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  1. 2600 Missile Command is one of the few games that still gives me the same experience that I remember from the first time I played. The graphics are exciting, and the sound adds to the urgency of the game. Then we have the ending, which is actually one of the things that keeps me coming back for another play, rather than leaving me disappointed at having lost. Very cool(and frightening.) I can also usually round up a second player, as MC is very approachable and frankly plays great with a joystick, but it still 'needs' a trakball. =D
  2. I like this game on the 7800, I really do, but the graphics... ugh. It looks like a port of the game to a system that couldn't handle the arcade 'look,' or a clone of the game by someone who was trying to produce a play-alike that didn't 'steal' the graphics of the original. What were they thinking?
  3. The ghost monkey is a cool addition. It's a very small thing and may only be an emulator issue, but the leftmost pixel of the left ghost monkey shows up on the right side of the screen. I need to spend some more time with this release, but I've not seen any real issues so far.
  4. Speaking of Nightmare/Stuntman, does anyone know how to complete level 3- the 'balloon' level? I've searched the net for a manual to no avail. No one who's posted a video of the game(s) that I could find on YouTube has gone past level 2. Someone's probably discussed this on AtariAge before, but I couldn't find a thread. Unlike level 1, you cannot climb directly to the helicopter. Unlike level 2, you have no sword/hammer/pick with which to strike the balloons. Touching the balloons with your character seems to have no effect. --edit-- Ah, it seems that 'grabbing' the string on a balloon turns it into an alien/bug, but the hit detection for this is very specific, so I managed to go two games without managing to change a single balloon. On my third game, I actually did change a couple of balloons, but it's too difficult to do so, IMO. Maybe if the sprites weren't so small it would be easier.
  5. Water Ski has a bit of a difficulty curve(mostly related to the control scheme,) but I'd have to agree- it's surprisingly good for what it is. I've enjoyed getting progressively better at Water Ski over time.
  6. Serious question: how does one end up with a cart that is dirty enough on the inside that it needs to be opened for cleaning, but has a label that's worth protecting? That said, a hair dryer will take off many labels without damaging them. It depends on the glue that was used.
  7. You probably don't want detents for this project. That indicates how many 'soft stops,' or clicks you get when rotating the encoder.
  8. Having just played '3 games' of Double Dragon 7800 back to back- original followed by Kevin's and then original again, the difference is night and day. It took me a couple of minutes to get used to the janky controls of the 7800 version again after not having played it for a couple of years. Once I did, it wasn't a terrible experience, but the control is pretty bad, and almost nothing like the arcade. I guess that I started to learn the game's timing to avoid trading hit for hit, but I'm not entirely certain what I learned in order to do better. On the one hand, it's nice that the elbow and the head-butt are not as consistently deadly as the arcade so you won't rely on them too much. On the other, half the time if I do them on the 7800 it's an accident due to the crummy control scheme. Still, what kills it for me is the sound. The arcade music is iconic. The 7800's short boopy loop starts to drive me up the wall after about a minute and a half of play. The tuning is fine I suppose for what it is, but three minutes in, and I'm ready to turn off the sound(or quit playing.) It's a soundtrack that I'd expect from a Tiger LCD game, not the 7800(TIA notwithstanding.)
  9. The 10,000s digit on one of the scores has a '1' in it at boot. This is seen in MAME and Stella. The AI can kick my butt at speed now if I don't use 'add branch' to kill it off. I let it play out after a silly death on my part, and it reached a high score of 7155.
  10. An arcade stick is the correct choice.
  11. I've never read the manual. Having played up to the first town(I guess,) I'm confused. The title screen reminds me of Atari arcade games of the era. I enjoyed the graphics. The sound is serviceable. Control doesn't seem too bad overall, although I hate having to use up to accelerate. The little 'radar' screen is cute, but doesn't help much. Surely they could have allowed us to be able to tell a bush on the side of the road from an enemy vehicle before contacting it. Smoke screen(?) and oil slick seem pointless and ineffectual. Do they cause damage? I wasn't sure if having more people explode during the 'intermission' was good or bad. Is it based on your time? The store is indeed needlessly confusing, although it looks good. Is bonus all the money you have to work with, or extra? I only had $100, and I'm guessing that's pretty bad. That's as far as I played.
