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  1. Hello- looking for community help please.   Martin Webb of Intrigue Software has been in touch, he is trying to contact / locate Simon W Sorsbie, who was the proprietor of Lantern Software (Hunchback Havoc etc), last known to be living in Ashford, Kent.  If anyone knows anything fairly recent of Simon please post it here or message me and I will pass it on.    Martin and Simon used to live close together and Simon did a bit of work for Intrigue.   Folks on the forum have been asking about Martin, and as I indicated elsewhere a while ago, he has spent the last decade running a software company in Brazil.   If anyone wishes to pass a comment or query to Martin I can pass these on- but please recall that he was just 13 when he wrote the Intrigue software and has not seen a TI99/4a for 35 years or so!   Martin and myself would also be interested if anyone has ANY images of the November 1984 big TI get together in Manchester- anything??  Martin is also interested in any photographs of Intrigue stands at any show or exhibition.   Many thanks.   S
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