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  1. 2600 ESB is beatable? I thought the AT-ATs just got faster and faster as you destroyed successive waves until they overwhelmed you.
  2. This is a nicely done conversion. Very playable.
  3. Hyperkin should definitely work on getting keypad controllers working. No Star Raiders is not a good thing.
  4. My Archer Quickshot stick worked fine with auto-fire on my 7800. I disabled the autofire circuit when converting it to a 2 button 7800 compatible stick, as I don't really care for auto-fire anyway.
  5. It does sound like something is wired wrong.
  6. My only thoughts, are that I didn't see the physical joystick port mentioned(beyond bad solder joints.) Are all nine pins present and in good shape on the plug side? Also, have you tried 'reflowing' all joints on the port, using flux? It's rare, but bad joints can look good occasionally. Your large ICs are socketed, correct? You may have a damaged socket, where one or more of the pins is not being adequately 'pinched' by the wiper or hole(depending on the type of socket) for that pin. You also may have a bad solder joint on a socket, which would be resolved by removing the socketed chip, and then reflowing the joints on the socket. This isn't a particularly good part of the 2600's board for showing problems via pictures, but you never know. There might be something there, that's being missed by you and your friend, that would be obvious to someone else. You might want to provide pictures of the top and bottom of the board.
  7. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer here, but unless you can somehow pull off split-screen on the 2600, I'm not sure how this wouldn't be like a 3 legged race. Who controls which room is displayed when a player crosses over? I guess you could have the program wait for the second player and disable all exits except the first one used. Still, the second player isn't going to be able to do much beyond carrying a second item without split-screen, AFAICT. It would allow one person to act as protector with the sword, while the other carried an essential item I guess. You'd have to increase the aggression of the dragons, at least while the sword is being carried in order to retain the challenge of one player Adventure.
  8. fluxit

    RetroN 77

    That might work for some, but I'm waiting for the v1.2 with the rotating mirrors and smoke generator.
  9. Hyperkin should release a snap-in Slot Reverser Adapter accessory for those who are upset with the cart orientation.
  10. fluxit

    RetroN 77

    Is there an advantage to 'preordering' beyond getting one first and as a result betatesting the release firmware?
  11. The Famiclones that use db9 connectors have a few different incompatible pin-outs as well, so that may or may not work.
  12. Level 25 was enjoyable, but it's definitely much easier now FWIW. Wow, that level 32. I wouldn't change it, it keeps me coming back and it isn't infuriating, but it'll take some tries. Being able to reach the walls makes a difference on that one, maybe after some coffee I can manage it. This is a really fun game. Even after you've figured out the levels, they still offer some challenge on the next play through.
  13. Unless I'm missing something, the timing on level 25 is really close. It made me angry. It has bested me for now.
  14. Possibilities: Intermittent short in the cord for your power supply. Iffy/cold soldered power jack. Bad/dirty channel selector switch(if any.) Iffy/cold soldered signal jack. Broken solder joints on the board that temporarily 'fix' themselves due to changes in flexure of the board when the case is disassembled and/or the board warms up. Capacitors/Power Switch/etc. that are barely(sometimes) working. Socketed chips that have shifted in their sockets. Also, are you sure that your TV is still in analog tuning mode for the channel that worked? Do you see a persistent(or any) change in the picture on the channel that worked, when you turn the 2600 on vs off?
  15. fluxit

    RetroN 77

    It's been 40 years since the release of the 2600. Surely you have extension cables on hand by now.
  16. Apostrophes notwithstanding, it would be nice to see a bit more use of the 'Enter' key, to avoid those monolithic walls of text. Having said that, I've also had issues with my apostrophes being eaten. It happens after clicking the 'Post' button, so there's no way to know for sure if it's going to occur beforehand. I'm using Firefox on Mint.
  17. fluxit

    Crazy Tank

    My tank was finally destroyed by a toilet, or was it a boot? There's a lot of variety.
  18. "The flooded console market leads to the great video game crash" It was so 'flooded,' Andrew can't even mention what flooded it.
  19. I see the same issues here with Crazy Brix and Defender on Wii7800. Defender does work on MAME on my PC though. It looks great, no sound or gameplay yet though. As for your previous issues, it may be that your Wii was glitched from a program that was run previously. With 'homebrews' on the Wii, if something doesn't work, always try turning off the Wii, and restarting before giving up on something that interests you. Some things really don't work, however.
  20. I guess that it depends on what is required in an 'RPG' for you. RotS has a quest to complete, NPCs to meet, foes to vanquish, locations to visit, items to collect, and a rudimentary inventory. Granted, I'm nostalgic for it, but I do still enjoy spending 10 or 20 minutes with RotS when the bug bites me.
  21. You can just use them as downloaded. Definitely don't change the file extension if you aren't actually zipping or adding/removing headers.
  22. Did you try this version of Froggie? The zipped bin as downloaded works just fine for me in Wii7800, other than the music(I guess, I haven't heard this one on real hardware) which is ear-piercing in the emulator. As for Pac-Man Collection, of these, both "Pac-Man Collection (NTSC).A78," and "Pac-Man Collection (Pokey).A78" worked just fine for me as downloaded(not zipped.) I had no issues on my Wii with .bins or .a78s, zipped or unzipped. Assuming you are ejecting your SD card safely from your Mac after writing to it, if you are having difficulty with zips that you've created, you may need to fix them from the command line. FWIW, I'm using Linux on my PC. --edit-- Urgh. The editor is inserting links that I don't intend, and eating text as a result. I think I have it mostly under control now.
  23. If you decide that you want to get the others working as well, let us know. As I said, it's been rare that a rom from the forums didn't work here on the Wii.
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