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  1. Wish I had seen those befiore I bought this other thing...
  2. I bought a retronic designs usb adapter for colecovision controllers and, after having totally given up on ever being able to use a proper controller on a retropie, I'm trying to figure out how to edit the button layout in CoolCV on windows and cant figure out how to do it. Is there any way to reassign buttons to that the keypad will work? The action buttons and joystick works but its still impossible to get the number pad recognized.
  3. Didnt love the crazy amount of negativity by tommy during the panel, probably could have fit the QA in if he had calmed down a bit, but Im still interested in the console. Its a shame its so far away and that they're so far behind where they said they would be at this point.
  4. Im in the market for my first intellivision, from what Ive read the third model is the best. Whats a fair price for one these days? Prices on ebay are all over the place.
  5. Is there any reason to own a super everdrive if you have the jailbroken firmware on the Super NT?
  6. I’ve lost track of all the designs that have been made since my last order and don’t have a Facebook, is there a list or pictures of available designs anywhere else? Have you made a Karl quappe overlay?
  7. Cant really tell if I should have limit rgb range checked on the new firmware or not. When I have it checked, the symbols in the background get one more row of grey pixels around them and when I have it unchecked that greyish border is smaller. No idea how this affects game graphics and have no way to compare. Any suggestions?
  8. Yeah I hate how tight it is, I've tried it all the way in, part of the way in, barely in, and its still the same problem. Maybe once out of every 10 times I turn it on it will work perfectly fine until I plug in another controller or reset the console.
  9. I sold the wireless one that came with the console as I really didnt like it. The 2 that im currently trying to use are stock official nintendo nes controllers. I'll try switching to the official firmware and see if that makes a difference, though I really dont have any interest in using the console that way.
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