  12. That last move to the door feels like completing a magic trick. Nice.
  13. Your review mirrors my feelings about the game pretty much exactly. I wanted to like Scrapyard Dog, but I just couldn't. My cart came from O'Sheas, so there was no disappointment with the purchase, which is about the only positive point that I could personally add to your experience. When I first played Super Mario Brothers, I didn't enjoy it much. I found the control to be too slippery, and the following games even more so. I did think that the music of SMB and the sequels was brilliant. The game play grew on me, and I now like most of the 2D SMB games quite a bit, even the sometimes ridiculous 'Lost Levels.' I find Bubsy on the Jaguar annoying, as it always seemed as though my deaths were more attributable to the fact that I couldn't see what was coming up, and IIRC the characters are slightly too large relative to the screen for the speed of the game and the level design. Scrapyard Dog doesn't make me feel strongly enough about it to annoy me. It doesn't really push my buttons either way. I'd rather take on the chaotic and slightly unfair colorful atmosphere of Bubsy any day, over the drab, and difficult, but not particularly rewarding Scrapyard Dog.
  14. The AI is quite aggressive, which is fun. Where before I would take the occasional coconut to the face in order to save 'player 2,' I've now seen it bang right through a coconut, beating me to the stone. It can be challenging at times to actually collect that third stone to replenish your life while the AI is active.
  15. A way to provoke the bug is to use enough low speed powerups to flip the speed to 'hi.' Games from from that point on will start at a hi speed.
  16. You may have introduced a new issue. v0.21
  17. I'm sorry to hear about your wife's illness, and hope that her condition improves(if it hasn't already.) Boy, Milon does like his flicker. The title's a bit off though, unless it is meant to imply that the castle is almost a secret due to the flicker=D. That said, I like the sprite movement. It's nice that you can hang on the edge of a drop without falling. I've not seen that before. --edit-- Is it intentional though? It only seems to occur when moving to the right.
  18. I thought I was noticing a difference, but I wasn't sure if it was still ramping up from "top speed" Yeah, I like it. I'm sure that there are those who would say it's still too slow(Tetris masters perhaps.) O_o As for the ramp up, it does seem a bit abrupt. The original ramp was too gradual, IMO. Something in between would probably be best. As for the slow down, I'm not sure. I don't personally have a problem with the first power up having almost no noticeable impact at max speed, as it's easy enough to pick up two in a row if you wish to slow down. If you can't handle the speed well enough to be able to pick up a couple of power ups before you use up your hearts, you're pretty much done for anyway. The testing has been fun, and your recommendations have made it even more enjoyable. Thanks for the game. I'll definitely be wanting this on a cart when you're happy with it.
  19. If you have time, could you check if you can keep up with the new top speed? Its twice as fast as the speed in the last version. I can't survive without using slowdown. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Editing auto quoting in the forum seems broken. I guess I'll have to stop using it.] v0.19 I used the slow down to speed up trick to reach max speed, and there seems to be a bug related to this. When you start a new game after rolling under the speed counter, the new game starts at(or near) top speed. This seems to persist. I can keep up with the current top speed for a time. It feels to be about one notch below turbo MS Pacman arcade's speed; which is appropriate IMO, as in MS Pacman, you can predict where your obstacles are going to be far in advance of your movements, unlike Monkey King. This type of speed uses up my brain's stamina, and I don't have as much as I used to. Using the glitched high-speed startup, my current top score after 3-4 games is 452. Allowing the game to speed up on its own while using no slow downs, I reached 718 on my first try. I could definitely do better with more sleep:-) and practice. The only powerups that I'm using are 'remove branch' and 'add heart.' I tend to lose my last heart to either a coconut, or closely successive delayed(on my part) movements. Dodging coconuts at that speed is quite thrilling. =D
  20. That is more challenging. 0.18b I'm probably mistaken, but I could swear that the AI sometimes fails to pick up rocks, even when I let him 'go first,' and they are directly in his path.
  21. I like your point about the slow down to speed. That definitely could be a useful tactic in 2 player. To increase the difficulty, I was allowing my power-ups to reach 'add branch(though the AI was long dead)' before activating every time I would fully refill my hearts. My game finally ended when I became too distracted by the video I was listening to in the background. I'm playing with a NES type gamepad FWIW.
  22. There seems to be a bug with the slow down power-up. It no longer allows you to slow down the game to a snail's pace, but 5 slow downs in a row cause the game to instantly accelerate to a fast pace, at which point it no longer responds to slow downs at all AFAICT. Otherwise, the power-up progression(now that I understand it:-)) works well. The rocks may spawn just slightly too often however, as careful power-up management now seems to allow me to easily play as long as I wish on AI, endless mode. Ah, yes- is the remove branches power-up supposed to also remove coconuts? It does.
  23. The RNG on the coconuts seems a bit too random at the start of a new game. Sometimes I'll go 30 seconds or a minute before I see a coconut. Then there are the games that start with an instant coconut to the face, followed immediately by two more coconuts. This is shaping up to be a fun game. The power-ups seem to work well. --edit-- ...except for the slowdown. It occurs too often, and allows you to slow the game to the point where you could go for a snack and come back without being in danger of hitting a branch.
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