of it (too hard?).. This will be a very personal thing! But if too many people dislike something, you won't sell enough of them so it is important. I have been through every one player module I can find and have listed below the bottom five for too hard and too boring... but you may well disagree! Is anyone going to go through this thread in a little while to add up all the negative votes? Be sort of interesting. Bottom 5 for boring- let's watch the paint dry... yes a lot of these are really two player games... Soccer Football Moonsweeper (I can keep the score going up without any threat!) Meteor Belt Slymoids and to make up for the two player games which don't belong here- Buck Rogers Bottom 5 for - I last two seconds- Espial Zaxxon Chisholm Trail (I last longer but have no idea what is happening or what to do, after reading the manual!) Miner 2049er (much too sensitive to half pixel positioning) Moonmine
  8. As I just recently played Munchmobile I'll say this- it probably helped if you played it in an arcade. Getting to drive AND operate the cars "hands" is tricky, and the initial learning curve is fairly steep. But I have driven the car into the garage safely and have a fair understanding of how to do things. So I'll upvote the game with a note that even at the slowest lowest level some players won't be able to coordinate the hands or understand how they work- please read the manual I've just put up on the manuals thread! In level two it is essential you move from the bottom of the screen. On the diagonals it is best to have no forward/backward motion. Worst? Yes Zero Zap is in there. I wasn't very happy with the Indoor Football/Soccer game. And there are many I'm happy to forget....
  9. This is one of TI's GROM simulators- when the tv program was made the game had not been put into a module yet. It uses the same sort of GROM simulation that we have in FG99 today using auto-incrementers. Follow the following thread down: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/287227-ti-994a-nostalgia-history-photos-thread/page-1?do=findComment&comment=4200321 regards s
  10. Documentation for two modules in zipped tif format, clean and hi res 480dpi to print, read, ocr or pdf. STAR TREK (Strategic Operations Simulator) PHM3225 SEGA Interesting module conversion of an arcade machine. The cover logo with "Star Trek Strategic Operations Centre" in yellow with the smaller type on a black background matches the upright arcade cabinet but is a departure from the TI norm of having the smaller type in white. You won't see it in the scan but there is some evidence the artwork started out with the small type in the normal white. More interesting perhaps is a feature of the module- my copy will only work with Joystick Number 2 so if you have a single joystick make sure it is plugged in as Joystick 2. MUNCHMOBILE PHM3146 SNK Electronics Another excellent arcade conversion. The original SNK machine was called JOYFUL ROAD, The game was licensed for US Video Arcade Game maker CENTURI of Florida and sold as MUNCH MOBILE (two separate words). TI then released the game and claimed a trademark on MUNCHMOBILE (just the one word!). Learning to control the cars "hands" can be tricky, and dropping litter into the bins takes skill. Level two adds traffic lights and junctions... The arcade machine used a Z80 at 3.75Mhz so the TI was a good match, although the restriction to 16 colours was a difficulty- the arcade machine used 256 colours. My manual is tattered and this is something of a recreation but 99% authentic! I had to put this in now as MUNCH MOBILE has just this month been released by SNK for modern Windows machines! Admittedly you buy their anniversary product and then have to download the free extra Munch Mobile... Anyway, enjoy. s startrek.zip munchmobile.zip
  11. There is documentation for the Adventure module at: http://www.99er.net/download2/index.php?act=category&id=20 I have the brown cover manual for the cassette version of the Mission Impossible adventure and Texas Instruments managed to get the instructions for loading the cassette wrong. I'll add it to the documentation thread in due course - next year perhaps, for what little it is worth!
  12. Hello- looking for community help please. Martin Webb of Intrigue Software has been in touch, he is trying to contact / locate Simon W Sorsbie, who was the proprietor of Lantern Software (Hunchback Havoc etc), last known to be living in Ashford, Kent. If anyone knows anything fairly recent of Simon please post it here or message me and I will pass it on. Martin and Simon used to live close together and Simon did a bit of work for Intrigue. Folks on the forum have been asking about Martin, and as I indicated elsewhere a while ago, he has spent the last decade running a software company in Brazil. If anyone wishes to pass a comment or query to Martin I can pass these on- but please recall that he was just 13 when he wrote the Intrigue software and has not seen a TI99/4a for 35 years or so! Martin and myself would also be interested if anyone has ANY images of the November 1984 big TI get together in Manchester- anything?? Martin is also interested in any photographs of Intrigue stands at any show or exhibition. Many thanks. S
  13. Munch Mobile released 7th June 2019. For Windows, as part of the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection. (The arcade machine was 1983- it was SNKs anniversary!) Other release dates: PlayStation 4: North America: March 19, 2019 Europe: March 22, 2019 Xbox One World: May 3, 2019 Original SNK name was Joyful Road, US arcade machines (by Certuri) were Munch Mobile. The TI version, licensed from SNK was Munchmobile (one word) - and TI claimed a Trademark on Munchmobile- perhaps the earlier Certuri licensee disagreed? Now to recreate and post a manual for the game- I have all the documentation parts and only need to do a little reassembling. Fortunately the font used was TIMES. Just had a quick game (Beginner/Slow) great fun. The original arcade machine was a Z80 at 3.75MHZ so the TI was fairly close- but the original used 256 colours not 16!
  14. DOCUMENTATION LISTS- MANUALS ON ATARIAGE and elsewhere on the 'Net Here are updated lists as at 6th June 2019: First are manuals held here on Atariage, with a link to the post holding the document- this is a simple text list: omegalist.txt And an amalgamated list of manuals both here and elsewhere on the 'Net, ignoring some lower quality ones to encourage higher quality posts to replace them. This is a six page PDF document: softwaremanualsamalgJun19.pdf regards
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