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  1. Man, I can only talk for myself but if I received a disrespectful and childish email like the one you sent I would never lose my time talking to you anymore.
  2. Stupid decisions killed SEGA. Some of them, as mentioned in other posts, are so incredibly dumb that they seems to be stuff of urban legend. But they happened. Sony had a lot of hype but the first lot of games was a sad bunch of crap and Sony had zero gaming experience at the time. If managed by smart people Sega would be able to deal with that. But, of course, smart people would had never launched the 32X (Whose only good game was Kolibri, the best Humming Bird based horizontal scrolling shooter ever made as pointed by the Penny-Arcade guys ) and that FMV games that plagued the Sega CD...
  3. Great info Sr. Ferraz! I'm from Brazil and I didn't knew 10% of this until now.
  4. They're very interesting but I guess they'd be more valuable with some backhistory. This guy certainly gave himself a lot of trouble just to have some personal copies of common games.
  5. The Lurking Horror


    Nice little game. I managed to get the color mode and beat the bomber. The little parachutes are a nice touch.
  6. Comparing systems this way is something you'd expect from small children (my father has better specs than yours...)
  7. About LOGO, it was aimed at children, to teach them about programming and logic. So it not so unfair to call it a "toy".
  8. The Panzer Dragoon RPG for the Saturn was very nice looking (at that time, but it is still good looking enough for me today) and better than most of PS1 3D library. But of course the programmers were all going crazy trying to extract every bit and cycle from the machine, proving that the extreme hard programming environment for the Saturn helped much in killing it.
  9. It's just a matter of Hype and false marketing. Like Sony's emotion engine and the "cell technology" for the PS3. Like the vaporware companies keep touting, like the CD component for the SNES and N64 or, well any add-on nintendo creates and fail to support. Marketeers try to fool consumers since day one. Summing it all, don't trust anything a corporation tells you, it's probably a lie.
  10. If the original programmer is really MIA or if there is no agreement on using his previous work, then I guess the only way is to start it again from square zero. If I had the skills (I'm beginning the work on achieving them) I'd give it a shot. It's a great idea for a truly inovative game.
  11. I got one back in the day. After playing in my friends' houses for quite some time (fun fact: most of them were girls. I guess gaming was waay more accepted by the fair sex back then) and begging my parents for what seemed like an eternity, one glorious day I received one brand new 2600 set. Needless to say I spend almost all my free time with that beauty. I lost the count of how many joysticks I broke playing asteroids and missile command
  12. Very true. My main point is that Nintendo spent the money, and invested the time and effort to figure out how to make graphics like than on the SNES. Tramiel would have hired the cheapest developer, given a couple of months to develop and told them it had to be on a 48K cart. 853214[/snapback] Talking about DKC, Gamespy did a Top10 overhyped games feature some years ago and DKC was one of them. Tycho from penny-arcade even responded to them in a strip saying it was one hell of a revolution and they were dead wrong but I'm of the same opinion of the GS guys. DKC was only a sprite engine overlaped in a boring game. So what if the sprites were modelled in supercomputers if they were still mere sprites? Nintendo gained much marketshare that days overhyping its products (like Sony do now for the PS line. Emotion Engine my ass!) I hope to see a homebrew 7800 game REALLY breaking grounds someday, like opcode's games did for the colecovision. That's the joy of making homebrews IMO.
  13. Yeah, thanks to all Homebrewers. It's impressive to see what these guys do to push the envelope on 2600 (and coleco, 5200,...) development. Maybe someday I'll have the guts to try joining this group.
  14. Great idea! It's interesting to look at and helpful. Your game appears to be a interesting one.
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