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  1. Nope. Here's what I get with my second, bare board: Driver version is 2.1.0. Joystick (Grand Idea Studio Stelladaptor 2600-to-USB Interface) has 2 axes (X, Y) and 4 buttons (Trigger, ThumbBtn, ThumbBtn2, TopBtn). Testing ... (interrupt to exit) Axes: 0:-30045 1:-29960 Buttons: 0:on 1:on 2:on 3:on
  2. Making progress. This change does show paddle button inputs. They are inverted(closing the switch turns the button "off",) but both paddle buttons are now working. Pot(lack of) reading behavior is unchanged as expected(by me.) Do you suppose that removing the resistors would allow for joysticks to be "detected?" I realize that since they are just a bunch of open switches there isn't really anything to detect without something actuated on a stock standard 2600 joystick.
  3. Welp, I finished the preliminary build last night. Yeah, the first port needs some work, but contrary to their appearance in the image, the joints are acceptable and there are no shorts. Unfortunately, I have no functionality at this point. With two joysticks plugged I get: [email protected]:~$ jstest /dev/input/js1 Driver version is 2.1.0. Joystick (Grand Idea Studio Stelladaptor 2600-to-USB Interface) has 2 axes (X, Y) and 4 buttons (Trigger, ThumbBtn, ThumbBtn2, TopBtn). Testing ... (interrupt to exit) Axes: 0: 32767 1: 32767 Buttons: 0:off 1:off 2:off 3:off No control input causes any change. With a set of paddles plugged into port 1, one of those axes shows "0," but neither paddle causes a change when rotated, and the buttons remain "off" when pressed. I've tried resetting the device, and holding down a joystick or paddle button when plugging in the 2600-to-USB with no change. To confirm, this is how the ports should be wired, correct? // Atari pin 7 -- VCC // Controller #1 // Atari pin 3 -- PA2 // left paddle button, joystick left // Atari pin 4 -- PA4 // right paddle button, joystick right // Atari pin 9 -- PA1 // pot 1 // Atari pin 5 -- PA3 // pot 2 // Atari pin 8 -- GND // Atari pin 6 -- PB5 // fire // Atari pin 1 -- PB3 // joystick up // Atari pin 2 -- PB4 // joystick down // 100K resistors between Atari pin 9 and GND and between Atari pin 5 and GND // Controller #2 // Atari pin 3 -- PA6 // left paddle button, joystick left // Atari pin 4 -- PA8 // right paddle button, joystick right // Atari pin 9 -- PA5 // pot 1 // Atari pin 5 -- PA7 // pot 2 // Atari pin 8 -- GND // Atari pin 6 -- PB8 // fire // Atari pin 1 -- PB6 // joystick up // Atari pin 2 -- PB7 // joystick down // 100K resistors between Atari pin 9 and GND and between Atari pin 5 and GND
  4. I'm giving this a try. I'll build the device later tonight.
  5. I actually like the Jakks Pacific Pac-Man TV games, other than their (usually)janky joysticks. The gameplay is not terribly accurate to the arcade games, but I just view them as yet another Pac-Man or MS variant. Bob's 7800 creations blow those games out of the water. They even play quite well with an 8-way joystick, unlike so many of the home Pac-Mans.
  6. The arcade game? Do a google search for "mame samples collection"
  7. It's looking good. No ball bouncing off of a paddle sound?
  8. I was able to reproduce this by renaming my stella directory. Stella created a new one, but the only back panel button that functioned in game was color/bw. After a reboot, nothing had changed in this regard.
  9. The game surprised me a couple of weeks ago.... It usually takes a couple of games to get in the groove and make it to the super tanks. Eventually I ended up with a super tank at 12 and one at my 6. The tank that was behind me fired and I dodged its shot, which was headed directly for the tank ahead of me. The tank in front backed up just in time for the other super tank's shot to miss it. I thought "got him now" and fired at the tank that had just dodged. It dodged my shot exactly as it had done with the shot of the other tank and I was so flummoxed by what I'd just witnessed I barely noticed as the tank behind me destroyed my last tank. =D Good stuff.
  10. The cartridge slot. As opposed to a rom file stored on the sd card. The hardware that manages carts has less compatibility than if you use a rom file directly, in which case the only limit on compatibility is Stella itself.
  11. In case nobody else has done so, I just confirmed that the 'black screen with no cart plugged and no games directory' is an issue on R77 6.1.1.
  12. I just did some testing and was not able to confirm an issue here, with or without a default configuration. Maybe you just didn't have a good connection or your 2nd joystick is iffy. What type of controllers are you using?
  13. Assuming it's been written correctly, an sd card either works with the R77 or it doesn't. Are you talking about physical cartridges? It's unlikely that the update would affect cart compatibility much one way or the other so far as I know. As for the graphics, you'll have to be more specific. It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. You don't need the original firmware in order to use the updated firmware sd card image. This is the most current release for the R77. The file that you want is sdcard.img, which you write to the card with an sdcard writer such as balenaEtcher. Cart compatibility is unlikely to be affected much by the update. What you do get is better emulation, and better rom compatibility.
  14. Is this a new Retron 77? Did carts work before you installed the update? Have you taken a look at the contacts in your cart slot to make sure that they are intact?
  15. In a nutshell, I'd say that if you are looking to play paddle games with the Ranger, you're likely to be disappointed. It does function as a paddle, but not very well. On the other hand- as a gamepad type controller it is quite comfortable with good button action and an okay thumbstick, plus it can be switched between right and left handed functionality. Also, keep in mind that it has been engineered to be light as opposed to strong, so don't expect it to survive a quick trip to the wall or a hard floor.
  16. If your controls are reversed, it's because you took too long to destroy the enemies.
  17. I chose "strong," "armor," "heal." It seemed as though the bottom bad guy could only be hit by stomping on his head. Is that supposed to be the case? Oh, yeah- I'm playing in Stella.
  18. They are only supported as ROMs. Those carts are not supported.
  19. There shouldn't be. If the Retron boots without a cart, your cart slot is in working order, the slot and cart are clean enough, and the cart is supported by the dumper it should just work.
  20. I'm glad you got it working. Yeah, I've just been upgrading my Stella as opposed to rewriting my image, and wouldn't have thought of booting without that directory. If you'd tried a supported cart(I'm not sure about Stella's Stocking) it might have actually worked without a games directory. I'll have to try renaming my games directory and seeing what happens here.
  21. ROMs go in /games. My only other thought is- have you tried a different hdmi cable? You might have a bad one, and the R77 seems to be particular about which cables it 'likes,' as well.
  22. Did you have a working Retron77 before attempting the upgrade? There's nothing magic about the cart dumper. If you don't get Stella's launcher without a cart in the slot, a cart is not going to work. Harmony isn't compatible with the R77. It doesn't 'run' the Harmony, it just tries to dump it as though it was a regular cart. You have to put your games on the SD card once you get your firmware working. If I were you, I would try another SD card if available, or writing the image using a different computer if available.
  23. My spinner is based on an inverted optical mouse board with a chunk of light foam rubber as the "encoder wheel." It works well for Pole Position and TX-1.
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