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  1. The dumper only knows how to load certain types of carts, and its firmware has not been updated with the newer Stella release for the Retron 77. My R77's connector still works fine, but I treat it gingerly, and always try to start my cart insertion at an angle(rotated left or right) to the slot, as the angle of the contacts seems to be fairly low, and I've found that if I try to simply insert a cart straight that doesn't have a steep bevel on it's PCB edge it will collide with the edge connector with a clunk rather than parting the contacts properly.
  2. Try deleting /stella/settings.sqlite3* so that Stella will recreate them. The current beta release has a bug that will eliminate paddle mappings under certain circumstances, and "defaults" will not restore them for you. I found that starting from scratch does restore working paddle defaults, however. Mappings can also be set manually, but it's a fiddly process for paddles.
  3. Without modifications, the wico doesn't speak the trak-ball 'language.'
  4. Try cleaning the contacts or use a different reader if you can. A read-only sd card usually is usually an indication of a connector issue in my experience.
  5. I think that the door looks great, although it does remind me more of a chest than a door. Is it my imagination, or does the player character accelerate faster in the 7800 version?
  6. Why not replace the battery? Does the controller have other wear related problems?
  7. fluxit

    "Common" my ass

    O'Sheas had Jungle Hunt. Mine was dead out of the box.
  8. fluxit

    z26 4.x

    I can confirm that 4.06 fixed the 'install' issue on a clean Mint Cinnamon system.
  9. Currently, the trak-ball does not work on the Retron 77 without using a 2600-daptor or similar device.
  10. fluxit

    z26 4.x

    I had to manually create ~/.local/share/icons before z26 would create its menu entry.
  11. fluxit

    z26 4.x

    Apparently, it's a bug. But the issue is controversial(like so many things linux related.) Adding the linker option "-no-pie" does produce a working z26 binary here that is detected correctly by nemo. IMO, PIE executables should be able to be identified by reading the ELF header. Oh well. I'm not really new to linux, I've been using unix-likes since 1993 IIRC. I just haven't been compiling anything on a regular basis lately, and I switched flavors just a couple of weeks ago as well.
  12. fluxit

    z26 4.x

    Sorry for the noobish question. I built z26 on Mint Cinnamon "bionic." I also changed js1 fire to spacebar(horrors.) I just ran make, and after setting the resulting binary to executable, it runs fine from a terminal, but isn't recognized as an executable(other than in "Properties") and will not run from nemo. Any ideas about what is strange about my executable?
  13. That's entirely up to you. Many people keep the original card with its software unmodified as a way to easily restore the system to its 'stock' condition. There's no technical reason why you can't write the new firmware to your original card. That's what I've done.
  14. I was curious, and wasn't adverse to having an extra USB NIC around, so I tried the above linked lan adapter. The one that I received _does_ actually** have an RTL8152 chip, and it works with the R77. However, it didn't work for me when plugged directly into the OTG cable, only when plugged into an(unpowered, for what it's worth) hub. I've noticed this with a few devices, that the R77's USB doesn't seem to like to negotiate directly with some USB devices if they have been powered up before the R77, as they are when plugged directly into the OTG. So, in other words- if you have a USB device that 'should' be working with the R77 but isn't, try plugging it in directly(if through a hub,) or through a hub if direct before giving up. ** note that I'm not guaranteeing that purchasing the linked adapter will get you one that is compatible with the R77, just that it worked for me.
  15. The cart plays nicely on my 7800 and Retron 77. One small thing- if you want to share your score with someone, you'd better be quick. It's only displayed for ~20 seconds, and pause doesn't work on the end screen if you are using a 'real' 2600 compatible.
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